This Is Our Watch

good morning everybody glad to see you all here today let's pray over God's Word before we get into it father in heaven thank you for your word thank you for your spirit we have worshipped you in song and we pray Lord that you are well pleased with that and we pray that your spirit would continue to move here amongst us give us wisdom give us understanding of your word we pray in Jesus name Amen amen well welcome everybody that's here also want to say hello to those of you that are tuning in online welcome to 412 church in Marietta if you are a disciple of Jesus Christ meaning two things he's your Lord he's your Savior I want to remind you when your friends win your family and win your neighbors for Jesus amen amen if you are just joining us I know we have some new people today if you are dragged out here by a friend or a family member and you're just just here because somebody made you be here or somebody's forcing you to sit down and watch this we want you to know that God accepts you just as you are and he sees the potential of who you can be what I mean when I say that is God doesn't expect you to fix yourself to come to him it doesn't work that way if that's what he expected we would never come to him because we can't fix ourselves what we do is we come to Jesus he then works on us from the inside out he sees great potential in each and every one of us so just know that God loves you and you may have seen one of these before and called it a Bible and those of us that are disciples of Jesus Christ we know this to be the inerrant and the infallible word of the one true Living God those are two theological words that mean this everything in here is right everything in here is perfect it has never changed it does not contradict itself it is the same yesterday as it is this morning and God willing we wake up tomorrow it's gonna be the same tomorrow god says heaven and earth are going to pass away but the Word of God is going to endure forever and I challenge each and every one of you to prove me wrong and what I just said that being said we're gonna because we do hold the Word of God in such high esteem here at 4:12 church in Marietta we are going to be in Ezekiel chapter 3 today Ezekiel chapter 3 and the title of this message is this is our watch if you were not with us last week we had a message talking about finding rest for your family I hope you all found some rest in Jesus this week if you missed it go to 412 Marietta com forward slash sermons and you can catch up with all of our messages there but today I want to talk to you guys about a heavy burden that I've found myself not that I have this burden but because all of our burdens are we can just cast our cares upon the Lord we talked about that finding rest right but there is a burden that I have on myself and I want to share it with you guys this morning and I want you to know why you see this the the hour wash with Tim Thompson how many of you have seen this so far okay most of you have seen it but I haven't explained it to you guys and so I thought you know it's important for me to explain what's going on so that way you guys know when you see these things because people might ask you hey what's your pastor up to and you'll be able to explain it we're gonna be in Ezekiel chapter 3 today because a lot of what God told Ezekiel I feel I'm hearing the same type of thing from God right now in the time that we're in and many of you after we're done with the message and you hear is He healed chapter three many of you might feel the same exact way that I'm feeling and honestly to some degree I hope you do I hope you walk away going you know what I identify with that as well and pastor Tim's right I need to get out and tell people about the Word of God tell people about Jesus it's good news it's what the gospel is it's good news people need to hear it and this is a time right now never in my life have I seen people with such a great need for Jesus I've never been more aware than I am right now of how desperately people need Jesus myself included the more I dig into God's Word the more wretched I realize I am and the more I realize I need him I hope I'm not alone in that I hope you guys can kind of identify with that as well but let me just share ezekiel chapter – don't don't turn that it turn to Ezekiel 3 but we'll throw this one up on the screen in Ezekiel chapter 2 God says son of man I'm sending you to the nation of Israel a rebellious nation that has rebelled against me they and their ancestors have been rebelling against me to this very day they are a stubborn and hard-hearted people but I am sending you to say to them this is what the sovereign Lord says and whether listen to this part whether they listen or refuse to listen for remember they are rebels at least they will know at least they will know that they have had a prophet among them whether they listen to you or not at least they're gonna know somebody was giving God's Word to them and I think about the nation of Israel you know I always talk about bridging the gaps right I mean this was written a long time ago to a different group of people to a different culture – in a different language and so we bridge those gaps so let's bridge a gap I mean that is the nation of Israel he's referring to nation of Israel was a nation that was founded upon God his principles his laws his expectations and when you fast-forward from that to America whether people want to admit it or not America was founded on judeo-christian values plain and simple people are trying to deny that the why because they are rebelling against God just like the nation of Israel was rebelling against God they they were rebelling their ancestors were rebelling what I've seen in my lifetime is a continual worsening rebellion against God because my parents and then my grandparents could tell you that they've seen it as well with the in you know starting in the school system to teach evolution the acceptance the widespread acceptance