yeah make it happen I have to make it just shop stop at the grocery store old condom I have to get prepared for my workouts and eat organic eyes on the road I don't know what if it's Phil in the car working out Croy teammate we got a young shy gazelle who has taken time out of hair day to graze with us this afternoon now you all in for a real treat more than this bike and then to have to do it beside my mom hurts me even more look at this woman she's an acrobat and we were super on our wine the diary after this we got a wicked epic work out for all the pervs out there whoever has to spend a whole hour with dad working out and trying to be entertaining at the same time is only a task for the utmost elite Russell Westbrook do you think that tooth gap developed from anything but pure power I gotta go just when I thought we couldn't pay rent this month yeah come on you got it bub this is like you back in the eighties I'm calling my lawyer what do you think about the performance so far you got it laughs I only need one power leg you're gonna need this is all I got Jim I'm gonna give up I'm gonna give in I remember when I used to film fitness videos and we're always like 17 18 and no one ever watched them and now this is all you guys want so great my dad you look like your dad Judge Judy didn't die for this should we pay them I think we should he was was it a double hander yeah and he had his eyes rolling the back of his head it looks like an exorcism okay guys challenge don't let her win we're going to Chipotle Maya be Lord recycle well deke would love you he made a song about Earth with all of like the biggest stars we love the straw that's so mean gets coffee right after all these years of us living together how could I have never noticed it's all different this woman is only thick with a CK and I'm thick with three C's this woman is an imposter she's not my real mom no seriously I got us a DNA test will do oh yeah I need to know the really need to know they're horrible I've considered actually just cutting them off go be get out right here right now we're gonna find out who I truly am because I think I've been lied to I'm here joined with my beautiful mother but I personally think she's been scamming me we're taking a test to find out who are we really mom no you can't you can't ruin anything I ruin it just by being here today's incredible sponsor is my heritage my heritage uses cutting-edge technology and offers the most affordable at-home DNA kits for you to use compared to any other DNA company that's trying to take your DNA and sell it to the government and steal your identity but don't you worry my heritage won't do that because your privacy is their top concern so out of family friends home life you being cloned is gonna be the least of your concerns who is my real mom I think it's me I remember that day I remember it we're gonna swab our mouths and set it to a lab and we're gonna get like a pie chart of our ethnicity okay let's peel it open and you see oh I got nowhere sweet life time dad how do I know I grandparents on my cheek nice we're scientists we're gonna send this off to the post office and wait and once we get it back we're gonna check our results oh where do you think you're coming well I've been told half Austrian 1/4 Swedish 1/4 Danish what'll you have Austrian good job mom for being your first video and kicking ass and spitting on a swamp nice my pleasure results are in lael ready to explore your ethnicity oh my gosh ah the moment of truth lael you are holy crap look at this 53.3% Scandinavian you knew this 23.6 both 17% English oh my god I 4% Jewish and 2% Greek and South Italian look at this have fun okay now we need to you okay yeah let's look at the ethnicity let's just do it Evelyn is thirty three point four East European okay 28.2% five more ethnicity you're not gonna tell me oh wow oh my god that without a Arabia oh my god the same thing you know what's crazy for mom's whole life it was like I'm Austrian my mom and dad came from there that's who I am this is so good so this is crazy didn't know who I was if it wasn't for this we would still think that we're white if you guys think this is a fun cute little cool activity to do with your parents friends or family you can check the link in the description box and Khalil Hanson for free shipping so we do do it again with free ship for Dad he's Jewish for sure – no I know I know I know it he needs to try it now that I found more about my heritage I've just been listening to North American music for my whole life practically we need to figure out what the hell is a Scandinavian rapper like I got a good friend and knows all about the rap from the other side of the world so this is Plato's puse featuring Daisy David let's give her a listen I don't know who this man is but we're about to find out hello raising that we're in ravish North American when it can be in any language we are English I think it's only fair that we jam out to one of my fav songs right now mom storms II Wasi Bob a London UK rapper archeonys are not matching up but what I do know is I can see DNA matches and people that are across the world that I have a newborn baby in my family that's ten miles away and I need to go get it where's my face hey what the hell are you doing that's my baby


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