Third Chakra Yoga – Show Your Gold

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I am Adriene, and today on the channel we have a very special special practice. I’m super excited to share this with you because it’s for a great cause, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I’m so honored to be a
part of this campaign with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to raise awareness for childhood
cancer awareness month. In our yoga practice it’s
all about raising awareness, raising awareness, and
tending to the selves so that we can tend to others. So I thought in an effort
to be a part of this #ShowYourGold campaign and include you in on this campaign and
hopefully spread the word about childhood and
cancer awareness month, we would all get on the
mat and work on this area of the body, the third chakra, that’s associated with
the color yellow or gold as I’m calling it. And I’ve put on a couple
of gold pieces today, real gold. This is all real gold. Gold tooth. So that’s why we’re
getting on the mat today for a little Show Your Gold yoga. So hop on the mat for a good cause, open your mind, open your heart, and let’s get started. (relaxing music) All right, so we’re going
to begin on our backs today. Take a second to stretch out and just get settled in. Any movement you wanna make here, maybe reaching the arms
up and over your head, maybe pointing and flexing the feet, rotating the wrists,
anything that feels good. Just kind of settling
into the moment here, dropping into the moment so that you can enjoy your practice. Maybe inhale and then exhale, let go of the day thus far. And inhale and exhale, let go of what’s to come, your to-do list and just kind of settle into this moment here. And when you’re ready
we’re gonna bring the hands to the area that we’re
gonna be focusing on today, so one hand is gonna come
just below the belly button or the navel. And then the other hand
will come just above. So essentially we have one
hand on the lower belly and one hand just above,
right below the rib cage here, in the solar plexus. Spread your palms wide and
then take a deep breath in and exhale, relax your legs, your ankles, your shoulders, your elbows down. So if you’re caught here go ahead and relax everything down. Then on your next breath in see if you can breathe into your hands, whatever that means to you. Because we’re working
with the chakra today and kind of stimulating the energetic body there might be some
things that I say that may confuse you or throw you off especially if you’re new to the practice. I encourage you to not get too caught up in your mind and just see what you can do with my prompts. So the first one that we’ll play with is breathing into your hands or sending breath to your belly. So again you might
think, “What does it mean “to send breath to my belly?” And so just explore that,
whatever that means to you. If you’re familiar with belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing then you might begin that now. I’m just gonna begin to send some breath to this area of the body where the third chakra points lie. So perhaps as you inhale
you fill the lungs, the abdominal wall kind of expands here and perhaps you hold at the top. So as you can see really stretching that area of the body,
maybe pausing at the top and then using the exhale to release with control. So when you feel like you understand what we’re doing here, go ahead and turn your gaze up towards
the ceiling or the sky and maybe even close your eyes. We’re just gonna play a little bit with some belly breathing here again, breathing into this area of the body that we’re going to stretch and stimulate and strengthen and balance today. At the very least you
get a few, nice, long smooth deep breaths to calm your nerves, to relax into the moment and to help you choose to enjoy your time with yourself to make the most of your time on the mat and to work in an empowering way. This is the perfect practice, or this would be the
perfect sequence of poses to really gift yourself with the sense of connect to your inner power and that unique divine power
that’s unique to you. That is what this chakra is all about, balancing your personal power so that you can be confident and so that you can be in a place where you can help
others and encourage that in the world. So just take a couple of
more full belly breaths, just playing and experimenting here, even if you only get one good one. And then we’ll gently
release one hand down followed by the other, and then we’ll slide one leg up followed by the other and
we’ll take a second here to just wrap the arms around the shin, so you know what to do here, and rock a little side to side. Little lower, the back
of the body I love here is you maybe draw circles