of all sorts of sins you know when I was a kid going to church we would talk about divor in the church and that was kind of a hot topic when I was a kid divorce in the church and it was really the hot topic of people didn't want to talk about it and if you're here today and you've been divorced I'm not trying to make you feel bad but because god that's a sin God can forgive but it is a sin it is you know it's against God's design gods joins together what he's joined together let no man separate this what God says not me so if you're mad at that just go get mad at God not me but here's the thing this is what God says and that's the truth and we can accept it as truth or we can rebelling in stit and call it false but doesn't matter what we do it's still truth it's still God's Word and we've seen this worsen and worse and worse over the course of time it's just what's been going on and the rebellion of America a nation that truly was founded on judeo-christian values has rebelled so much that we don't even want to acknowledge that we were a Christian nation we don't even want to be referred to as that when I say we I'm talking about America not us because we're teaching a different group here right but you know for the most part you look around especially what's being propagated in the university systems right now it's so far from the truth it's really quite ugly but I feel I feel this burden that Ezekiel felt and and God was putting this upon him this challenge is charged to go and speak truth whether people are gonna listen or not and you have to love people enough to tell them the truth and one of the things I found is being a pastor and then getting involved in these political things I found that you know everything all in one has been kind of it's a lot it's a lot to ask all of you constantly and somebody came to me and they said hey you know pastor Tim I think you should create a separate nonprofit organization a separate separate 501c3 for all of the stuff you're doing and just separate it out from the church a little bit and then I had another person tell me that's a good idea then another person and talk to us I talked to several people and before I did this and I'll tell you just like you know when we started this church seven years ago we started it we had our 501c3 within less than a week and if you know anything about developing a 501c3 you know it is difficult to do it takes a long time and so to think that we got it in less than a week is quite incredible and it's no different from starting our watch I had the the nonprofit basically hand it to me just here you go God just did it so I did separate out what what I'm doing with that stuff and that's what our watch is and my whole point in this is we are all Watchmen on the wall just like we're going to read in Ezekiel today that when God speaks to us we see what's coming the idea of a watchman is your standing watch your standing guard and you're not suddenly attacked you can see when you're standing watch you're looking out far and you can see what's coming and you sound the alarm whether people listen or not and at least they're you know they can't say well I didn't know no you know somebody told you that bald preacher guy told you you know they're gonna know that somebody said and so I'm dealing with that you know when when we're dealing like hearing to make it we had the parents night where parents are several of you came out to that at Reliance church and we informed the parents we let parents know and you know we had several members of the Temecula School District there that were so mad at me and still very very upset with me saying that I'm I'm telling people things that are false you know they're upset and they say well that's not in our school system well first of all it is because they're teaching it but second of all let's say it's not it's still the law it's still coming down from Sacramento it still is going to make its way even even if there is a school district not doing it yet it's gonna happen I see and I see it in the distance so you sound the alarm and say listen this is what's gonna happen and this is how it's going to affect our kids can affect our culture this is not going to be good we've got to do something now and you sound the alarm whether people listen or not and what I find is there's a lot that just won't listen they won't they don't want to believe it they're like the ostrich with its head in the sand like if I don't see it then it just must not be true that's just one example though of many things that are going on right now the hr5 if you guys haven't looked at that look at what's going on with HR 5 this whole radical that the radical LGBT movement has is trying to hijack the civil rights movement that's what they're doing so look into HR 5 they're hijacking civil rights and turning turning it turning the LGBT issue into a civil right if I was a person of color I'd be very upset about that I wouldn't like that one bit but that's what's going on so I'm sounding the alarm and there's gonna be people you have to notice you many of you already know this gonna be people who just don't like this so when you hear people talking about your pastor you're gonna you're gonna hear some people that absolutely love what I'm doing and you're gonna hear people that absolutely hate it and that's just how it is and that's okay but as we go through this I think you're gonna find that that this call is not just on me it's on every believer right now so because how many times in the New Testament I say this all the time I need to look this up one day I don't know how many times we're told to watch in the New Testament I just know it's a lot over and over again we're supposed to watch and and I always ask this question if he tells us to watch over and over again what are we watching because it's not Netflix he didn't say watch Netflix I mean we're supposed to watch what's going on in the culture and know that he's returning that he's coming back