This Video Exposes Hitler's Secret Illness


  1. Good

  2. Lol, just like Merkel the other day. What a coincidence!

  3. zuerst unser führer und jetzt merkel

  4. This enraged his father who punished him severely.

  5. Merkel brought me here …hahahaha

  6. All the love, appreciation and respect for this great leader, who gave lessons to America and Russia, which controls the necks of the peoples

  7. one thing that this document doesn't show is real medical evidence it's base on hearsay

  8. when one survived a bomb plot would any person's hand start to shake that would be the normal reaction and hundreds of assassination attend

  9. Assassino psicopatico di merda😤😤😤😤

  10. For some reason I actually felt bad

  11. In africa we have a 100 Hitler bloody dictators

  12. Soon as I hear an American talk on a documentary I turn it off there the worst people for chatting shite they always get it. Wrong. 🇬🇧 💪🏼

  13. No doubt insanity

  14. His hand was shaking because he was a bloody wanker….

  15. i don't feel bad

  16. Heute haben wir in Europa Millionen Hitler !!!!!!!
    In Form der ZEOS. Juden ,die viel schlimmer sind …

  17. Throughout history there have been evil people—Hitler certainly will be judged among the top percentage of them. I would NOT want to be him on the Judgement Day!

  18. I hope there is a special extra hot portion in HELL for this bastard killing 6,000,000+ of my people & my family.

  19. At first glance, he looked like a nice man that cared for people. But then when you delve deep, that nice man turns out to be a deranged creature who feeds on the sadness and depression of others.
    This man was Adolf hitler.

  20. where can i find a video that explains this?

  21. Ich lieb Immer nein vasp gipst sonest

  22. M l Hitler did not flee to South America he refused after being asked by his SS officers that they had a plane waiting for him and he still refused stupid on his part but he knew death was near and if there was no way he can stop his hand from shaking because of Parkinson's disease

  23. I've got that documentary on Hitler he had Parkinson's and Theodor Morell what is a double agent that was slowly poisoning him with arsenic is a lot of other senior SS guards were very suspicious of him and shortly before he went under the bunker for good he was dismissed by Hitler himself the documentary was called high Hitler cuz in the morning he had no motivation after Morel giving Hitler the shot to to give him the energy that he needed he was bouncing off the fucking walls and in midday you would need a laxative because he was in constant Agony from constipation from the arsenic that Morel was putting in with his laxatives so Morales a real bastard he wasn't helping Hitler at all in all he was a piss-poor doctor and a double agent to boot

  24. It is also possible. That Hitler is the Jewish Messiah they have waited on. Well they rejected Jesus? Now they're rejecting Hitler? Seems to be a common thing. Rejection

  25. The part at 1.07 in the video that shows Hitler`s hand shaking uncontrollably, in my opinion, is fake.
    Compared to the rest of the footage the clip is too clear and appears to have been made later and his body shape, rear and side view of the head looks nothing like Hitler. Very convenient that Hitler`s full face is not shown.
    Definitely fake and made after WW2.

  26. maybe it kuru. he made lampshades from human flesh remember. Cover yourselves with the blood of Jesus anytime you watch a u tube with this man in it. God Bless all.

  27. That's his jackin' off hand….No biggie.

  28. and now they come up with a video of this exposing it ??… I did notice years ago he had the straight hand salute and in later years he had a half salute

  29. this war does not end here surely will be taken revenge

  30. Many soldiers on both sides were gassed during World War One.  Hitler was just one on the German side.  And one on the British side was John Christie who was convicted and hanged for the serial killings of at least eight women at 10 Rillington Place near Ladbroke Grove, N Kensington, London.

  31. So…what are we to make of this? Is it that Hitler had a disease and wasn't responsible for his actions? Christ, the conspiracy theorists would have a field day with this. Frankly, if true I think it unfortunate he didn't live long enough to suffer through it until the end. Untreated.

  32. Probably early signs of Parkinson’s disease.

  33. Its because the abwehr had just discovered obama was gay and michelle is a tranny, but before he could announce it to the world he had to hand out these medals to those brave kids, and as he did the russkies surrounded the bunker and the rest is history…..

  34. every piece of trash thinks they are hitler's superior. not even close but at least they will burn for eternity.

  35. Why am I watching this in 2019?

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