THIS GYM IS SO HARD! 3 NEW DELTAS! Pokemon Insurgence Nuzlocke Let's Play | Episode 32

yeah what is going on YouTube it's your boy Dan aka driver but you guys another episode of our Pokemon insurgence nuts vlog let's play if you guys alright for this episode show some love on that like button table let's see we need a thousand likes guys to keep that momentum going here as we are 30 plus episodes into let's play man pretty crazy stuff you made it as something quite different we have a new member of our team and I finally did the training for it I tried yesterday and I couldn't get it to work but you guys recommended that I use the happiness berries and I did so here it is a mild nature eclipse shadow dance boost of speed stat when noon moon is active pretty cool stuff lunar cannon hurricane moonblast lovely kiss so very very powerful lunar Canyon actually is really cool because it it doubles the era it's a two turret attack but when its new moon is out it like actually works fast there's so like I'm kind of debating whether I should give it new moon the thing is new moon actually like reduces reduces fairy-type moves those so I'm a little hesitant I think I'm gonna give it to him anyway just cuz because then I can like kind of benefit from the speed boost and all the other stuff but I'm a little hesitant I'm gonna go with I guess I'll get rid of lovely kiss is kind of nice though this is kind of a tough decision because I feel like lovely kiss is pretty good but having new moon is really nice I'll get rid of all go for it I'll go for it so yeah that's our move set unfortunately missed out on dark pulse because of how long it took me to evolve this thing but not the worst thing in the world and we've got these next gym coming up and I figured this would be a pretty good Pokemon 1/2 for the gym because I'm pretty sure the gym is like dark and ghosts or something like that let me talk to this guy as a gym themed around dreams that way you can use a psychic and ghosts okay so psyche goes which actually isn't bad because we have you know Delta rosy red which is dark type and fairy type so I feel like that'll be pretty good so but they don't give as much experience as you might want that's because you're supposed to avoid them take this for luck oh so I should avoid the trainers he's saying that's an interesting kind of concept but the walls are sightless and not is all as it seems leave no stone unturned or unexplored just walk right on here oh and find the reward so am I supposed to just like talk to all the stones oh man this is gonna be tricky dude okay so I see a trainer here but I'm supposed to avoid the trainers so how am I gonna avoid the trainers if they're right there I guess I have to battle them bring it on you don't have a chance okay well I guess we're battling the students anyway because in here there was some brand new Pokemon ultrasone moon news yesterday which was pretty darn sweet dude if you ask me I was actually this is kind of cool let's try this out so let's go for a new moon to kick it off the Scott fais to the pitch black he's gonna go for safeguard now we can use our lunar cannon with new moon and our speed is doubles this is really cool and we absorb the darkness and then we just fire off the lunar cannon and this is gonna be like really cool actually yeah that's kind of sick so kind of like sunny day solar beaming away so yeah new ultra beasts were revealed to you so you got the you got the big stone dude and then you got the little the little old cakepop guy a little you know a little little gumball machine dude so what did you guys think of those ultra beasts pretty interesting I'm actually really excited though because forget the old streets like forget about what they look like and things like that like if you don't like what they look like it's whatever dude that's like the least important thing here but what it is important is the fact that this is not a new generation and yet here we are with new Pokemon that is really cool so they basically are in the middle of a generation for the first time ever really introducing a brand new Pokemon – brand new Pokemon which opens the door for so many possibilities guys like they could do so much now okay so I got to be really careful because its thing could have like counter say oh I might not even be able to switch this is kind of a tricky situation I'm gonna go for there hurricane I'm gonna go for the hurricane that did a decent he's gonna safeguard okay so I think actually if I go for new moon and lunar cannon I'll knock him out I think that'll be fun he's gonna desk dude I cannot stand this kind of stuff man I'm gonna hurricane and that's gonna make it so you can't destiny bond me he's gonna destiny bond again okay so I have to I have to figure out a way around this I'm gonna new moon again I guess dude I hate you Wobbuffet destiny bond again he's gonna keep destiny Bonnie okay I'm going to New Moon I'll waste all my new moons right now on this he's gonna dust it he just keeps destiny bonding I'm assuming I can't switch I'm assuming it's not gonna let me switch yeah I can't switch because a shadow tag so can I use an item then at least is there an item I can use that like I can waste let's see here I'll use an ether on New Moon just try to like waste turns right now so he runs up okay now I went for counter okay so he seemed to have ran out the sky brightens again which is kind of a bummer but pretty sure I can moonblast I don't know if it knocks him out but I think it will okay dude gotta be very careful around wobbuffet van those things are tricky