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who can say they lost a kid because he didn't pay $20 how is that not enough fuel for anybody's fire as you could see every single picture there's a smile on good see he's where he wants to be always out in the woods always playing with wildlife he said that when he's gone this is before he knew he had this many problems that when he's gone he wants me put back in nature it's where he was happy when I finally got down there what was left for me to see is a tire track on the curb a pile mud where his truck was pulled out he was told that his medication was 250 dollars out of pocket to pay for it we don't have $250 we never have $250 extra he had problems yes who doesn't we all have problems doesn't mean it's a death sentence or shouldn't be a death sentence he was working on his problems he was doing what we were told that we're supposed to do with these problems that's what us saying he was doing better last month my 29 year old son tried to get his prescription filled for his depression when he learned he missed a $20 new charge and had to wait him on through his plan to kick back in he's dead now from suicide twenty fucking dollars I'm devastating can hardly breathe what the fuck that went out 235 followers within a day had 9,000 retweets and it should because there's just too much this crap going on my Twitter feed wasn't just about Danny after a while there were thousands of people that posted on their horror stories just as bad some even worse than Danny's of similar situations with the same ending result people dying for insurance company profits good morning Scott good morning Scott that's what they posted on my Twitter feed we're sorry about your loss would you please direct message us your private information we'd be happy to talk to you I don't want to talk to them they killed my son so that they can make a profit I promised Danny and it's at his funeral I told him I would be on the Senate floor I am going to tell those senators myself they will look at my face and they will see that their laws have consequences their decisions have consequences I rise today to tell the sad story of Daniel destroyers hmm took his own life because he did not have the money to buy the basic drugs that he needed for his mental health issues you know I'll tell you I wasn't going to get political I was gonna vote again I wasn't gonna try to talk people into voting I wasn't even gonna share means because people are gonna laugh at me well they're gonna have laugh at me maybe not as much cuz I got a little bit of fire behind me now my son is gone that's my fire I don't have anything left of him but does fight for him how can I not fight for my son that's the fire that I need I didn't start this fight i tweeted this out to 35 people this isn't my spirit this is Danny's spirit he got this started and I'm gonna fight it for it I'm not gonna stop not until my heart stops because he started that sorry no yeah Danny's my fire and I will continue fighting you you


  1. I'm a patient advocate for improved pharmaceutical care and access. The profits of billion dollar corporations coming before patients must stop. The issues are the pharmacy benefit managers, insurance companies, and drug manufactures. These medications are not just medications. These medications are people's lives.

  2. This is very sad. How much more tragedies does the pharmaceutical industry need to back off?

  3. And they say Capitalism and therefore greed is good and Social ism and humanisms is bad.

  4. There is so much greed and corruption where do we start?

  5. How can it be you don't have $250 in spare cash? Jeeez

  6. Mental health needs taught in college and schools

  7. Rip so Sad

  8. They will look at him than they will look at there stack of cash from big donor's and than they'll pick the money.

  9. shame on now this absolutly gross to use this grieving mans suicidal son as a way to push a universal health care and globalism. smh

  10. 😢

  11. My husband died because of $1.41 short on his insulin. My check was do on a Thursday it didn't come until after he had died on Sunday. Big Pharma insurance company are all own Congress! I am to the point of the blackout rage mode. When I do go into that mode God help anyone in my way.

  12. I'm heartbroken for you, your son was/is truly loved by you unconditionally, I'm sitting here crying, it's hard to find the words to express what I'm trying to say. It's just too sad. I'm gonna send you a hug. I'm only supporting candidates who are for Medicare for all, I have always believed that health insurance is nothing more than a scam. Take care.

  13. U shouldn't have to pay to live

  14. America land of the free to die if you're not wealthy.

  15. And you wonder why they is so many people in the states that have mental health problems because they cant afford the medication they need

  16. Sir your not alone We Will Stand up with You against this Government trying to lower poverty level. We didn't nor do we continue to fight for Freedom for the dirty rich to tear us down. We are not less than we are the same…..for We all Bleed "Red" The Blood of Jesus Christ Amen.
    I am tired of seeing this and loosing brothers, sisters to the dirty rich killing We The People and no one doing anything to stop it. Stand up Fight back make them hear Us face to face.

