last day on set here how are you man good Sam in the house it's a rock up your hair hell no I could don't even act I got good I got such a fat head if I did that my head was like this wide I've already taken four heads like he sent over a I need to create more length and yes I do have some lip gloss on because I just was that makeup and there where David is that right now getting his makeup done how's it going in there how's everyone doing yes good good going to med school with Stanford biology major such a smarty I was a biology major but at Dixie State a little bit different than Stanford so yeah we're gonna wrap up today yeah maybe throw a house party definitely need to work out here's the problem here's the problem with being a gym shark at the problem of being a gym shark athlete the one bad thing about being a gym shark athlete because you do these photo shoots and you're on set with weights you're kind of working out you don't always feel like going back to the gym later on in the day so I kind of just kind of make yourself do that I have yet to work out this week and it's Thursday it's Thursday and I've worked out me once this week I did back so I need to go to this I need to go to the gym and the hotel gym is pretty sweet we're gonna throw a house party they're arranging house party in Los Angeles we definitely should Alex gonna DJ it what a handsome kid like a little brother over here learning from the message my hair I definitely need a haircut I'm gonna go see my dude Aaron he cuts my hair in Beverly Hills we go see him today the three pump up this is the pump up before we shoot the pump Oh what kind of wizardry in that gotta get the pump up and then work out the shots are you looking at one roaming yeah have you seen this yet is that is that translate it does that's how it looks in person – it just messes with your head you want to give your friends brand a shout out yeah milk shot and my lq shot check her out she's incredible what's her name Marissa Marissa you make some crazy ass clothes alright let's get back to work so I force you we're talking 4x shirt on that work this guy this guy's good you actually shot this photo right here cannot work under these conditions Mariah Carey get it this is the worst part about being a germ sadly the worst part of being on set with hooligans like this get it oh that is some really good dancing there's need yeah I'll get it do that only though Donny we're go ahead Donny yeah I mean there's one thing wait that's racist if there's one guy on sometimes he could dance you're like check out looks like this we're showing them how to do something and that one's like if you do it long enough yeah everybody had big biceps they'd be like I didn't think it said hammer drops I think what they see they might actually okay alright we're good I'm not going to go down playing the Airbnb we're gonna get buck while there tonight right we were here for like 20 minutes Donilon and we killed it so we're bouncing now look who we have here hiyee Oh Karina's lipgloss poppin for those of you guys that don't know green is coming out with a wait can I say that yeah she's gonna be coming all their own lipgloss I'm actually I'm wearing it right now and the makeup lady did not put it on she's gonna be a doctor she's going to Stanford you're amazing if you run president I vote for you she did it she did it she did okay here we go oh you're not putting this I have no girls that watch my videos look at it a David's time you can't you can't mess the David structure under this too your mom does it what's up David's mom how you doing oh my gosh we're done we're out of here you know i'ma go David she really does he has a way of making everything just turned up level 10 it might be at a level 7 it's now a level 10 all right yeah we're smart about all this behind the scene cameras you don't know why okay I'm ready Steve okay we're gonna ask you something could you close like behind the scenes we might yeah it's a full day's shooting here okay we've had four days shooting here that's a wrap okay all right guys fourth and final day here in sunny LA the weather's been great I bet these Jim Trek guys love coming over from England because the weather is always better in the US it's just it's been a good crew it's been a good set the largest production Jim shark has ever done so hopefully you guys love the finished product you guys love seeing this super excited for everything to come and if you guys like this video make sure you subscribe to this Jim shark Channel okay I'm out of here you guys have a good one we'll see you next time it's about as good as I got right now this is dirty come here come here Gil I'm pissed I mean we're staying in a nice hotel it's like Errol I can play look at the Airbnb real tough though Lex and I were talking about this we are gonna start just doing Airbnb as a group a team so we're gonna all just stay in an Airbnb together I think that would be better for a Content just be crazy wild parties even if it's all just the dudes staying in one and all the girls thing in the other if we start mixing and matching bad things would happen bad that dick Karina you guys saw you guys saw her she's at a level 10 all the time so we're gonna go in here right now we got to film whatever we got a film with Don Juan here Don's been great here and then we're gonna be jumping in this pool let's go in let's go in