those things are tricky so anyway this opens the door we also have seen what is this thing a chance is taking a chance to miss to not fight trainers and to persist but a chance you have had to walk straight into her domain wait so I have to figure out okay so that's the trick that's the trick you just walk right through alrighty then I like it it's time for the gym leader I was not expecting that I don't know if we're ready but we're gonna do it anyway wish me luck welcome Challenger I am Diana leader of the Saline City gym the gym I run is themed around dreams and such I specialize in both psychic and ghost types I hope you found my gym puzzle clever if you understood the poem I'm sure you had no trouble getting through my gym at all when it is said to walk right ahead well I couldn't be any more literal but anyways enough of that right let's get this show on the road get ready to lose alright about to go down the Saleen City Gym Diana oh man but anyway like I'm trying to say the fact that there's new Pokemon in general means that there could be new a little informs new pokemon it just anything is possible now whereas previously we've never seen this really before of like brand new Pokemon she looks pretty baller I'm not gonna lie she's gonna leave it off with a Sableye which I'm fine with because I can just sit with a big moon blast here so that's what I'm going for he's gonna will-o-wisp and burn me just got Frank stare which is common knowing but I don't know if he lives a moonblast dude it's a Sableye yeah if it was mega stable I would but so burns on too troubling because we're a special attacker but I gotta just be cautious of the damage so here's a gang guard now I am very I have to be careful with Gengar because it does have sludge bomb which is super effective against me so I'm kind of torn here I mean I kind of like going into Scala here but he could have Focus Blast but I think that's just what I have to deal with either way no matter what I go into ya gangers just really tough for my team to deal with I'm gonna go to Scylla and we'll see what he does he likely shadow balls or something he's gonna sledge wave okay dude that does so much damage okay I'm gonna have to go into B drive then and just see what he does like anger is so tough for my team it's so tough for my team he does have Focus Blast okay let's see how much this does oh my god B job you legend for living you are a legend for living we got a special defense drop though so I have to switch out but that was ridiculous that you lived okay so I have to go to Groot here because I know does this thing of levity I don't even know if he has levitate or not he's gonna shadow ball so he predicts the switch so now he's gonna go for it probably sledge wave again this is so tricky dude because I have to like live the hit I have shadow claw I have to go over a shadow claw he's gonna hit us with slowly I have to just live it brute you just gotta live it dude you just gotta live it dude Groot he got poison though oh my god he lived explain to me how he lives explain to me how he lives okay so I have to heal up here I can hyper potion I can full heal I don't have a full restore so I have to hyper potion which puts me close to full so I think with a hyper potion I should be able to be able to live a sledge wave here he goes for Forrest or himself dude this Gengar is ridiculous this is so tricky dude it's such a hard Pokemon for my team to beat I got a shadow claw it's gonna switch out in the garden for that's not actually that bad it's gonna get my thick fat but I'm gonna get a shadow claw off here and that's a two-shot so I can heal off the poison now which is really important and perhaps I can even use this Gardevoir as an opportunity to heal the rest of my team I don't want to get ahead of myself but Groot is pretty bulky hidden power and power ice yeah it doesn't do anything okay so there's an opportunity for me to heal up the rest of the team we're gonna have to take this opportunity now that we have it I just gotta do it cuz the rest of the team was like decimated from that so heal him up focus blast I'm really not concerned about these attacks this is really not that bad at all Groot Groot is so specially bulky I don't even care all right we're gonna heal Abbey job as well and then they're gonna switch guard we're also guard was really weakened here comes Chandelure now that's pretty scary because I know it's gonna hit me really hard but I think it's worth earth-quaking here comes an overheat but we do have thick fat so I should be able to live one yes yes and I can heal up on this thing too dude oh it's got white herb okay dude Groot is a legend root is just a legend doing so much damage right there okay so I've anything I can safely switch in not really not really okay we're gonna do take the healer out that and just helo brute then because I have nothing that can safely switch in and it's so dumb to just let a pokemon die I don't for no reason you know alright so there we go so chandelure is is doing good there or not doing so good I'm gonna heal off the burn while I have a chance I hate to just like kind of spam heals and stuff but we got to get through this battle and they're gonna switch again I wish I had stealth frocks I hear it was Gardevoir okay that's fine as long as this thing doesn't have destiny bond we're okay okay I like had to hold my breath for a second to see if it was gonna destiny bond me or not oh man alright so Garuda guard we're brute is just the impenetrable wall basically I don't want to get ahead of myself here comes Gengar okay so