This Is The Biggest Chromebook I’ve Seen


  1. I have no clue how anyone, let alone a student could cope just living in the ChromeOS world. Maybe I’m just getting old.

  2. Not only review it but also try to make me understand this operating system why the lovely android tablet is gone and this weird OS is becoming the alternative

  3. Yes review

  4. A review would be interesting if done from a desktop experience first and foremost. Something this size, as you stated, would not be my first choice as a take along on a trip, etc. In fact, I can't honestly see myself lugging this around from place to place in my tiny apartment just to watch some videos, therefore making a lackluster battery less appealing. But if it could actually do a bit of work, then leaving it on my desk near an outlet would be okay. Still wishing the Pixel would come down to a more affordable and competitive price. That's the dream Chromebook for me!

  5. Full review

  6. This guy has really high quality videos right up there with mkbhd

  7. Would love to see a in depth review of the Yoga Chromebook!!!!

  8. Why the gigantic bezel?

  9. 0:36 he is the only youtuber to display such a tech spec sheet…. it gives all needed into about the device at a glance…. its so so useful… thanks buddy

  10. 15.6 inches used to be the standard notebook/laptop size, now you're calling it massive. Massive in my opinion would be the Acer Predator 21x. It has a 21inch curved IPS screen and weighs 17.7 pounds!

  11. I really don't understand what demographic this machine refers to.

  12. can you make a video when Google makes chrome os supports linux apps?

  13. My next Linux coding machine maybe.

  14. I would actually consider getting this to replace my aging Macbook, which has been resigned to just watching Netflix & other like content.

  15. Can you install Windows 10 on it?

    It has such nice specs and build quality and it would go nice with Windows 10 as well. Some people like me want a more flexible OS(not just cloud based and relatively limited as far as software is concerned).

    At 549$, a near bezelless screen, touchscreen, 8th gen core i5 and a sleek aluminum chassis it seems like a pretty good laptop especially for the money. Just not my type of OS.

  16. Review review review!!!😋

  17. You think a 15.6" thin bezel laptop is huge?
    Try using a 17.3" laptop with thick bezels! Portability is terrible.
    Compared to that, I love the portability of a thin bezel 15.6" laptop.
    That said, the one I use is a much more capable machine that completely replaces my desktop with its windows 10, an Nvidia quadro M1200, i7 7700HQ, 16gb of ram and a 512gb M.2 pcie ssd.

  18. I love that wallpaper on your yoga book I've seen it on a couple other laptops what is it?

  19. why

  20. no

  21. I don't understand your hatred of Pixelbook. I've had one since release and I don't see how you think it's restrictive. There is nothing I can't do on it that I would want to do in an ultralight portable.

  22. Am I missing something here? It's a 15" screen…. Not big at all. I miss using my Dell 17" laptop! That thing was huge and not practical for travel.

  23. But can it handle gaming? I ask because of the 8th gen it processor. Is there a certain graphics card it uses?

  24. I use a Lenovo Yoga 3 running Windows with a similar sized screen and I like it. This is interesting to me. Full review plz!

  25. I like it

  26. yo guys just install windows on it plus it might be even cheaper than its windows counterpart and also the specs are pretty good

  27. The idea of a Chromebook on a screen this size with the specs it has generally depends on the target audience. I would see this for someone who wants to use this for media consumption, browsing the web, and like to Android apps which this will run. Linux app support will be coming down the pike to such Chromebooks sometime in October with Version 69. I own a Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook and while that machine costs a third of what this machine is, I would find such specs better or at least on par to my Flex 5 Windows machine. While this may not be ideal for those who do heavy multimedia work (such as Mr Mobile here), it definitely caters to the average user who don't want all the "bloat" that a Windows machine may come with (depending on how one feels about Windows as an OS platform). It is also far cheaper than any MacBook I have seen, especially for the specs that it comes with. The only caveat I would watch for is going for the 4K display as that generally uses more power than the full HD but of course you also have to weigh in on the hard drive space between the two.

