Tick prevention, Lyme disease awareness are goals of new bills: 'Wisconsin has fallen behind'

yet outside this summer state parks officials want a warning the ticks are everywhere in Wisconsin in 2017 Wisconsin was the fourth worst state in the nation for numbers of Lyme disease cases Rowe Schmidt explains how a new package of bills at the State Capitol aims to spread awareness yes well state lawmakers aren't trying to discourage you from going outside this summer on the contrary hiking boating and hitting the trails are things they're hoping you take advantage of but there's a new push to educate you about ticks and the tick borne illnesses you could encounter and we talked about the outdoors this is it sitting on my deck free of ticks the tiny little insects have changed Alysha Cashman's life immeasurably I no longer go into the woods I no longer visit those places that leaves her wanting to educate others about the lasting effects of Lyme disease something she understands all too well people often think that the woodtick for instance is a safe tick and I always tell people there's no such thing as a safe tick ticks are something that can survive all those those harsh weather times the issue is also top of mind for State Representative Geoff Mirza who's part of a group of lawmakers putting together a package of bills aiming to spread awareness about Lyme disease as I know there's a lot of other diseases that we take very seriously and I think this is something that may have kind of been left on the backburner but no more Mercer says the bipartisan proposals would require state parks to post signs and offer brochures informing visitors about how to check for ticks and prevent tick bites a dozen states have got out in front of it and did a legislation and started doing things and Wisconsin is falling behind it half respects another bill would require all state parks and forests to sell bug spray with DEET something only some of them currently do advocates acknowledge this bill package is not a cure-all solution yeah I think that there needs to be more awareness for sure but Alicia says it's a start and helping curb this complex problem which she's dedicated her own life to doing I spray my yard and I go outside wearing light-colored clothing pants tucked in my socks you know looking like a geek but I don't want to go through this again another proposal requires a position in the state's health department be dedicated to raising awareness about diseases spread by ticks and mosquitoes and the final bill would create a tick disease Study Committee but Alicia says she does have concerns about that proposal that she's hoping she can work out with state lawmakers all right Rose thank you

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