this is scary cuz Gengar can sledge wave me so here's the thing I know man I mean I think I can live one and knock him out or at least hit him really hard I think I have to go for the shadow claw here he's gonna slit it I gotta live it dude we just gotta live it group oh Groot no poison sweets I got a big shadow cloth does big damage okay now I gotta figure out what I'm gonna switch in now he most likely shadow balls I could go Scala but he's gonna be faster Eclipse doesn't want to switch in I mean be drive is really like the okay switch him but he's gonna have to hit a focus blast I gotta go to be drive and maybe I'll get lucky nice ledge bombs he does sludge wave dude that's huge cuz we know he can live we know he can live okay now I can shadow claw he's gonna focus but I should be a little too focused bless my be job come on be job come on be job yes all right okay okay Wow here comes the golf the tail does it have shadow tag it might have shadow tag I might not be able to switch its psyche type here sight you'd say I have shadow its head shadow tied that might be the end of each job I have to heal up here first before we do anything that might be the end of each job we're stuck if this thing starts setting up we're in trouble it's a mega Gotha tell oh boy what is that thing dude Shadow Ball is it ghost type that did nothing I'm in a shadow claw it's got coal mine I had a feeling dude this thing was gonna start and set up coal mines on me I had a feeling I should try to switch I think yeah that's definitely dark and ghosts it's definitely dark and ghosts okay Eclipse is really good here cuz I could moonblast and I resist the dark and I resist the ghost it doesn't have shadow tagging anymore okay here comes a shadow ball which is resisted the thing is I don't know if he's got some sort of fighting move like I don't know if he has Focus Blast it's neutral though I'm gonna go for the moon glass we are faster it is boosted but we do a good amount to him he's gonna Shadow Ball again so it seems to be the best thing he has to hit me I'm gonna moon blast again and just hope for the best here dark pulse we should be able to live this we resist four times ya ass dude dude grabbing eclipse with soul clutch this typing dark fairy is so good dude so good we're not out of the woods yet that was big though Chandelure I think I want to switch out oh boy what I switch into Scylla probably yeah I might be faster but it's not worth risking it I'm gonna go to Scylla cuz he likely overheats anyway yeah and we resist God that does so much dude that does so much dude or faster whoo good job Scylla good job Scylla man and Cresselia is the last thing we have to face okay this thing definitely is moonblast I think we go to asparagus because we can out set up on it and leave seed and stuff dude Cresselia of course the bulkiest thing in the world ice beam okay first thing we're doing is just setting a belief seed I should have Maggie involved but it's fine we're just gonna leave seat on this thing and now I could just Meg evolve and fire off like moon blasts yeah let's just do that that's probably the best bet call mind that's why I switched into asparagus is I had a feeling he was gonna have coal mines yeah he's just gonna sit up so I think I need to set up coal mines myself as lame as that is psyshock that's fun we definitely have the advantage here because we can get special attack troughs with moon blasts I'm gonna speed up this battle a little bit and we need the leaf seed working for us and I have like potions so we should be okay against this Cresselia but that's scary dude call mine Cresselia almost knocked him out he's not gonna heal he's gonna go down take down the gym leader dude that was close man we had so many pokémon living on like two HP oh man dude we had two potions family crazy in this one it seems as if I've been toppled I guess I had had to happen eventually congratulations here's your prize the dreamland badge this will let higher-level Pokemon obey you it can attract rare wild Pokemon in certain areas such as friend Safari and take this too as a gift for me TM 29 sega's perhaps the well-known most well-known psychic move it's very reliable and I'll wait for you in am fried city my boyfriend Cal Reed runs the gym there his team specializes around rain he might want to prepare for that oh and don't forget you just exit the gym by going straight down I like it alright so we make it through the gym we could just go straight down the secrets which who knows how I didn't I should have caught on to that the firt yeah you could have done it the first time too and I just didn't realize it but that's funny that was kind of clever though as soon as I realized I'm like oh man who's that is a team galaxy bro team galactic coming through are we definitely gotta go heal before we do anything yikes that was intense dude that was definitely intense that was a pretty pretty ridiculous gym battle I'm so glad that we survived so glad that we survived whoo all right doing good doing good doing good oh man all right okay so you're saying to you guys I'm gonna take a quick cut I'm gonna look through the comments section just see some of this stuff that I might have missed so we're gonna do a little bit of backtracking for a few minutes helping me out with something that's wonderful you see I've been trying to maintain the upper the flower patch on the upper layer of the city but it's an absolute nightmare something keeps getting in the way and wrecking havoc all over it I don't know what it is and I wouldn't be able to solve it if I did I'm no