  28. Definitely review please 🙂

  29. That's nothing. I have an old 17" Toshiba Satellite L675D that I got for $200 back in 2011. Over the years I upgraded the AMD CPU to a quad-core, RAM to 8GB, and swapped out the HDD for a 120 SSD. Since everything I do is from Chrome and I didn't feel like buying another laptop, I installed Neverware's CloudReady OS. You think a 15 inch Chromebook is something? Try a 17! I LOVE it!

  30. Next year I get to use a laptop, but my school is not allowing chromeos. Its annoying cause i have a limited budget

  31. Stupidest product ive seen in awhile. Not so portable chromebook that wants you to be plugged in? WTF?

  32. A 4 minute ad, ffs

  33. The face on the thumpnail says very much =D

  34. No

  35. I'd definitely like to see a review of this massive Chromebook

  36. How do people forget about the original and previously only 15.6 inch Chromebook, the Acer 15? Amazing battery, decent screen and no contest speakers.

  37. I dont really get why anyone should use a chromebook when you can have an android tablet with a keyboard. but at least the price is ok.

  38. I know there are a lot of comments telling how good you are … But here is another one.

  39. Impressive….

  40. Yes, pls review!

  41. 15.6 inches? thats rookie number compared to my Dell XPS, 17.2 inches ftw

  42. Yes please, I'd like to see a review.

  43. Your last expression is same to same, Thor Ragnarock movie Grandmaster's I like it..

  44. The $599 price tag blew my mind. I thought with such a huge screen and good-looking build, it'd be priced over the Pixelbook.

  45. Yea a review please

  46. Never buying a Lenovo ever again

  47. I miss 17 inch laptops…

  48. That's cool, I'll wait to see what the Pixelbook 2 has to offer

  49. The perfect chromebook

  50. The frequency of videos is going up, eh? Not that we are complaining… Keep it coming, Mike! Love your videos.

  51. 64 gigs in 2018? This is even overcome by some smartphones. I think you can barely download a movie and have some more powerful apps on it. And the top model only 128? Note has 512 GB… I guess it’s one of the cheapest 4K screens though

  52. What's with the massive bottom bezel?

  53. I'd love a full review of the new Lenovo! Keep up the great coverage!!!

  54. Review mister mobile! Please

  55. Acer has had a 15.6" Chromebook for years.

  56. I would appreciate a review of this machine. Thanks!

  57. Okay lol. Calm down, Acer has been building 15 inch Chromebooks for a while

  58. Gonna buy this and turn this into powerful workstation via vps for my cpu intensive work. Looks premium on a budget.

  59. Nulituntun

  60. I am really enjoying my Acer Chromebook 15, Unlike Windows I am not sweating running out of Hard Drive Space, It doesn't freeze up nearly as often and for what I use a computer for it is absolutely perfect, That being web browsing, Candy Crush, Email and Facebook. I'll never need any more.

  61. Why can’t Lenovo build all of their laptops like this? Premium metal business laptops >>>>>> cheap plastic gaming laptops (when it comes to design)

  62. that's a beautiful laptop. I love your chromebook videos, so yes, I would love to see you review it <3

  63. Great video but ok product from lenovo.

  64. From a public school prospective, this is great for teachers when the kids have smaller cheaper Chromebooks.

  65. Have the Acer 14 CB3-431. 250.00 from Costco, with a sleeve and wireless mouse. Love it. Wish it was a tad faster, but that is only because I am coming off a failing 2015 Pixel Chromebook with the i5-8GB. But this new Lenovo has me very intrigued. 🙂

  66. 4gb ram?

  67. Love your thoughts as always. Definitely would like a review when you can. I definitely think the Chromebook market is one to be watched in the future especially for folks who find some OS complicated.