with the knees or, again, just rock a little side to side. Find what feels good here and then when you’re satisfied slide the hands to the backs of the legs and we’re gonna begin to rock and roll front to back. So even here we’re gonna begin to activate a little awareness which
will then turn into a lot of awareness in this area of the third chakra. From the solar plexus
down below the navel. There’s a big conversation about
where specifically that is. I’ll talk more about that on the blog, but we’re gonna just
work with this area here. So even from this place you can draw the navel to the spine kind of activate this area of the body and
then begin your rock and roll. Connect to a little playful
energy here if you can, try not to take it too seriously as we rock front and back. And then just notice if you’ve grown soft in this area, see if you can kind of activate it by hugging muscle to bone, and then of course finding your breath. And then do one more. And then when you rise up,
lift up through your heart, bring the soles of the feet together, and the knees wide and we’re gonna come to a cobbler’s pose. Baddha konasana. This is a little reflexology moment. This is also a little bonus
to your yoga practice here where we’re gonna take the thumbs right to the arches of the feet. And this is the pressure
point that’s associated with this third chakra that
we’re playing with today, so we massage this area of the foot and we stimulate the third chakra energy and its principles. And at the very least you
just get a nice little stimulation in the feet, little foot massage. And then when you feel
satisfied bring the hands to the ankles and sit
up nice and tall here. Draw the shoulders away from the ears as you lift your heart, take a deep breath in
and a long breath out. Awesome. We’re gonna take the
ankles now and cross them, nice cross-legged position here. We call this sukhasana. As we sit up nice and tall,
palms on the tops of the knees. Breathe in and breathe out. Great, see if you can stack your head over your heart and your heart over your pelvis here. We’ll lengthen through
the crown of the head and lift up through the center channel. So there’s this energetic lift. It’s more than just sit up tall. It’s this kind of feeling
the body with awareness and energy. This upward movement or
this kind of intention. And then find places where you can also ground and anchor, maybe in the elbows, the shoulder blades,
the tops of the thighs. Now we’re gonna move and groove with a little spinal flex here, and also stimulate this third chakra. So what we’re gonna do
is move in a circle, inhaling as you smear the heart forward. And then we’ll draw the chin to the chest as you move around and back, draw the navel to the spine and exhale as you come through the center. Again, inhale, coming forward. And exhale, chin to
chest as you come around and back. Now to really make the
most of this you’re gonna, again, anchor some awareness in the space between kind of the navel and the spine and then the surrounding areas there, so you might even try to move
from that place in your body. There’s this image of the old fashioned coffee grinder, moving around and round, if you know what an old fashioned
coffee grinder looks like that might help you, as
you really kind of move from that place. Also super awesome for
the digestive organs here, move with your breathe. When you feel like you’ve had enough reverse your circle and begin to, maybe stretch through the elbows and the shoulders and the neck. See the beautiful thing
about a home practice too is you can kind of own
it a little more maybe than you would in public, so find what feels good here, get a little freaky. And then we’ll come back to the center. Once again returning to head over heart, heart over pelvis alignment. Then join your palms together and sit up nice and tall. If you like to just set a quick intention for the rest of your practice, maybe connecting to the deeper meaning here, maybe why rolled out your mat today. Then take a deep breath in. Use your exhale to bow
your head to your heart, that mind intelligence
to the body intelligence to the heart. And then we’ll slowly
come on to all fours. So take your time getting there. When you do spread your hands wide like a starfish. Wrist underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the hip points. Then inhale, and as you
exhale press away from your yoga mat, hollow
thorough the upper back body, and lift your knees, let them hover. Now we’re engaging the
abdominal wall here, strong. You might feel a little heat, you might begin to shake, just a couple of seconds
more, use your breath, find that fire in your belly, my friends. And then just gently release
the knees to the ground, curl the toes under and send it up to downward facing dog. When you arrive, paddle the feet, find what feels good to
hear as you bend the knees, one and then the other. Then we’ll go for a nice,