he's giving us all the stuff to know him and know the season of when he's going to return he's returning and it's close but we need to be people that love people enough to tell him the truth so if you're a note taker that's a long introduction but if your note taker I'm gonna give you four takeaways this morning and it's four things that you need to know to know if your fully standing your watch what does that look like so you guys ready to get into God's Word all right let's do it first thing is this Ezekiel chapter 3 what does successfully standing your watch look like the first thing is it's being so filled with God's Word that you can't help but to share it it's it's taking it in if you could do this it's taking it into it to excess you can't do that but think about like that if you just eat tons of tons of food and you just keep eating keep eating eating you just fill it coming up into your throat you're like oh my gosh and if you know me I actually love that feeling it's like I'm a glutton it's one of the things I deal with I hate that but verse 1 it says this moreover God said to me son of man eat what you find eat this scroll so the scroll is the Word of God and God is handing it to zekiel saying to eat it he says and go speak to the house of Israel so I opened my mouth and he caused me to eat that scroll and he said to me son of man feed your belly and fill your stomach with the scroll that I give you so I ate and it was in my mouth like honey and sweetness so the idea there is you're receiving in God's Word you're internalizing it and you're getting so filled with God's Word that it literally is is coming up out of you that's the idea here and eating God's Word and it tastes like honey here's the thing if you are a believer in Jesus Christ when you take in God's Word you can't help but to think about how sweet the Word of God is it's so incredibly beautiful it tastes so good to take in and it does so much good in our lives anybody who says they don't like God's Word that it's just you know that they don't like the taste of God's Word they just don't know God but the second you know God and His Spirit is why I prayed at the beginning like God let your spirit give us wisdom and understanding help us to know what we're what we're reading and how we're supposed to carry this out and when God's Spirit does that any you you just you could taste God's Word and it's beautiful and if you and I are gonna stand watch successfully because this is our watch you know this is not my grandparents watch anymore this is my watch this is your watch because your community depends upon you looking into the future and seeing what's coming towards us you can't successfully do that and unless you are filled with God's Word and here's the thing if people that aren't filled with God's Word they see these things and they don't think they're bad anyways you know this stuff that's being taught to children in the school systems there are people that says I don't think it's that bad and this is what happens when you have a culture and in a community that is so calloused they've they've been so climatized to to sin that they don't see it as sin anymore God said that that's how things would be that people would call good evil and evil good this clearly I mean if you know God's Word you know these things are evil it's pretty simple and people that don't know God's Word they see this and it's not that bad that's all right I mean they're gonna learn anyways they might as well learn like no no it's just not right so we have to receive it we have to internalize it we have to you know we have to digest it and it's not just a taste we're not just having a little snack of God's Word if you and I are going to be successful in this we've got to just fill ourselves with God's Word you know and that that's gonna mean every single day we're gonna read God's Word multiple times a day and not just I hate to say it because I know you you versions real popular right now but not just a little you version little five-minute quick little read that's not that's not filming yourself that's not eating God's Word that's not filling your belly that's a little snack because you're on the run I'm talking about digging in reading and reading and reading it taking it and again that's this culture we don't read this our culture we have been dumbed down we've been dumbed down by social media we've been dumbed down I hate to say it but by the public school system and that I hate to say because there are some really good teachers out there some of them are here in the church really good teachers love the students but it's not and it's not their fault this is the this is the California Department of Education that's doing this you know so we have to be filled with God's Word if we're gonna be successful in it verse 4 says that God said to him son of man go to the house of Israel and speak with my words to them for you are not sent to a people of unfamiliar speech and of hard language but to the house of Israel not too many people of unfamiliar speech and of heart of heart language whose words you cannot understand surely had I sent you to them they would have listened to you but the house of Israel will not listen to you because they will not listen to me for all the house of Israel are impudent and hard-hearted so God's saying look I'm sending you to to a nation that's supposed to know me they're supposed to know my word and and we look like I said we are a Christian nation we're just rebelling against it but people should know these things you know people growing up in America grew up with churches all around them they grew up with Bibles all around them they grew up with the ability to know God more than anyone in any other country they have access to Jesus in this country because of the freedoms that we have because of the men and women who have fought for those freedoms Jesus saying look you know I know God's saying I if I would have sent you to somebody unfamiliar they