This Is Health Care: Dr. Floyd | Planned Parenthood Video

– For me the significance of the Hippocratic Oath was that I was going to be the best doctor that I could be for whatever patient came through my doors. – Hi!
– Hi! – Good morning, I’m Dr. Floyd. – I’m Faith.
– It’s so nice to meet you. Any history of any surgeries at all? – The really intimate kind of relationships that you can develop with your patients, to me, took it to the very next level. When someone cannot continue a pregnancy, the lengths to which they will go to end that pregnancy are pretty profound. Abortion is health care. Not having that access, for some patients becomes life-endangering. So not just life-altering, but access becomes life-saving. You know, when you talk about populations, communities, individuals of color, immigrant populations, that already face so many challenges on every level. I’ve had patients say to me, you know, I’m so glad it’s you, like, I’m so glad you’re doing my abortion. It’s one of those other reasons why I consider it a privilege to do this work. It allows me to be a face that someone else who looks like me can come in and say, you know what, I’m gonna be okay. Seeing where we are now and just kind of seeing what’s happened over the past, you know, five, six, seven years, and how much access has been restricted, how much patients, and providers, and staff have been targeted, we’re at a critical point right now. It’s so important that those who are able to get involved and that everybody take a stand and really, really advocate for health care rights that are in serious jeopardy. I’m Dr. Floyd. I’m a provider, and this is health care.

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