Thyroid supplements update

hey-yah she's your girl bomb beauty coming at you with a it's yellow it's actually long overdue I made another video on the cardia of the day but I just didn't feel like it serve justice what I wanted to come at you guys and do I wanted to give an update this is a lace by the way if y'all wondering cages are Slade however you see Molly's coming up right here but I just woke up I left it on all night about to get your showering on do some more freeze glue down okay someone's ring on the doorbell I'm gonna let the kids get that once a commission give you an update on my on the pills that I've been taking vitamins I got them for a year to alright anyways um the vitamins oh you know I have to go I think it's a guy I wake up I have the normal I'm not a morning person feeling but it's not like a dreadful waking up another thing I do have to sleep it's like my feet elevated because they killed me when I get out of it I just feel great like I don't have the slight pain in my thyroid anymore that I did have and I don't even take the vitamins like twice a day I usually take them twice a day but I'll take them with another vitamin with it so I'll take one of the oh mine life item in and then I'll take that with making my vitamin D or my vitamin B and I just I feel great and it's all I can say like I don't feel tired I don't feel exhausted at time like I used to I'm actually able to lose weight at a quicker rate than I was I feel like I was doing everything in the weight just wasn't coming off I feel great so if you have a thyroid problem oh and memory my memory isn't as pressing or has lost his a used to be I mean I used to not be able to remember anything or like just my short-term memory stuff would just slip I'm not having that issue as much anymore of course I forget about the normal oh we need bread or milk but it's nothing like oh I forgot to pay the bill or or I forgot to RSVP to this party type thing like I used to have all the time so if you are having a thyroid issue or you are over the age of 30 and maybe and I don't but I'm just saying maybe your diet isn't the best as far as like eating out and stuff maybe you need to try thyroid support to supplement so let me get the bottle I'm going to show you all what it is

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