would have received you it's these people have rejected me so long they're just they're kind of gone think about like in Matthew chapter 11 Jesus said what sorrow awaits you pours in and bethsaida for if the miracles I did and you had been done in wicked tyre sidon their people would have repented of their sins long ago clothing themselves in burlap and throwing ashes on their heads to show their remorse I mean this is Jesus talking to people who should have known and he's saying look if I would have done this somewhere else they would have accepted me right away and you guys are rejecting me and if you go to corazon you go to Bethsaida today it's just a heap of rocks now there's nothing there Betsy cause in all these these places that should have known Jesus as the Messiah and rejected him think about Jonah remember Jonah with the big fish he just swallowed up and then puked up on a beach three days later you think about him I mean he went to a wicked people that did not know God and yet he gave that message and what they do they repented they put on burlap and threw ashes on their head they were they were sorry for what they had done because a godly person shared with them the Word of God they were spoken the word of God – and their entire lives changed second thing you need to know is this that successfully standing your watch is gonna look strong and fearless that's what it looks like strong and fearless and I'm not talking about physical strength that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about a strength that's inside you that people can't put their finger on they see a strength in you and they're like how is this person saying these things and how do they say it was such conviction and how is it that they're not running away they're so strong in this they're not fearful at all that's what it looks like take a look at verse eight says behold I have made your face strong against their faces and your foreheads strong against their foreheads like adamant stone which is like a diamond harder than flint I have made your forehead do not be afraid of them nor be dismayed at their looks though they are a rebellious house interesting don't be afraid at their looks do you know when you go to share the Word of God you will have people receive it in different ways but people who are deep into rebellion against God they're not going to receive it smiling they're gonna be mad at you why because the Word of God does pierce into the soul and tells you the truth about yourself so I said the more I dig into it the more wretched I realize I am and when they and the thing is that's beautiful about that is it makes me want to be better but also the beautiful thing is I know I'm going to heaven because it's not based on how good I am it's only based on Jesus Christ and what he's done for me but other people they don't have that hope they haven't received Jesus and so when they hear these things even if they don't want to admit it admit it there there's something in them and it stings it cuts and they're like I don't like that and they get mad and God says look don't be afraid of them don't be afraid of their they're mean looks and their anger angry looks I've made your forehead stronger than their forehead what does that tell you that tells you you're gonna butt heads against them this is gonna happen you're gonna this isn't where you disengage the time of the church disengaging is over the time of the the church being passive and quiet has gotten us where we're at today has put our children and our grandchildren in a position where they're gonna grow up in a culture that has forgotten all about God that's what happens when we don't bump heads against people we need to bump by I know it's not popular and I'm not telling you hey just get out and just start ramming your head against people I'm not I'm gonna say hey just just let's go out and fight against people but how about just opening our mouths and and sharing the Word of God with people regardless of how they look I'll tell you this we'll just make a deal I'll go out and fight okay I'll go out and bump my heads against get against them I just need you guys to back me up but you know and that's kind of what this is about I'm gonna go do that stuff but but I would love to do that stuff knowing that you guys are in the fight as well that you're sharing the Word of God at work at the soccer field in your neighborhood wherever you are you're sharing God's Word with people and you're telling them that there's a way to get into heaven and that they need that other prophets had the same type of charge Micah had the same type of charge he says for as for me I am filled with power with the Spirit of the Lord you all if you're here today and you are a believer in Jesus Christ and you have given yourself over to him you are filled with that same power that Micah said I feel the power of Jesus his spirit is upon me I am filled with justice and strength to boldly declare Israel's sin and rebellion boldly declare Israel's sin and rebellion here's the thing that's gone on in the church we don't want to call sin sin that's what's going on why cuz we don't want to offend anyone we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings what good are we doing them we are not helping them they need to realize that they're sinners just the same way you and I had to realize we're sinners we had to realize there's a place called hell people are gonna end up in pastors don't like to preach about it because it's not popular but there is a place called hell we go there apart from Jesus once we have Jesus we get to go to heaven and that's the only way is through Jesus he's the way he's the truth he's like he's the truth if we're gonna be followers of Jesus we've got to speak truth if somebody's in sin we got to boldly declare it why because we love them not telling them that it's sin we're just stepping back and going okay well they're going to hell but I don't care enough to tell them well you