Thursday Thought – What Is Wellbeing?

Hi I’m Anna, owner of Pura Vida Living, a
wellbeing company with the mission to keep well-being simple and accessible to
everybody. This week’s Thursday’s thought I’m
simply thinking about what is well-being? It’s a phrase that gets used more and
more often, however people also ask me what is well-being? It gets often lumped
in with health and well-being, or gets changed from well-being to wellness, or
people talk about their physical well-being and their emotional
well-being. So what is well-being? The way I understand health, fitness and
well-being is that they can impact each other, but they also don’t need to be
synonymous. So health, being free from disease and illness.
Fitness being your body’s ability to work at its peak performance. Whereas
well-being being a sense of peacefulness, a calmness. And so health and
fitness habits can improve your over well-being, and that is one route I go
down with one of my programs, and also why my other videos, my simple steps
videos I talk about the holistic benefits of incorporating
some habits into your life. But ultimately to me, well-being is about the
sense of peacefulness, a calmness. Whatever is going on in your external
world being able to sort of tap in to that place where it’s calmer. And
that can be about learning how to understand your mind, how our
subconscious works and increasing your emotional intelligence and in some of
these videos I’m going to be going into more detail of those parts of it as well
of how to increase your well-being by the internal
habits that we can be putting into practice. So that’s my
thoughts on well-being, that it is being able to have a sense of
peacefulness and calmness, and I’m really interested to know what your thoughts and
views are of it as well?

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