  68. Underrated tech YouTuber

  69. He deservers at least 2 million subscribe.

  70. i would love a chromebook but are too pricey around here :/

    sorry for this but i couldn't resist: Lenobody cares chromebook :))))

  71. Rocking a 15 inch Acer Chromebook since years, way better for working and writing my university essays on than a small Chromebook. Big screen makes it so much easier to be produktive in side by side window mode and stuff. Love my Chromebook 🙆🏼‍♂️

  72. Subscribed for the clear audio, no over reacting emotions and being a tony stark look-alike

  73. Maybe someone can explain this to me, how can a chrome book with simmilar specs to a regular laptop only cost 60% ? Somehow I think that it can't be just windows…. Because then if I would like to use Linux anyway why would I buy a regular Laptop ? Thanks

  74. With Linux coming to ChromeOS, I would definitely buy this.

  75. I would love to see you review Chromebooks.

  76. thanks for the nice review 👍👍👍

  77. I want to see a surface go review from you

  78. Personally, I'd like to have one of these. It's has great design and cheaper price tag than pixel line.

  79. isnt this the guy from the android Android Authority youtube channel ?

  80. Since when is 4.2 lbs heavy? We have to do better Americans. #1stWorldProblems 👀☕

  81. Shame a such good looking baby with poor OS…

  82. 15.6" is not the "biggest" size. 17" is but I know of no 17" chromebook. The video doesn't give any serious analysis of the chromebook's hardware capabilities but it is not a review as such. I don't think it was worth making a video with this scant amount of content.

  83. 15.6 inch laptops are not big, they were the average few years back

  84. I will watch any review done by MrMobile. They're always pleasing to watch.

  85. is there a web page for this laptop?

  86. can you pls make a review on their THINKPAD X1 vs L580 ot T580. you rock btw.

  87. I wish the $749 version had 256GB or 512GB of storage… And LTE…

  88. Nobody has "grown up" on chromeos yet. Its only been used in almost every school for a few years now

  89. Quick question, are you doing your video editing on a Chromebook or PC?

  90. Can I pls pls review this product!

  91. True story, before go to sleep i always watch your reviews. something about your voice, tone, well planned script, and music relaxes me. Also you always have the best information i look for !

  92. I am little confused… since when exactly are 15.6inch laptops big? That's a super super average laptop size. The most common I would say.

  93. I didn't see the 4K version in the website to buy.

  94. I like it for video editing and now that it supports Linux Debian and Android apps it's now getting closer to being a true pro machine.

  95. Just picked this up. Gone are the days when you sacrifice capability by going with ChromeOS. Android Apps were a plus. Linux apps without any hacking, though, is a game-changer.

    It's kind of big, sure, but no bigger than the Asus Windows machine I've been using at home. But it is SO much faster.

    ChromeOS is lightweight. On a cheaper machine, Linux apps could bog it down. But not here. With the 8 gigs of ram and powerful i5 (I got the Best Buy version — normally $700, but on sale right now for $600), I like using this every bit as much as I ever liked my old Pixel LS. It's fast, it's smooth, and now with native Linux app support, it can do pretty much anything I've ever needed to do, including running GIMP (similarly capable to Photoshop). And it can do much of this WITHOUT being online.

    Honestly, I've owned a lot of laptops, but three of them have stood out. My old Pixel LS (which was still lacking at the time because ChromeOS was more limited), and my old MacBook Pro.

    Honestly, I like using this every bit as much as my old MBP (by old I mean 3 years ago).

    It's not the 4K. But the screen is more than sufficient. And it's speedy, and doesn't slow me down as much as Windows would. So in my mind, it's really the best of both worlds.

    Only problems:
    1) Speakers aren't great
    2) If you're not comfortable with the command line, adding linux apps could have a bit of a learning curve. I've been a linux user for many years, so it's no big deal to me.

    The integration of Linux and Google Play apps leaves some to be desired, but I've read that that'll be remedied when ChromeOS updates to version 71 (it's on 70 right now). So fingers crossed. But even if not, this is still a joy to use. And it's extremely well-built.

    It may not be your cup of tea, and that's fine. But the size is not at all ridiculous if you consider the capabilities and how it really can compete with Windows and Mac for users who are comfortable using the command line.

  96. acer has had one for almost 2 years…

  97. Most laptops I have used have 15 inch screens. Call me when you have a 17 inch chrome laptop.

  98. 0:11 oh no windows xp nostalgia


  100. The deal breaker for me was the lack of a 13 inch 4k version.

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