should care enough to tell him oh no I don't want to hurt their feelings well when they're weeping and gnashing their teeth in a lake of fire I think they would say why didn't you hurt my feelings I'd rather my feelings get hurt than this you know that's the truth we need to love people enough to share the truth with them and we have to boldly declare it Jeremiah he said God told him get up and prepare for action prepare for action get ready do something go out and tell them everything I tell you to say do not be afraid of them there it is again don't be afraid of them you don't have to be afraid don't be afraid I will make you look foolish in front of them if you're afraid so the idea there is God is with you and he's given you a strength he's given me a strength and if we don't take that strength and get up and put it into motion and start doing something with that God says look if you–if you're a to them you're too afraid to say anything I'm gonna make you look like a fool how many Christians look like fools nowadays think about it we are the with a broad brush we've been painted to be the fools we believe God created the earth in six days we're fools we we believe that a baby is a baby even in the womb we're fools you know you start thing about we believe marriage is between a man and a woman fool we're fools they painted us to be fools because we're too afraid and gods allowed us to look like fools because we've been too afraid to use the strength that is within us we need to love people enough to use that strength we need to if we really truly love people we're gonna do this for them you know we were at that rally this week up in Riverside and several of you came out to that and I was interviewed by a reporter and I told this reporter that this issue for the the sex ed curriculum this issue transcends religion it and race and even sexual orientation it does I talked to several gay and lesbian couples that have kids that they've adopted and they say we're not good with this don't teach this stuff to our children and so even the gay and lesbian community is not good you know and and they painted what I said with this broad brush of of Christians are against the LGBT community it's just Christians that were out there and so we sent them pictures like this to show them what was going on and there's pictures like this from every single County we had rallies in 23 counties kids parents had their kids sit out in 49 counties across the state and 23 of the counties had rallies and there was Muslims at it there were gays and lesbians at it and there were Christians but of course they painted this for this broad brush Christians are out protesting the LGBT community that's that's what was said of us we can't be afraid of that we got to keep speaking truth because here's the thing we need if we're speaking truth people are going to hear it and people that people start to realize when they're they're getting lied to and nowadays if you're hearing it from a major news source it's typically you're being lied to that's just how it is and so they're starting to hear on social media the truth about these things these pictures were being post out on on informed parents that California has like almost 30,000 followers now and the truth is getting out there so we need to not be afraid of them if we're afraid of them we're gonna look like fools the thing right now is they're gonna look like fools they're Santa's just Christians but now pictures are coming up all over the place of Muslims showing up so we just need to stand our ground and continue to push forward the third thing is this stay on successfully standing your watch is going to have regular church attendance and strong community involvement regular church attendance strong community involvement take a look at verse 10 moreover he said to me son of man receive into your heart all my words that I speak to you and hear with your ears and verse 11 go get to the captives to the children of your people and speak to them and tell them thus says the Lord God whether they hear or whether they refuse get out to the people to the children of your people so if we don't speak these things in church to one another and I'll tell you there are a lot of churches out there that don't speak these things they're just letting their church go on and on telling them to be the best you you can be it's just these fluffy messages and no hard facts that people need to hear and so what's going on is they don't really know what to think we need to get to people we need to get to other Christians and inform them and let them know what's going on and not only that but get out into the community as well get out to the people and talk do like God says everything I've told you go and tell them hey he's told us if you're a Christian and you this the inerrant in the infallible Word of God he has a lot to tell you and there's a lot of things he's asked you to go and share with the world and make disciples of people we're supposed to make disciples we're supposed to train people up and get them excited about Christianity are we doing that I know I know you guys are doing I know many way I hear your stories about what you're doing and it's incredible but the church the church worldwide they're not doing it all it takes is one church to start and that spreads we get out there and we share these things in verse 12 the spirit lifted me up and I heard behind me a great thunderous voice blessed is the glory of the Lord from this place I also heard the noise of the wings of the living creatures that touched one another and the noise of the wheels beside them and a great thunderous noise if you read chapter 1 of Ezekiel it's a really incredible and kind of weird description of God's throne and these creatures and this noise and how it moves God's throne around and stuff like that so he's he's hearing these same sounds here in this and so God's glory is all around him and he's hearing all about that and if you look at verse 