This Simple Exercise Will Help You Read Music Much Faster


  1. Hey students. I highly recommend you check out this lesson next to get all of the note reading techniques you need from beginner to advanced!

  2. Great video! It's a shame some people like sugma

  3. I learned alot by watching ur lessons, really helpful, Thanks!

  4. Sir, is there any way to get mastery on the piano art by the means of only classical music- Bach to Beethoven.

  5. Thanks! What software are you using for the sheet music?

  6. AFD

  7. Really helpful thanks.

  8. You are great sir

  9. I found my sight reading got a lot better after watching your triads and inversions video. Seeing the notes in stacks oddly makes it easier to recognise their relation to the staff rather than a lonely note for me.

    I made up and reminder for the descending notes that's:

    A Fine Dish Be Gammon Egg Chips (a fine dish be… etc)

    Which might be a little bit British because gammon, egg and chips is a pub grub standard. Maybe you've got your own foody things that'll work, too.
    Maybe biscuits and gravy… which over here would have you put in an asylum.

  10. Thanks:}}

  11. Thank you I always wanted to learn how to read music self taught drummer now learning guitar and keys own my own

  12. Man you are brilliant!

  13. Tbh if youre doing this you can learn by counting through with cdefgab starting by middle c…

  14. Okay. That Batman transition was awesome 🙂 Not a huge fan of the fancy note animations. A bit too distracting. For the core info I always prefer function and clarity over form. But I can definitely see you are trying to increase the editing quality of your vids! I appreciate the effort. Hopefully my feedback is helpful in this process.

    The content is great as always 🙂 Keep it up!

  15. Good exercise especially for ledger notes.

  16. I learnt many useful tips from your videos thank you

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