trainer do you think you know me out fantastic I'll meet you up in the garden alright so this is a guy we're supposed to talk to you I know I'll be able telling me to go back to this this part and be ready to rock and I just never did it but I think we're ready to go so let's go to his garden and kind of see what's going down up there and we should be able to to make some things happen should be good to go so let's go find his garden I know I had to pick up the honey I believe which I did do I did go pick up honey so let's go figure out where his garden is because I don't know and I actually think I'm supposed to do a mission too so I think this is the garden here yeah thank you so much for agreeing the little demon is be coming in every night to store my flowers it only appears when nobody's watching I need to find a way to lure it here do you think we had some money honey I do have honey I have honey why do you have a look a wonderful you found some honey let me grab that for you let me give it a try I spread the honey Wow there it is you need to do you house tall this little demon from rampaging through my garden alright so hopefully we can catch this thing I don't I don't know if I should be worried or not I'm gonna save the game before we do this just in case because someone told me that it's like really hard to catch I don't know why but let's do that and then I'll uh I'll lead I know it's supposed to be in that slot guys but it's for Delta Pokemon we can we can make exceptions let's try catch this thing it is a napalm level 20 this thing looks so weird-looking it looks at the battle background looks cool though RL it's glare I guess you guys for furious wives okay and we cleared them so no big deal so let's hit him with a it's just that poke water my guess and I was like well ultra ball quick ball terrible dust ball no it's not nighttime I should so knowledgeable see how it goes come on Sanna pokeball 1 2 3 nope pain split oh that's mildly annoying 1 2 3 and got him sweet ourselves a delta a palm what is this thing like this is interesting I never even realized ghosted normal adult species is discovered by 16 draws an echo the third it sneakily places the end of its tail on people's shoulders making others wonder if they saw white hands ah we're gonna name them Specter have I used that name already maybe I have what should I name him he's a ghost in normal type will name him caught Kyla Kyla because my man Kali and the and the a palms you know a palms is mascot that's pretty cool so we call this thing and then I think the next thing we're gonna do is we were actually just called as I was walking around to see the director again so let's go check out the director real quick do a couple little little errands here let's go see what the directors got for us great working your last mission we have some information about the Delta species run the round seems the Delta crimer you found let's get going oh okay so new Delta Pokemon I think Skylar's fund will find a way to find latias again this is a new Delta Pokemon huh this is a very interesting location they didn't give me any intel on how it's gonna pop up just said there's a delta Pokemon so do I just run around aimlessly until it pops up oh there it is got it what is it what is that thing a solo sis that's interesting it looks so creepy I'm gonna glare curse body endeavour ouch let's go rocking out I have rocky helmet hey guys just switch let's go – I don't really have anything that could weaken us go to be job just cuz endeavor cursed body he's paralyzed no no we just ran why do I run no I clicked run by accident No okay well I did see before the a palm so I'm just gonna cut I'm gonna get the e palm again and then I'm gonna come back here because I totally just ran by accident when I meant to throw a Pokeball alright I caught it I had to go back and catch the other one and I kind of messed up there cuz I accidentally clicked run don't mind me ghost in rocks I'm a delta species discovered by steeds it's survival is dependent on its sole remaining bound to its Rock ghost and rock type huh that's pretty interesting so Llosa's ghost and rock we're gonna name it Nova I feel like Nova's a cool word cool name cool name for a chick alright so let's get the heck out of here we got that on tape let's let's get out of here let's go take out or check out our two new Delta Pokemon in the PC and you have to bear with me guys I've been dealing with like the absolute worst headache today all day I don't know what is going on but yeah we're gonna we're gonna go check out this the PC here and see what's going down and then I'm gonna wrap up this episode we got pretty close to a full length episode either way but dude the headache has just been killing me I've been trying to fight through it but let's go take a look real quick what do we got here okay so here it is delta nova here naive nature curse body great special attack stats so it's probably a Giga Drain ancient power and ever that's pretty interesting and then rattled some moves types caret and boosted speed I don't know if if that's the best ability it's got brave nature's kind of bad fake out curse pain split and fury swipes so and then obviously shadow which is really cool so some pretty cool new Delta but we got we like added a bunch of the team here Delta shanks we got a bunch of cool ones that we can add so this is where you wrap up for today guys we'll continue our journey in insurgents next time Thals likes to be amazing guys thank you for watching my name is Dan I also go by a drop and catch you guys next time who's


