THENX FLOW With Fitness Model Sunamys Villalba


  1. What does he say after "what's up my elite …" in the intro (i'm not english)

  2. Ok she's cute as heck, love your videos Thenx!

  3. bad ass

  4. You are genius 🙂 I really like your video. Some I have tried and are really nice 🙂
    I am looking for next 🙂

  5. Amazing video Chris, you both look amazing and have a great body. Keep show us and convince us to do calestetic. Have a nice day.;) I will do your amazing workouts in my daily rutine;).

  6. Excelente… gracias por compartirla

  7. So tiny. Muehhe 😀

  8. Great background music . any link?

  9. notice when theyre doing burpees she doesnt even go down on the pushup like wtf

  10. I havent watched your videos for a long time, I remember when I subbed to you when you were around the 5k subscribers

  11. Do you have any tips to help stop stretch marks in quite a petite girl and when I started working out I started to get small stretch marks on the top of my thighs !!?!?!

  12. Chris' pecs bounce more than Sunamy's boobs

  13. What are those shoes dog

  14. anyone know the song on 5:44? let me know please.

  15. too bad I'm injured your videos motivates me alottt 😢😢😢😢😢

  16. хорошая девушка<3

  17. this montage and music is so sick

  18. 10/10 i would hit it 😀 ok now iam going a bit to far

  19. No translation

  20. What's the song name

  21. I'm watching this eating ice cream…

  22. Chris I need the song at 8:20!

  23. nice shoes😂👍👍👍

  24. Name of the song @1:35 ?

  25. I can't find the THENX music, which plays before the intromusic and through the first minutes of the video…please help

  26. This workout is definitely from for women

  27. She looks like a kid, nice video

  28. sunamy looks like vietnamese septic waste, and this guy has chicken legs , music is from dj idiot, and training is great!!!

  29. i saw shit pretiier than you sunamy!!! i would fuck but you must wear paper bag on your face??

  30. Keep this professional camera man🤔

  31. Chris does Burpees better, he won

  32. …Why is every girl featured in your videos a little mermaid?
    …..silent but beautiful….

    just saying, let the ladies speak…

  33. Chris is jacked AF and hella strong, but what's with her? she looks like a noob who got some gym clothes borrowed

  34. how many rounds?

  35. Should keep your legs straighter when you skip

  36. what editing software is this guy using

  37. Camera on her ass the whole time….. At least we know the camera men aren't gay

  38. man I'm getting ripped just by watching this…imagine my gain when I actually do this :O

  39. Song at 5:25???? Anyone? 😀

  40. That. Ass.

  41. with this tattoo is like he is wearing a zivago the whole time 😛


  43. 2:18 looks to her butt: "definitely the glutes too"

  44. Is she mute?

  45. the girl is looking at him with intentions.. the rolled eyes look and shy stare.

  46. OH before i forgot, are you part asian Chris? A filipino perhaps???

  47. shes jumping too high during jump ropes…

  48. She's so tiny next to him

  49. ouhh…^^legs are burning! …without extra weight…:D

  50. Been less then a week i know about this channel and i already made 3 workouts! Got the app too! Love you guys! She's by the way very good. Looking forward to some vids for us girls with her.. Till then, let's workout like chris:D my best friend said "you workout like a man" but no prob, i love it

  51. How many rounds for this exercise btw?

  52. This dude looks like Bob Morley!

  53. Yo who is the cute Asian looking girl doing pistol squats in the intro part? She gets cut off by some text but damn

  54. Dude you are insane! thanks for the content man.

  55. This guy can play Dante and Vergin from the recent DMC 5. He looks like them

  56. Sunamys is FIT!! for real

  57. Who makes the THENX music ?

  58. your app was buggy when i tested it, Hope you fix it before advertising

  59. i cant play video in the app Thenx. so can u help me??

  60. how many rounds?

  61. automated like before even watching.

  62. 0:47 man he looking at that

  63. Now that I ve found this amazing workout , I have to find my motivation 😂 Soon! 🙏🏻FOR THE BOOTY 💪🏻😍

  64. i already download the app for android

  65. I tought sunamy was his sister or doughter lol

  66. this fucking cameraman LOL

  67. she has nice body but not face

  68. kindly tell me the name of the song that you plays in the beginning.

  69. T H I C C

  70. Wednesday from the Addams Family, is in pretty good shape.


  72. Did this workout this morning, probably will feel it tomorrow 💪

  73. You're amazing this workouts are killing me, just one question, how many rounds should i do these excercises?

  74. Loving how syncronised these guys are

  75. "Fitness model"

    Just because she can keep up with this moderately intense workout doesn't make her fitness model worthy IMO. Just model, maybe.

  76. i’m just sitting here eating ice cream. . .

  77. She dose shit burpies

  78. What about workout for the ladies☹️

  79. this new music is lit!

  80. Причёска у твоей подруги Крис ,Просто – убей меня мачеха:))))))


  82. WTF?!?

  83. sunamys is so adorable :3

  84. She have do the plank really bad

  85. bru she fuckin proved herself lmao

  86. chris got more boobs than the girl lmfao

  87. Hi, could you tell the name of the song playing during rope jumping at 1:40? Please 🙏

  88. This is a fun workout! I like the jump ropes in tune with the music and the plate squats are fun. 😉 Jump squats are painful but effective. 💪Will continue using this workout!

  89. good workout , thank u <3

  90. Tune!

  91. how can chris manage to speak while doing these workouts, i can barely breathe

  92. This is my Saturday routine! 🙂

  93. The camera man is annoying…it's more commerical than tutorial

  94. I feel tiny if l would be next to you and you know what it is great ? To have the kind of protection feeling next to a warrior iron soul. Compliments

  95. Thank you. Kaley

  96. His man boobs are much bouncy than the girl boobs lol

  97. Great workout I'm doing three workouts a night shifting between different sets, loving the experience

  98. this cameraman….. the fuck is with all the shaking and bad crops

  99. Merci beaucoup is guod

  100. She looks like a little child

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