16 we see our fourth thing this morning is this we got to be faithfully sharing with Christians and non-christians warning Christians and non-christians this is where the watchman comes into play the watchman so this is our watch we're on watch right now and this is what God says to Ezekiel first let's talk about the non-christians verse 16 now it came to pass at the end of seven days that the word of the Lord came to me saying son of man I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel therefore hear a word from my mouth and give them warning from me when I say to the wicked these are people that aren't following God they're not doing what they're supposed to do when I say to them you shall surely die and you give him no warning nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way to save his life that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity but his blood I will require at your hand that's scary stuff yes if you warn the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness nor from his wicked way he shall die in his iniquity but you have delivered your soul here's what this is saying you go out to the person who doesn't want to follow God they're not living the way they're supposed to you share with them the warning listen there is a place called hell you're gonna end up there if you don't stop what you're doing and receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior to get you into heaven that's the warning you see all these things happening in the culture you let them know hey look what's going on do you see this do you see how this is creeping in you see how this is changing things and it's not getting better do you see how teaching the kids all this stuff is not reducing the pregnancy rate it's not reducing the abortion rate it's not reducing the STD rate all those things are actually going up they're not going down we start warning them and if they continue you warned them that's the ideas you you've told them if they're gonna continue that's up to them you can't force them to honor God right I wish somebody could force me to honor God all the time but nobody can force me I have to want to do that and I struggle doing that sometimes just like all of you do other people they have no intentions of honoring God but we warned them you know just like Jesus are like Paul on Acts chapter 18 Paul when people opposed him and they insulted him so he's sharing he's spreading the gospel people coming against him Paul shook the dust from his clothes and said your blood is upon your own heads I'm innocent from now on I'll go preach to the Gentiles you know he's like okay I'm done talking to you guys you're gonna insult me you're gonna laugh at what I'm saying you're gonna get mad at me for telling you the truth okay well wash my hands at you guys I'll come over here and talk to these people and that's that's how you and I can be we we don't have to continue and continue and continue with the same people but we tell them we tell them in love we told them kindly because we do love them we tell them if they continue they continue but we tell them why cuz he says if you don't warn them their blood is on your hands and I believe that same charges to us when we see somebody walking in sin and we just go ah while I'm not gonna tell them I'm not gonna warn them I'll just let them continue that's not good for us because they'll gonna end up in hell and how sad that we didn't share with them God says look no you you know you better tell them you better warn them verse 20 says when a righteous man so now we're talking about people who are following after the Lord they are doing you know generally living a lifestyle that's pleasing to God when they turn from their righteousness and commit iniquity in other words they're doing the things they're supposed to do but they've fallen they've done something done right and I'll a stumbling block before him he shall die but because you did not give him a warning he shall die in a sin and his righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered but his blood will be required at your hand nevertheless if you warn the righteous man and that righteous should not sin and he does not sin he shall surely live because he took warning also you will have delivered your soul so the same thing here talking to the Christians we have to be diligent to share these truths with believers as well warning them and I'll tell you there are people who fly the banner of Christianity I don't know if they're Christians or not but they say they're Christians and they're saying that this stuff in the school system is just fine well I warned them you know I mean that's all I can do I've sound the alarm I've warned them this is what God says about these things now it's up to them they can do whatever they want but their blood isn't on me you know because I shared with them what they had to hear and all of us should be doing that to some degree or another as well like I said I'll Taulbee I'll be the spearhead on it I don't mind doing that but I need to know that you guys are doing these things as well because it it takes more than one person as we close this morning I want to just share one final verse out of Ezekiel chapter 2 with you the son of man do not fear them or their words do not be afraid even though their threats surround you like nettles and briars and stinging scorpions do not be dismayed by their darks gals even though they're rebels you must give them my messages whether they listen or not but they won't listen for they are completely rebellious son of man listen to what I say to you do not join them in their rebellion open your mouth and eat what I give you it's hard to hear a verse like this it's hard for me to share a verse like this with you telling you that most people just aren't going to listen to you that's difficult that's a hard thing for a pastor to ask his congregation hey I want you to do this that God said but just be prepared it's not gonna have