slow walk up towards the middle of your mat and
then take a forward fold, feet hip-width apart, grab the elbows, rock a little side to side,
you know what to do here. I can see through my gold here. It’s fun. Bend the knees as generous
as you need to here, keep breathing deep. Then we’re gonna slowly roll it up. Pressing into the feet, drawing energy up through the legs, stacking the spine and then eventually lifting up through the sternum. Take a second to just get settled in so you might draw circles with the nose, if you have a creak in your neck, you might move the shoulders one way and then the other. And then when you feel satisfied send the fingertips behind interlaced, draw the knuckles down
and away with soft knees and begin to open up through the chest, kind of butterflying open
through the front body, but keeping the tailbone
nice and heavy here, so we’re not here but here topped, head over heart, heart over pelvis. Then find your breath, begin to cultivate a deeper breath here, you got it. Maybe it’s ujjayi breath, maybe it’s just some audible breath to anchor your focus in. Then slowly carve a line
with your nose to look up, and then exhale, break free of everything and take it all the way down to your forward fold. Great inhale halfway lift, nice flat back position here. And then exhale bow, a
little sun salutation. So we’re gonna step or hop
the feet back to plank, you got it. Nice and strong. And then lower all the way to the belly. You got it. Inhale, press in your
foundation as you lift up and open your heart. And then exhale, float it down, curl the toes under, press
back up to that push up, strong as you hug the lower ribs in, then send it to downward facing dog. Awesome. Now anchor through the left heel, inhale, slide the right leg up high, and exhale squeeze the right knee in towards your heart. Awesome. Little fire in the belly there. As you step your right foot up and we’ll come into a nice, low lunge. So feel free to lower that
back knee, stretch it out, and then moving to our first warrior pose. We’re gonna slowly lift the back knee up and spiral on that back foot. So as you pivot on the back foot really pay attention to pressing into that outer edge nice and strong, then charge your left inner thigh and keep the front knee bent as you slowly rise up
strong like a warrior. So I wanna keep the
front body lifted here, wanna engage this area of the body by dropping the tail down. And for me it helps to widen the stance a little bit here so
I can find that power, that lift here that feels not forced but strong and lifted. So if you’re kind of
forcing yourself forward then you might look at your foundation and see what you can do to find this yummy lifted feeling
up through the torso. Then maybe the hands stay
on the waistline here or maybe we reach them all
the way up warrior one. Bend deeply in that front knee and maybe give yourself
a nice, wide stance here as you inhale in. Then exhale, relax the shoulders down. One more breath here, you got it. Inhale in. And exhale. Awesome. Pivot on the back foot,
come to a nice, high lunge, just one breath here, you got it. So the back heel, lift it now, inhale in. Exhale, rain it down. So awesome everyone. Plant the palms, slide
the right toes back, back to that strong plank where we engage the abdominal wall. You might rock front,
your might rock back, then you can lower all
the way to the belly and lift up cobra or chaturanga
to upward facing dog, move with your breath, and then exhale to downward facing dog. Big breath in. Big breath out. This time drop the right heel and lift the left leg up high. Inhale in and then exhale,
squeeze the left knee up and in towards the heart. Step your left side up into your lunge and then just take a
couple of seconds here to lower that back knee
and stretch it out, so you might rock a little front, rock a little back. Just notice what’s going
on in the lower body. And then when you feel satisfied lift that back knee,
pivot on the back foot, find your warrior one on the other side. Again, stay connected,
grounded to the earth, charge through the outer
edge of that back foot. Engage your right inner thigh and then we can bring the
hands to the waist here, opening up through the front body, sinking into that front knee or we can reach the arms
up full warrior one. Coming into your power here. Breathe deeply. One more breath. Awesome. Then lift your heart so that you can pivot on your back foot. Right heels now lifted
as you come to high lunge for one breath. Strong pose here. Squeeze the inner thighs into the midline and then exhale, release. Awesome work everyone. So we’re gonna rock the back foot up to meet the front from here. If you wanna add a little
vinyasa there, you can. We’ll meet in forward fold. Take deep breaths. Then on your next inhale halfway width, and exhale bow. Inhale, sweep the arms all the way up and over head and exhale, hands to heart. Awesome. So we’re gonna come to a
