This Plant Can Replace Meat And Has Many Health Benefits

Many people haven’t heard about it yet. But it is something very common and easy to
find in sidewalks, yards, and empty lots. Barbados gooseberry has edible leaves, with
high amounts of protein, iron, and other nutrients. From the cactea family, Pereskia aculeata
is native from the American continent, and is distributed from the south of the United
States down to Argentina, and also found in the Caribbean. This shrub is known by many names: Barbados
gooseberry, blade-apple cactus, leaf cactus, rose cactus, lemonvine, or ora-pro-nobis. Can you believe that in 3,5 oz of its leaves,
approximately 20% of it is protein? For this reason, it is highly recommended
for vegans and vegetarians. It can be found as capsules or food supplements. Free of saturated fats, which are found in
meat, Barbados gooseberry offers many other benefits to our health. Want to know what they are? High concentration of fiber
Fiber acts in the good functioning of intestines and give a sensation of satiety. Source of vitamins A and C, and Iron
Great to strengthen the immune system, fight free radicals and treat anemia. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
It fights free radicals that, in excess, can cause many diseases. Are you enjoying the video so far? Give it a thumbs up and share it with your
friends who still don’t know about this plant. Thanks to its benefits, this plant can be
used to: Contribute to the good functioning of intestines
and of the digestive system; Reconstruct gut flora;
Avoid constipation, hemorrhoids and intestinal problems, such as colon cancer;
Detox the body; Strengthen the immune system;
Fight free radicals, thus preventing cellular aging;
Improve eye, skin, and hair health; For having calcium, it can strengthen bones,
teeth, improve muscle contraction, and nerve impulse transmission;
It’s good for pregnant women because of its folic acid, essential for fetal health. Now that you know all of its benefits, let’s
learn how to make Barbados gooseberry! The edible part of this plant are its leaves,
and it’s extremely simple to prepare it. Clean very well the leaves, especially if
you found them in an empty lot or sidewalk. Many organic fairs sell Barbados gooseberry
since it is easy to plant and grow. It doesn’t require any specific care, and
propagates very easily. After rinsing it very well, you can add the
leaves to salads, sautéed like kale, chopped and served with rice, beans, soups, juices. You can add it to pies and breads. Barbados gooseberry has a neutral taste, and
a very soft texture, which makes it very easy to combine with other foods. Besides eating the leaves, you can also make
a Barbados gooseberry tea! Put 5 leaves in 10 fl oz. of boiling water,
and let it boil for 10 more minutes. Turn off the heat and let it cool down. Since it has a neutral taste, it doesn’t need
any sweeteners. But, if you want to, use 1 teaspoon of demerara
sugar, or stevia sweetener. You can drink this tea 1 time a day, until
you notice an improvement of the symptoms. As we saw, the benefits of Barbados Gooseberry
are many and it is worth it to have this plant close to you. Your health will thank you!


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  3. Fiber is perfect for bowel movement!

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  6. Protein isn't an issue for vegans. Protein is in all plant foods actually.

  7. If you want to pump your product go ahead sounds good,but stop putting down meat! Lots of us still love ❤️ meat and are not interested in your biased opinion.

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  9. "can replace meat"
    Has no Vitamin B complex 🙄
    Guess someone in this channel had turned vegan and start talking nonsense

  10. Does it taste like a Mesquite Grilled Steak with a Bearnaise sauce? What it doesn't, shocking, so no it won't replace meat, it might be good to have if you can't source any fresh meat, fish, poultry, game.
    Or better yet, how about I just eat your cat or dog, issues solved, you get less of a carbon footprint and I get fresh meat on the BBQ.

  11. Good idea. Problem is it looks a lot like a very poisonous plant, in the South, of the USA.

  12. No plant can replace meat! All of these nutrients are plant based, so your body struggles to take up these nutrients and your body first has to fight against the plant's anti-nutrients (the stuff the plant uses to protect itself against predators). If you want to talk about REAL superfood then make videos about animal liver and over organ meats, as well as bone marrow and fat. Veganism is one of the worst, most unnatural diets a person can follow.

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  14. No plant can replace meat, stop lying to yourselves

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  19. Just because natural plant, does not mean it is all healthy! Such as elderberries. If not harvested and prepared correctly may be dangerous

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