any effect on them that's kind of hard but know this we don't want to be successful right and when we go and we share the Word of God and they don't receive it they don't hear it we can go men and it didn't work I didn't find that very successful I want to encourage you guys to know this you don't find your success in Christianity on the results you don't I've given altar calls before lots of times where nobody raises their hand nobody gives your life to the Lord lots of times and that's that's okay you know why I was successful because I did what God called me to do you know and just know that as you go and you share with a world the Word of God that is so desperately needed people some people are gonna receive it that's awesome there's me a lot of people that don't God already told us this he always told me he said why it is the path that leads to to hell to destruction why does the path many people find it very narrow is the path that leads to righteousness few are there that walk that path very few people we are following after God really have placed him first God already told us this you already know this you already talked with friends and family members that don't know Jesus you've talked to him and you know that it's very rare when a person truly falls after Jesus so just find your success in your obedience to God when when you do that I'm telling you it is so comforting when you can get through the end of the day and go I did what God called me to do there's there's a strength in that there's an encouragement in that and God wants us to know that that we can find our success in our obedience to him amen amen all right we're going to have a time of communion right now so if you guys would just join me in prayer as the ushers come forward with the communion elements Father in heaven thank you for your word thank you for what it does in us thank you Lord for all that you are for us our strength our help our comfort our peace our way to heaven our provider Lord you're everything to us right now before we take communion father I just want to put a call out to anybody who's here who has never confessed you as Lord they've never answered that call that you've placed upon their life to be a follower of Jesus to see Jesus as Lord and Savior and father I pray right now that your spirit would move upon the people now and if there is anybody who came in that way Lord that they would walk out different right now with everybody's heads bowed your eyes closed if you're here today and you just need to confess Jesus as Lord you need to give your life over to him I'm not gonna ask you to stand up and walk down here to the front I just want you to simply raise your hand and just say that's me and I'm gonna pray and you can pray with me a prayer of accepting Jesus into your heart as Lord and Savior and so let's pray that for right now father in heaven I confess to you that I have not lived the way you've called me to live I have been imperfect but I know that you are perfect in all of your ways I don't understand it fully but I know it I understand that your son Jesus lived a life of perfection that he died a death on a cross he was placed into a grave and three days later he rose again to life and fifty days after that he sent His Spirit to live within people and I asked for that right now what would you send your spirit to live in me to make me be born again alive in you cleanse me from all of my sins and give me strength to live for you and I pray this in Jesus name Amen well hey I hope that message you just heard was a blessing to you it was a challenge to you it was encouragement to you most of all I hope that if you are a person who has not given your life to Jesus that this message just encourage you do do just that it's very simple to do all you have to do is believe in your heart confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and you can say this prayer with me right now Father in Heaven I confess to you today that I am a sinner Lord that I have messed up in life I haven't lived up to your very high standard nor can I and so I'm grateful for what I understand today I understand that you sent your son Jesus to walk here on this earth to live a life of perfection to die a death on a cross to go into the grave but not just to stay there he came out he rose again and I believe that today I believe he sent His Holy Spirit Lord that as I believed in you today your Holy Spirit will come upon me that you will take up a residence within me that you will give me the strength you will give me the wisdom you will give me the courage you will give me the bolas the faith everything I need to live for you and so I promise this day forward that my life will be a life spent trying to please you I pray Lord that as I mess up and I know I will I pray that your grace and your mercy would be upon me and that you would give me the encouragement to move forward and I pray this and Jesus name Amen hey listen if you just said that prayer first of all I want to welcome you to the family of God I want you to know that angels in heaven are rejoicing and we here at 4:12 Marieta want to rejoice with you and the next thing you got to know is there's a step that goes beyond giving your life over to Jesus that is the step called discipleship and what this is it's the process that you begin to grow in this newfound faith of yours and we don't want to leave you alone to do that by yourself God has given his Holy Spirit to you to help you in that and he brings other people around you and so we here at 4:12 Marieta want to help you in that process so come on out to the church we'd love to give you the encouragement give you the tools that you need in this newfound faith and we'd love to help you grow in your walk and so come on out on Sundays 9 o'clock 11 o'clock and if you do come on out and say hello to me I'd love to get to meet you and encourage you in your faith god bless you I love you you

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