nice, wide stance here. Little standing wide-legged forward-fold. So two big toes turn in, we stand up nice and tall, engage the legs. So draw energy up through
the knee caps here so you can kind of engage your quads. Sounds so fancy, “engage quads”. Then fix your gold, just kidding. Then we’ll inhale, send
the fingertips out, left to right. Another option will be to keep the hands on the waistline, so that’s
always a nice, grounding place where can open up through this area of the body, and breathe deep. And then slowly we’ll begin to tilt keeping the heart open here that stretch through the front body. Just come halfway, see if you can create a flat back position here. This is tough. Breathe deeply. Welcome that heat, that tapas, and then exhale with control, my friends, slowly release down. Great. We’re gonna bring the left palm to the center line here. Press away from the yoga mat. As you inhale send the
right fingertips up. Big breath in and then
exhale back to center. Right hand replaces the left, and the same thing on the other side. Left fingertips reach towards the sky, shoulders draw away from the ears, take a deep breath in, and then exhale back to center. Also the hands come left
to right once again, or to the waistline, and we
use the power of the legs to slowly come back up,
leading with the heart. Awesome. More warriors, here we go. Right toes turn out, left toes turn in just a hair, about 45 degrees. And we’re going for this 90
degree bend in the front leg but eventually it may
not happen today right. So being in the moment, staying present, and listening to your body
and where it’s at today. So come to a nice, strong foundation for warrior two. And then bring one hand
to your lower belly and one hand to your lower back. Ground through the back body as you lift through the front body breathe deeply and then
send the fingertips out left to right. Strong focus here. Connecting to that inner power, that unique energy that’s
just totally yours, some people call it attitude
that you bring to the mat. Then we’ll find a different
flavor, a different rasa if you will as we reach the
right fingertips forward, flip the palm and then send it all the way up and back. The left fingertip’s gonna travel to the front of the right hip crease, and we come into a little
peaceful warrior here. Big breath in. Back to warrior two on an exhale. Awesome. Straighten through that front leg. We’re gonna turn the right toes in and take it to the other side, left toes out. Then find strong footing here, one hand to belly, one hand to back. Think upward current
through the front body and grounding through the back body. Stay curious in the legs. So if you’re an experienced yogi you might enjoy slowing things down here and just kind of carving through and looking at the poses in a new light, finding strength, inviting
all those intrinsic muscles along for the ride. Get the picture. When you’re ready send the fingertips out left to right. Find your focus. Remember your intention as you draw your shoulders away
and lift your heart up. Big breath in. Big breath out. Big breath in. Reach the left fingertips forward as you flip the palm, then draw big rainbows. You sink into your front
and then you send it back, peaceful warrior. Maybe the right hand comes to the top of the left hip crease here. Just having a little fun. Inhale in and then exhale back to virabhadrasana two. Warrior two. Strong here, don’t give up, stick with it. Then we’ll straighten
through the left leg, turn both toes in once again, and hands come to rest on the waistline, catch your breath, observe your breath. Notice how you feel. So one final challenging warrior. I encourage you, you should go at it with just kind of a sense of humor, and openness. We’re going into warrior three. So I’m gonna come in to warrior one here. Right toes point forward. I’m gonna swivel the left
foot around and back. So find your footing,
find your foundation, and we’ll come to warrior one once again, nice and strong. Strong in the lower body,
upper body nice and open, lifted through the front body and grounding through the back body. You got it, here we go. Spread the fingertips this time, and then exhale rain the fingertips down coming into a little variation here to open up through the solar plexus. We draw the knuckles down and away. We interlace. And then I’m gonna soften
through that back leg and just bring it halfway in. Not watching the standing leg at all, nice and soft here. In fact I might even find a little bounce, a little buoyancy. Inhale in as you take your
gaze forward, just to start. And then exhale, charge
through that left inner thigh. As you lift it up send it
towards the back end of your mat. Try to level the hips here, draw the knuckles away from the crown. Eventually we draw the gaze slightly down. And eventually maybe tucking
