This Is Why Eating Healthy Is Hard (Time Travel Dietician)

you're terrible wait stop don't eat that boom what are you doing in our home I'm from the future I'm here to warn you don't eat that booth why not the eggs they're full cholesterol what cholesterol it it clogs up your arteries you didn't even just one egg can dramatically increase your chance of heart attacks don't eat egg oh my god thank you you're welcome Godspeed well I guess I better take those eggs wait oh you're back yeah we were wrong about the egg hell it turns out there's two types of cholesterol there's good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and eggs actually have both so you can eat eggs but just don't eat the egg yolks so sleep with the egg whites Thanks yes thank you disgust me you were wrong about the end again yeah yeah okay so it turns out that the amount of cholesterol in a food doesn't actually affect how much cholesterol ends up in your blood the eggs are probably fine in fact we sort of don't even know what cholesterol is what the steak you gave the sake why not turns out the red meat increases your chance of heart attack you have to cut out red meat so no steak thank you Godspeed what no no sister what why we were wrong about the steak it's a toast man was not meant to eat bread what I mean man was not meant to eat bread if you think about it human beings should really only be eating what our Paleolithic ancestors ate so therefore no bread no toast how do you know what our Paleolithic ancestors ate well we we just have to guess right I mean we don't have any way of knowing oh okay went back to the Paleolithic they are not doing well I don't know what we were thinking if anything we should all be eating a lot more breads gee so I guess just um ignore everything I've said and exercise exercise okay yeah yeah you guys could probably use it you've been just sitting here for the last 35 years it's been five minutes right Khan travel alright well Godspeed turns out it's genetic doesn't matter whether you exercise or what you sorry I ruined your meal money ten minutes she wants to make I'd love but what am I supposed to do sorry back boom are you what are you doing in the house I'll run v Jeff I'm here to warn you don't eat that food hook it up yeah stop don't eat that food why not watch are you are you ready


  1. Stupid

  2. coffee is good/bad/good/bad

  3. Just stop eating sooooo much, lol. Fasting is very healthy way of staying in touch with your body and mind espechially. Peace be with you all.

  4. Every body needs milk!!

  5. The worst thing to happen to the world is humans. And the worst thing to happen to humans is humans.

  6. Most excellent!

  7. Wait, don't eat sugar, oil or processed foods endothelial cell damage causes plaque buildup

  8. Moral of the story, eat shit and die!

  9. God's peed?

  10. I love how she's about to throw out the steak and he holds up a finger….."wait for it…"

  11. Bwahahaaha

  12. And Godspeeeed , it is

  13. This is why I can't take dieticians seriously. Nutritional Science is not science.

  14. I ate what I want, which I guess is pretty healthy. Small portions of all types of food, mostly fruits and veggies. I don't really listen to other peoples advice about what to eat because my body tells me what I should and shouldn't eat. If something's unhealthy, I get sick.

  15. My wife is a dietitian, now retired. I remember her telling me all these things across the years, with the same updates, in the same order, and with the same increasing frustration. Indeed, I remember her using the exact SAME form of words..
    "..turns out there are two forms of cholesterol."
    I showed her this. For some reason she didn't think it was funny.

  16. Those eggs were thrown in the trash 😠 They looked so yummy

  17. Omg! So funny and true

  18. Sex hormones are synthesized from cholesterol. All the fad diets and we wonder why all men now have low testosterone.

  19. I called it before it started and it was still wonderful! This was great lol

  20. Close and lock that closet door… Or go to the bedroom, grab the gun for home defense and then shoot the time traveler.

  21. They skipped the: "Stop! DO NOT EAT AT ALL! Fasting lengthens your telomeres!!!" throws the whole plate out the window

  22. Stupid

  23. Hilarious!

  24. Paleolithic man only lived 18 to be years old.

  25. There is no cholesterol in egg whites. This is stupid.

    There is no question that dietary cholesterol greatly influences serum cholesterol and that serum cholesterol is a leading risk for heart disease.

    This isn’t even funny. Just ignorant and stupid.

    Paid for by the dairy industry?

  26. where can i find the suspense music you used in this video?

  27. This is great

  28. Just listen to your body, not what "they" say.

  29. Fuck it. You going to die anyway. Might as well have some kind of happiness

  30. And yet the balanced diet has always stood the test of time

  31. Use the time machine go back and see what our ancestors ate.

  32. What about the global cooling, then it was global warming, now it’s climate change. Yeah, no shit, the climate has always been changing.

  33. This is why I ignore the hysterical food police!

  34. So funny! Halleluyah!

  35. My granny is now 98 and loved to cook chicken in lard with lots of salt. She ate eggs, steak and all the horrible things. She also never got wrapped up in studies funded by the very corporations that sold these products to consumers.

  36. But it's not hard at all.

  37. Laughing so hard πŸ˜‚ at the vegans.

  38. God speed…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    The Bible said just sanctify your food and enjoy but don't be a glutton; but y'all wanna read all the research first…
    God speed…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  39. The blank look on the man's face was just beyond funnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  40. Wait!!! There's new research out. It has come full circle. Eggs are going to kill us again.

  41. Turns out it's actually time travel that's hard.

  42. Bravo!

  43. 2019 new research shows again that eggs are unhealthy. LOL!

    This skit should be updated again. πŸ˜‚

  44. Exactly how I feel. I’d be damned to be stressing about what I should & shouldn’t eat based on what β€œthey” say. One minute it’s this, the next it’s something else. Moderation is key. I have ancestors who have lived long, healthy lives, eating whatever the hell they want. I do agree processed food isn’t the best for you. But as long as you know where your food is coming from (farmers market) and how it’s being prepared, you will be fine. I have nothing against vegans but that lifestyle is simply not for me. Drink your water, exercise, and eat in moderation. Im no expert but this is my take on it. Food makes me happy and I think happiness also contributes to you living longer 🀣

  45. They forgot the butter/margarine/butter argument

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