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  3. Guess this isn't a nuzlocke anymore… The existence of new Pokemon shouldn't mean you get to break nuzlocke rules.

  4. wow you techically just cheated but i guess its whatever xD we've all cheated in a nuzlock before

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  6. QOTD i dont like either to be honest but if i had to pick i would say assembly

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  10. Go back to the Utira Town library and look at the painting it's eyes follow you

  11. He has no idea what Pokemon he's about to be able to catch…

  12. Dan I hope you see this comment! It will be super useful and spoiler-free!

    if you manage to get enough money, you can buy the flag guy for your secret base. once you do that, you can go to the north of your secret base and you`ll see your friend safari (inside a cave entrance). there you are also able to go online and do a ton of stuff. once you register/log in, you should select "visit friend`s base" and you can go to other people`s bases by typing the name they registered to go online (you can easily find some names if you google "insurgence friend safari"). Once you go to the base, you can NOT ONLY USE THE STUFF THE PLAYER BOUGHT (like level trainer, iv trainer and so on, if he or she has bought them), BUT ALSO GET THEIR FLAG (in their friend safari spot). Finally, if you collect certain amounts of flags from a lot of players, the flag guy will give you a ton of different items! they vary from heart scales (easy access woo!) to brand new mega stones! (also which rewards you get and the number of required flags are easily found on Google, but I warn you, THEY DO CONTAIN SPOILERS, because they say which mega stones you get)

    PS.: some notable IGNs that give you easy access to all secret base npcs are "rei" and "beast", the last one being myself ^-^

    PS 2.: if you really ended up reading this, if you go back to Cyan Cavern (the cave you go through to get to Suntouched City), you can dive there in a certain spot and find an AWESOME item that YOU NEED TO GET!

    I hope I helped anyone playing Insurgence that read this! 😉

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