Three U.S. Soldiers Killed In Training Exercise In Georgia | NBC Nightly News



  2. RIP HOOAH <3

  3. ✊🏽🇺🇸❤️

  4. Is experiencing one of those flipping part of the exercise or do they need to change the weight distribution of those? Jesus

  5. Sincere condolences to their families, friends and fellow soldiers. RIP

  6. Rare but happens unfortunately

  7. I had friends die when an APC rolled over.It happens.

  8. Thanks Trump

  9. This is all trumps fault I guarantee it

  10. They died in training?….. sounds like we need better training measure……

  11. There’s a movie about the development of this vehicle. A comedy but from my experience, very accurate.

  12. F

  13. Why are these things rolling so much?!?!

  14. Maybe it's time to start having a prototype contest again for new IFVs?

  15. "Looks like a tank, but is actually a Battlefield Personnel Carrier". . . With a cannon.

    So, a tank.

  16. bradley recall ?

  17. Ya thats right trump was at fault!

    Freaking millennials. Do you think before you post or is it Trump's fault my truck broke down and its raining. Plus they are training to be the best. That is not easy and dieing in training is nothing new. Its sad but it happens.

  18. Oklahoma

  19. C'mon man!!! United states military we can't lose great soldiers die in training!!! C'mon man!!!

  20. So time to get rid of Bradleys?

  21. I have fond memories of Ft. Stewart. My significant other trained there with the NC Army National Guard before going to Iraq for 10 months in 2004. His group was assigned to a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. I am glad I didn’t know that they could roll over. I thought he was relatively safe while in one. They lost two people in two separate accidents involving gunfire. The men who went to Iraq were deeply affected by their service, many developing PTSD upon their return. We all owe them a debt for their service.

  22. I'm an MP working at the main gate it's just saddening having all of the fellow soldiers who were in the same unit as those that passed come thru you can just see the hurt in their eyes.

  23. Wtf?

  24. 1. This is not a tank
    2. Accidents happen, and asking to "get better training" wont fix the problem.
    3. This is not Trumps fault.

  25. sad… they would have been safer in Syria…

  26. Very sad r I p

  27. Dont join military if you dont want to die

  28. This sad and pathetic. Died in training…in training. Not even in real war.

  29. This should be yet another reminder how much we owe a debt of gratitude to ALL men and women that choose to serve this country in any capacity. It's not only dangerous in war zones. Our Patriots face danger everyday everywhere. Whether it be in tanks, ships or jets; facing down guns or bombs; running into burning buildings; protecting our streets, homes as well as protecting our borders. They selflessly handle situations that keep the rest of us safe. Thank a patriot when you see one. ever.single.time!

  30. Terrible way to go, RIP to soldiers. Wish peace for families.

  31. 🙏🙏

  32. That suxs! Training can be dangerous. No matter how many safety measures are in place deaths can occur. Soldiering is a dangerous profession.

  33. Woohoo! Three dead war criminals ! Fuckem !

  34. Can someone explain how soldiers die from rolled over Bradley's? Are the soldiers standing next to the thing when they roll over and get crushed to death? Or are the soldiers inside the Bradley and die inside from other causes?

  35. condolences

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