This Is What A Healthy Disagreement Looks Like

When you are moving through life, and you have a plan or dream ,and it shatters, you know, someone dies, or relationship breaks apart or you have a terrible upset in your career you become ill in ..some unexpected way then everything around you falls apart and you plunge into a chaotic underworld ( the belly of the whale) that's exactly right, exactly that. And then maybe you stay there, because it is not necessarily the case that people get out people die, people are in despair permanently but, frequently, something tragic and terrible befalls you, and you fall apart and you learn something profound that 's the consequences and you put yourself back together and when you come back out you are more than you were when you went in, and that' s happening at a small scale, everything you learn something if you have already learned something, it's usually painful it usually means that you have to recognise that you are wrong in some important way, you have to let that part of you what is wrong die then you have to let a new part of you Ok, so the self, imagine that you undergo a series of transformations in your life, then they are collapsed into a chaotic underworld and than mini resurrection that happens continually and that's what molds your character the self is this thing that manages the transformations across all those, it manages all those transformations so you could say.. heres another way of thinking about it


  1. This is a dream come true

  2. What makes doctor Peterson so astounding is that he doesn't mix his job with his EGO.

  3. I think Jordan is just enjoying talking to someone who isn't stupid and doesn't try to ridicule and insult him and equip allies to win an argument

  4. Funny, I didn't see a disagreement, only an exploration of ideas and thoughtful discussion. Am I missing something 😉

  5. the ONLY reason this is a "healthy disagreement" is because brand has a healthy check on his ego. peterson not so much.

  6. 08:33 is the most Canadian moment ever

  7. How is that disagreement? Clickbait maybe?

  8. All it took to show healthy debate was the unlikely pairing of Kermit the Frog and The Mandarin.

  9. So … is math related to science

  10. Gracie Jiu Jitsu!

  11. Amerikkkan saw a chat and went whoooaahh. Look at the comments here

  12. From now on i want to be refered to as an apache helicopter

  13. This was a good conversation. It's like the ones I have with my friends. You can actually influence each other.

  14. were they really that much in disagreement? I don't think they were

  15. who is the random naked guy at the end wtf

  16. such bullshit, im never wrong.

  17. The title of this video is what a poor summary looks like.

  18. there's a somewhat conspicuous shadow on the wall behind Dr Peterson's head that looks like a cock and balls.

  19. its interesting how impersonal dr Peterson is. he NEVER talks about his feelings, he thinks about everything extremely logically. its not always a bad thing, I don't think, but he is just extremely private about his emotions, or he doesn't really think about his feelings about things at all.

  20. Eh

  21. The level of forehead in this video is tremendous!

  22. when you cant put on the title that one person destoyed the other because you like both

  23. I feel conflicted listening to Jordan Peterson because at one point he talks about science and data, which is good.. but on the other, he then hides behind these data and theories when answering interviewers who are trying to clarify his stand. Perhaps nothing is particularly wrong with that, only that his actual position is unclear to garner either deference or accountability. I mean some of his arguments I agree with, but there's really something uncomfortable about him – not sure if he's overexplaining the idea but underexplaining his own.

  24. It's not an imposition on freedom of speech. He was required to use specific pronouns in the context of doing his job. His employer (the university he worked for) has the right to require him to use specific language in the course of his employment. There was no one forcing him to use specific language outside of work.

  25. Finally someone talking some sense around here

  26. BJJ top for Russell – good lad

  27. Holy crap it was 12 mins?! I was so absorbed it felt like 2mins… tf…

  28. “Creative people have a hard time monetising their creativity? “ really Jordan?

  29. Good point…I will die in despair 😩

  30. I could listen to these men talk for hours and I wish Jordan Peters on was my psychologist.

  31. Nup – for the life of me I didn't hear anything that signified "disagreement". Sounded like a straight-up, respectful interview to me. Basic question/answer discourse. "Disagreement" ?? Sounds to me like someone's projecting …

  32. JP is a climate change denier so he can fuck off to Australia or the Philippines.

  33. Ive just been sitting in these Russel Brand, Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson crossroads for so long, and it has everything to do their rhetoric and respect when they communicate. Its like a symphony of logic that jolts my ears awake in an age where so much of the dialogue is biased towards sympathy over MY emotionally responsive and ultimately ignorant generation. I cant wait to see how terribly we ignore their advice so they can laugh in our faces when we make the mistakes they warn against.

  34. I thought the thumbnail was JP with a beard lmao

  35. Russell Brand is the only celebrity whose views I'll listen to, he's open to engaging in conversation instead of arguing

  36. Don't agree with what Russel says most of the time but he does make me think . He is a great interviewer

  37. @JRMagnus did you enjoy losing miserably because reality didn’t fall on your ass backwards view of the world

  38. I feel like Brand is trying to elevate his intellectual stature to be higher than it actually is by way of his questions. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. Two intelligent people at it, doing their stuff.
    I wanna do this, but get frustrated too fast when people talk shit.
    Though chances are i would not have that problem with either of these people.
    Sooner they with me, specifically because i think both of them know far more than i do about at the very least this specific subject.
    And it's not about winning a cnversation, but seeing all angles, and really wanting to get somewhere as opposed to just trying to force your points onto someone else, which is often useless.

  40. Russell brand wishes men and boys looked up to him like they do to Jordan peterson

  41. Russell Brand is a respectable fellow for wanting to learn from opposition. He does however, seem to be on the defensive stance for feelings and not so much as research as dr peterson.

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