the chin to the chest. Active through the left foot here, you can point it, you can go flexed or yogi toes. And then if you’re feeling adventurous break free and send the
fingertips forward, up. Lift your heart. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And then be brave, trust. Step back warrior one. Inhale, lift your heart. Exhale, release. Awesome, guys. We’re gonna do the same
thing on the other side. Hands come to the waistline, this kind of superhero pose here. Open. Turn the right toes in. Left toes out. Come to your warrior
one on the other side. So workshop it a little bit here. Don’t rush into the pose or kind of the shape of the pose. Really see what’s going on
in the lower body today. Now let’s have some fun, what do you say? We come to our warrior one. We find our breath again. Then we’ll rain the fingertips down, interlace, opposite
thumb on top this time, and we draw the knuckles down in a way, opening up through the chest. Soften through that back
knee as you step up halfway. Soften through the standing leg, find a little bounce, a little buoyancy, send your gaze a little bit forward, and then inhale in. And on an exhale we lift the back leg up. So maybe we’re here with
the big toe on the ground, we lift. We can also use the wall here to play. So there’s a little time to play. If you’re feeling adventurous you might break free with the fingertips. And send the fingertips
forward, up and away. Find your breath. And then back to warrior one. Wherever you are we’ll
meet in one final warrior. Breathe in and use an
exhale to let it all go. Awesome. Come back to center. And we’re gonna heel toe, heel toe the feet back. Come to your mountain pose. And then we’re gonna bring the hands right to the belly, just below
the navel and just above. Big breath in. Big breath out. I’ve a friend that says you
gotta listen to your gut. And that is kind of what balancing
this chakra is all about. Clearing out the blockages,
knocking them down, clearing out the cobwebs. So that the energetic
channels is meridian, those knotties as we call them in yoga are not plugged up. The system is go. And the energy that’s uniquely yours and true to you and
serves you most can flow. Then drop your chin to
your chest, tickle it down, and we’re gonna come to a seat, yay! Use your fingertips to guide you and then send your legs out long. If you wanna take a
quick forward fold here that might be nice for the back. It’s always nice for the lower back body. And then we’re gonna take that left knee and hike it all the way up. Take the right elbow, hook
it into the left knee, and then slowly, before you even send the left fingertips back we move into and twist it all. Slowly lift up through the spine. Imagine like you’re hearing good news the way you react when
you hear something good or smell something sweet. So a nice, natural lift
up through the spine and then you can send
your left fingertips back and find a twist that feels good for you. Hug the left knee in. You might bring the outer
edge of the right elbow to the outer edge of the left knee. Careful not to collapse
into that back hand. Breathe deeply here my friends. Press into your right heel. Awesome. Then gently unravel. We’ll do the same thing on the other side. Bring in the right foot up, firming down through the
left thigh bone here, hook the left elbow to right knee and then grow nice and tall here. So really do the work in the spine and then we’ll send the fingertips behind, but we’re not putting
all the weight there, and we’ll stretch. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale, journey into your twist. One more breath. Awesome. Then we’ll slowly release. Cross the ankles, come on forward. We’re to come to lie flat on the belly, take your time getting there. Then I’m gonna bend the right knee, reach the right fingertips around to grab the right ankle, flex the foot, then the same thing. Bend the left knee, reach
the left fingertips around and grab the left ankle. Stay conscious through the neck here so no crunching but also
not a dead head here, right, nice and aware through the neck. Inhale in. Exhale, lift the soles of
the feet up towards the sky. Open your heart. Then you might carve a line with your nose to look forward. But again careful not to crunch
the back of the neck here. Inhale in, exhale. Lift the feet up towards the sky. Rocking horse here. Use your breath to
literally move you here. Awesome, take one more breath. You got it. And then exhale, release everything. Also, come back to all fours. Take a child’s pose, knees together, or wide. Take a rest. Awesome. Gently we’ll come back to all fours, swing the legs to the right, and then come back through to seated. Awesome. This time we’re almost done. This time we’re going to really activate your center, your core. Find your core power,