  17. I have "healthcare" but it might as well be not there. I pay nearly 1300 a year for this useless trash. I suffer from depression & anxiety, also PTSD. I know I have something life threatening medical issues, aside from my mental health. I also have chronic absest tooth. I can't get it fixed. I have been in pain for months now, from it. I have toxic mold in my house, but can't fix that as well. I collect early SS of 1300 a month. And that is too much money to get assistance form any social welfare net. I still have to pay ridiculous amounts in taxes, utilities, and basic costs. I recently got a notice from PA. American Water. That told me I am responsible for any water main breaks that feeds my house. Not the plumbing in my house, but the water main that is owned by the water company. I pay property tax from 3 different sources for my home & property. 1 from my town, 1 from Coatesville school districts, and 1 from Westchester County. This is what the criminals in government are DOING. And deaths and homelessness and much much more is what a overwhelming number of Americans face.

  18. Insurance companies have never cared about the people. I don't care if I die in my house I will never pay 500k for a freaking ambulance ride. The system has gone out of whack and the fire is burning everyone. God bless the man's son and lord knows why he took him so early. God bless the father and no one should go through this.

  19. I work at a hospital and on a daily I hear horrible stories from patients and how EVEN WITH HEALTH INSURANCE people cannot afford medicine. Shameful. We can do better.

  20. It should be illegal to deny life-saving drugs and healthcare services. Life should be of the utmost importance, then we can deal with the financial situation later. In my state, even if you don't have health insurance, you can't be denied emergency room services. It's costing the state a lot, but we're saving lives which is worth more than money.

  21. Please call your representative, and your senators.
    Tell them you want Medicare for all.

    45,000 people die from preventable causes per year from lack of insurance in the USA.

    It's a 9/11 every 3 months!

    We're the richest country in the world, we can afford to stop letting people die.

    BERNIE2020!! NO OTHER OPTIONS!!! Medicare for all!!
    $15 an hour minimum wage
    NO MORE WARS!!!! free college tuition … Americans to fight for other Americans.

  23. Christian Republicans: wHy sHOulD tHe gOvErNmeNt HaVE tO fOoT YoUr BiLl

    Why should we have to explain to adult humans, why they should care about others,?does it not say that in the bible? Buncha hypocrites

  24. Thank the left for creating the pharmaceutical Oligarchy.

  25. My condolences to this father

  26. Canada has had health care for 60 years…

  27. I don’t even know what to say…this is heartbreaking. I have no idea how these insurance people sleep at night; I also have no idea how those politicians who allow these companies to operate in the manner in which they do look in the mirror. This is a travesty, it’s immoral and unethical. My condolences to you and your family, Sir.

  28. Mitch McConnell won't let any changes happen. The only hope is to sweep all GOP out of office.

  29. And yet The Twittler & the Reich Wing Party want to take away healthcare while crying for years about Democrats trying to take their guns away & dumbasses keep voting for them…'Murica! ✌☮

  30. It was a matter of time. It's not the fault of the insurance Co.

  31. Andrew yang 2020

  32. Get rid of the republicans. They only speak for the 1%.

  33. This is so sad. Especially knowing that American prices for pharmaceuticals are about 10x what I'd pay here in the UK, even if I was paying out of pocket for private healthcare (which I've had to do before, seeing as I'm intersexed rather than cis). Even on socialised healthcare, being disabled and mentally ill it's often hard for me to just request absolutely free prescriptions (even when given online services to do so), the difficulty would be greatly amplified if I had to pay for them or for insurance (private health insurance exists in the UK, it's just something mostly rich people do rather than something necessary).

    TL;DR, socialised healthcare is a basic human right, and despite fearmongering BS doesn't actually prevent private healthcare being an option.

  34. My heart is broken 😢😢😢😢😢

  35. This choked me up and illustrated so poignantly why the need for a universal health care system is urgent in the U.S.

  36. Nothing will change. This will always be the same. The people havent had a voice in decades.

  37. This is propaganda! He had a mental health issue you can’t blame healthcare. Most companies sell their drugs to the federal government at a loss on the federal drug discount program. The for profit us system means higher quality and more innovation. I live on England… you are 50% more likely to die in a uk hospital than a us for the same illness. The universal healthcare we have has killed a lot of people, even some of my own family. I’m not sure about you but I’d prefer to live and be in a little debt than be dead. And the medicine company didn’t kill the son. It made the drug that was helping him in the first place.

  38. Y'all tired yet? Time to take a Crimea strategy approach.

  39. More proof that America's health care is a scam. A scam where profit is the first concern.

  40. Spoken like a great father! I feel the loss as a parent 😢💔😔

  41. My deepest condolencies. Go into politics, Brother. You've got the biggest donation ever given. You will never have to go around the country to concince voters. You only need a link to this.

  42. This is why I'm voting for Bernie we need a universal health care system so tragedies like this will stop.

  43. Watching this is heartbreaking. It’s so tragic that in the richest country in the world this happens to people like him.

  44. America you must be improving your health Healthcare

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