Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Scott from today We’re gonna take a closer look at some of your favorite Fitness influences on Instagram and the workouts they’re trying to shove down your throats because they want clicks and views and likes Let me tell you guys something at the end of the day Yes, I care about likes but I’m not gonna put out shit content just to get more of them likes Don’t pay the bills you guys getting gains does and that’s where my focus is and that’s where it’s always been And that’s where it always will be now recently, I’ve been doing a lot more videos talking about the things I see on YouTube or fitness Fitness YouTube more in particular that I don’t like I don’t agree with I’ve been calling people out and Unfortunately for all these people you guys seem to really enjoy this content because you’re sick of the bullshit too Likes are high views are high so now we’re gonna start going after more people that deserve it because at the end of the day They’re making money and getting exposure off of people who don’t know better and taking advantage of people who don’t know better Really just really pisses me off. But what got me the most angry about what I’m about to talk about today I’ll tell you right now so Somebody reached out to me one of my one of my followers on Instagram and they sent me a link to an Instagram page called The organic twins now first of all exactly how organic these twins I remains to be determined We’ll let Kino body take care of that, but they showed me a chest workout First of all before we even get into the exercise that pissed me off There’s thirty two sets of ten to fifteen repetitions per exercise. Alright That is way too much volume for the average person to do when you guys go on Instagram and you look at these workouts and you try them There’s really not a lot of information. You have a lot of videos of the exercises There’s very little talking usually very little description but because the person looks a certain way you Think that’s the right chest workout for you to do to build a great chest at the end of the day the average Natural doing thirty two sets of chest movements on their chest day is number one going to take forever Number two, it leaves no time for them to recover and have multiple chest sessions throughout the week It’s just too much volume. We’ve talked about this in my only two series how to get a good chest workout You don’t need all these exercises Which kind of brings up another point of Do these people even really know how to put together a workout program for a natural athlete because to me it seems like they don’t Now the exercise that got on my nerves was this one right here. Alright, I really don’t like it when people try to reinvent the wheel just to get clicks I understand Instagram is a business and you need to find creative ways to Attract more people but to put out a bullshit exercise just for clicks Yeah, it’s helping you gain clicks the person doing it is gonna get injured and that’s where I draw the line There’s no reason why you should ever need to grab plates and lean back and do a chest Press like this. Alright, number one. You can’t go in as far as you need to the plates hit each other and number two These guys are chest pressing like this with their elbows all the way back and flared which is the worst possible position You can put your shoulder in if you’re even gonna do it like this guys even if you were going to do it turn your hands in and then retract your shoulder blades and Chest press properly. Even if you do it properly. You could get your hands much closer together than doing it like this, but Reinventing the wheel just for clicks isn’t gonna work with this exercise just grab a pair of dumbbells and do it safely now What made me so mad is one of my followers saw this video and left a comment and said, why are you guys doing this with plates? Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? Why not just use dumbbells? And you know what they did they blocked them and they said we don’t like negativity on our page blocked Are you freaking kidding me? It’s called constructive Criticism constructive criticism is why I am where I am right now because you guys called me out of my bullshit back in the day When maybe I didn’t know as much as I know now, it’s okay be called out on things and if anything a difference in opinion breeds debate and it breeds a breeds an area where people can converse and learn more and talk to each other and Hey, maybe maybe there’s benefit to doing it this way that I don’t know about But I’ll never know cuz my friend got blocked as soon as he asked the question, there’s no rhyme or reason to it if you take a look at the entire workout I’ll post the link for you guys to see it granted I’m probably shooting myself in the foot and giving these guys exposure They don’t deserve after that bullshit, but the end of the day I know you guys will come back here cuz you’re getting the right information the Workout itself is full of fluff exercises that you do not need to do lots of flexing and lots of fluff equals zero games and now I started looking through the rest of the videos on their page and I found like one leg workout and What really threw a red flag to me which you guys might not see I’m sure 99% of you wouldn’t see is on their leg workout. They have squats, which I’m glad they do But the guy doing the squats has a belt and knee sleeves on to do like six to eight reps of 225 Why do you wear a belt and why do you wear knee sleeves knee sleeves help keep your knee together, obviously But it adds a little bit of a I wouldn’t call it a bounce but it really helps you get out of the bottom of a squat it helps you to push through the bottom and when you have A belt on that keeps your core super tight That’s why when I squat 315 I can do 5 to 6 without without a belt and I can do probably six to eight maybe nine With the belt it helps with the movement makes it easier So you have all this time to set up to film this exercise But you still need a belt and these sleeves to squat 225 because you want to 225 on the bar You can’t do it normally but you don’t want to look dumb in your own video. That’s what it says to me Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just being a jerk but after looking at all the garbage on there it’s just a conclusion that I’m coming to and these guys have a lot of followers they have like 250,000 followers when you guys put content out to your 250,000 followers that’s a quarter million people you’re teaching how to destroy their shoulders It’s not right. I don’t care about clicks. I don’t care about views I care about results and guiding my community in the right direction, which is why I’m saying to all people on Fitness Instagram they’re gonna put out content and you’re gonna try to help your community and you guys do all these like three-page freaking paragraphs about how much you love your community and how Amazing your community is just like that chick who was on the news scamming everybody she made like how many friggin apology videos and Apology post but she never gave the money back cuz she doesn’t really care. She’s just trying to save her ass So it’s just you know, it really got on my nerves guys at the end of the day You need to make sure that when you’re going online and you’re finding information You need to make sure that that’s helping you and there are a lot of great channels out there I know obviously you guys always mention, you know Jeff’s channel on my page, we talked about Omar These are two guys that I actually really do enjoy and put out amazing content and even though Jeff and I might not agree on Everything and it’s like very minut things. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them where there’s informations not great We have a difference of opinion. It happens. It’s called life. That’s how we get better. That’s how we debate All right, so there’s channels out there that do want to help you But just make sure that when you’re doing your research or just make sure you’re doing some research Look at the content if you don’t think something’s right. Go ask somebody do some research on your own There is a way to figure out if what you’re trying to do will work For you and one of those ways you can go to my forums on my website and you can just post your question there and within 24 to 48 hours We’ll get back to you and let you know. I promise so Sorry guys. I know I ripped you a new one doesn’t mean I don’t like you It just means that hey there’s room for you to grow and you can take this as constructive criticism or you can take it as you hate my guts at the end of the day I really don’t care cuz I don’t care about you. I care about my community Smash that like button. I’ll see you guys next time and if you want to continue to be safe, click the link down below Download my app and try one of my six workout programs push-pull legs full body upper lower Cheat and recovery, which is amazing. All these programs are available to you. All you do is become a platinum member. It’s only eight bucks What are you waiting for? 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    BUT, what I feel as a fellow hermanite is that we need to take action and let those assholes know that we know what they are doing, and it needs to stop! Make sure THEY NOTICE THAT WE NOTICE AND WE WANT IT GONE! So for everytime you call someone out and if I agree (after research if needed) I will share the video to the person / people you are calling out. I hope that hundreds if not thousands of others do the same, so we can end all this b.s. and go back to what is important. MAKING GAINZ!
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