that power from within. I feel like a lot of times
we come into this pose with a sort of dread. I know I did for many years. And now it’s so empowering
to just play within it. So we’re gonna do it in
different levels here boat pose. First find that beautiful
lift in the heart that you’ve had the whole practice. Move your shoulders, lengthen
up through the spine. Go ahead and grab the
backs of your hamstrings, next to your thighs. Your hamstrings. And then lift the shins
parallel to the ceiling one at a time rocking back, but you can go ahead and
hold your group here. It’s not cheating. Then a little bit of energy
through the feet here so they’re not dead, right? Really alive, creating
a full body experience. Keep the hands where they are especially if you feel that tremble even here. Otherwise we might reach
the fingertips forward. Stay here. If you still feel like you
could go a step further and you wanna play. You’ll inhale in, exhale,
reach the fingertips up and push the heels out. Inhale back to center, exhale, press it out. Inhale, back to center. You could take the fingertips out. And one more time. Awesome. We’ll meet back here. Rock back on the soles of the feet, and then enjoy a slow
roll all the way down. Awesome, my friends. Go ahead and center yourself on the mat. One last twist here as
we send the fingertips left to right. This is one of my favorite postures. We hug both knees up towards the heart, scoop the tailbone up, and we’re gonna finish with
a little recline twist. So we have a big Texas T here in the arms. The neck is nice and long. We inhale in and we exhale, send the legs to the left hand side. Allow the weight of your legs to drop, maybe wring the left palm
to the outer edge of the right leg where I am showing my gold here. Maybe you rock gently onto the right ear. And then I invite you to relax, to let go. Begin to cool it down. Awesome. Slowly we’ll roll back through center, take a deep breath in and use an exhale to melt the legs to the right. Same thing. Finding what feels good here. And then melting back to center. Once again baddha konasana. This time recline. So we wring the soles of the feet together and the hands to the belly. So we started with belly breathing. We’re gonna end with breath of fire. So also in a nice, like a
passive stretch here for the lower body, the hips especially. So if you need to practice
and your hips are really tight feel free to take breaks. Or you might draw your toes towards the bottom edge of your mat,
create a little more space. There’s always options. Here we go. Drawing the navel and
on the exhale we inhale. Exhale, draw the navel in. Inhale. Exhale, keep that pump going. Awesome. So we chested enough, but you’ve never done a
kapalbhati breath reclined, those of you who are experienced yogis. I like reclining and doing that breath. It’s so different. You feel the heat just kind of creep up on the forehead around the hips and in this area of the
body, believe it or not. So if that was something that excited you you can repeat it now on your own. If it was too difficult to do lying down you can sit up and try it again. Or perhaps you’re ready for your savasana to cool down, in which case, we’ll slide the right toes down, down, down, down. Followed by the left. Take a second to
windshield wiper the legs. And then we’ll release
the right arm to the side, palm face up, followed by the left, and then we’ll press into our elbows, press into our head and lift the chest, the sternum, the solar plexus, everything, up, up, up, up. Crawl your shoulder blades underneath you and then relax everything back down. Can take your gaze off
the video now my friends. Take a big breath in
and exhale, let it go. Gorgeous practice, my friends, just take a quiet moment here. Then gently begin to deepen your breath one last time. We’ll hug one knee in then the other. If time allows you might stay in savasana a little bit longer. Otherwise we’ll cross
one ankle over the other, grab the outer edges of the feet, and rock up one last time. We come to that cross legged position. We wring the palms together at the heart and we bow to seal the deal. Namaste. All right, my sweet friends, awesome job, awesome work. Thank you so much for
sharing your practice with me and thank you so much for helping me spread the word about childhood
cancer awareness month. All right, if you’re
interested in doing more I invite you, I encourage you to go to the Show Your Gold website. Join the campaign. If there’s a run or walk in your area you might wanna participate. If you can make a donation,
you might wanna do that, or you can just show your
gold through social media and help spread the good word. Thank you so much for sharing
your time and energy with me. Take good care. Namaste. (relaxing music)


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