and just take over this house no Oh get rocked up to the house to the crib we here where's the party yet it's inside yeah welcome to my my room so this is where all the lovemaking happens none of the lovemaking happens this is the bedroom so I went with this little cool little designer piece behind the headboard and then every morning I wake up and this is where I get my guest chair they go check out the gym do you want to see the gym you Katie Katie Katie do you want to see the gym yeah this is where I work out every day Oh oh it is hot it'd be perfect getsu disorder yeah you could throw a couple more things well this is this is this is mint it's movable it's still in I said it right off the bedroom so there's no it's just wake up get it done yeah I'm gonna pull what do you think Katie um it's okay same Bellamy Fuji my I'm so in Utah this place probably costing me say about seven mil and Utah this would be the worst part about being a gym track athlete worst part is definitely the early ass wake-up call for some reason all week long somebody's had the 6:00 a.m. call time and it's because because you don't want me having late nights or because you know I was responsible to wake up hold up a sec now me missing the flight had nothing to do we weren't gonna shoot that day right but I was that I was working I was at a retreat with 40 people that day it did so I couldn't have flown out Sunday I was I was making sure people got their fights so we flew out Monday so I'm Pope I'm over it throw some dos hands in here so that I dropped two days ago it hopefully hopefully is up hopefully it's still still there links in the description three people okay three two one action hey you excited for our training session of all mmm I like it okay see you tomorrow three two one action hey big training session tomorrow actually rest up that's not bad and three two one action the training session tomorrow Mikey what's up it's quite neat open your mouth well that's the best bit that's a wrap yes not quite as good as that kettle corn worst part about being a gym shot honey grapes they only have red grapes green grapes so worst part about being a gym track athlete thinking about when I get mad at Jim shark for making a wake up early I guess still be working in Texas for opening Whitney was the worst job you ever had no there's no way America no retail just soap works I was the door guy at Abercrombie & Fitch of course I told me I didn't wanna wear boxers though because they were two boxers and a hat I'll wear jeans and flip-flops in oh sure but I'm not wearing boxers with a cricket yeah it's like have you yeah they wanted a Christmastime Santa hats and boxers yeah might actually have a worse job of 16 years old so you guys have propped up ups where you were at home enough it's a corn dog place and I was in the back putting work like the Bologna with the hot dogs before you cook it on sticks that's all that you just said it out of America baloney hot dogs once I folks what is this me I got to eat as many profit pups as I want and like the first week I probably had like an average vertical roller how's going yep we got in and we got out that's quick quick day enough time to actually work out usually I said the worst part about being into me Shrek athletes and your abs on workout it's 12:30 we're done so that excuse is no longer valid let's go work out so as far as hotel gyms go this is probably top 10 that I've been in Vegas has some crazy ones that throws the whole whole countdown off but basically you got free weights over here they got 8:45 we're gonna be putting that to the test no we're not we have treadmills we have dumbbells we have this machine has a lot of different cables you can do we have a wild karena in the back that's a hot fire flames outfit there that's for sure and then you have this crazy-ass ab machine because absolutely pointless if you ask me just have a wall or a person right there because we're supposed to like throw it into that and come back to you how lazy are you and then this thing's pretty cool Alec and I did like a punch test the other day this machine isn't made for punch testing but we put it to the tip anyway did you I gotta try to beat it now yes Wow your turn we're way too hard and frigging such a breeze no no that same same thing 152 not bad date 147 165 whoa whoa is there kicking involved in this all right so the other day on Instagram I posted a fail of this and everyone was like oh get up and do it again to be honest I was too exhausted to get it like my forearms were just really tired so I'm gonna track today right now that hurt you know this it's very much downhill for me oh damn it I'm gonna have the tribe over to on that son of a gun are you ready to swim oh that's fine you start doing that come on stage we got this we're gonna swing going on all right guys using the fitness culture app we do have the eight-week summer sizzle that is open for registration now so eight weeks giving away twenty thousand dollars in prizes top ten winners cash things like just a bunch of prices you guys didn't check it out one for the description here but basically you either get the $99 package and for that eight weeks it's either $99 or $49 the $99 is pretty much our premium app membership you get everything they do so all the work out six days a week you get your mobility nutrition and then the basic one the 49 is just the basic one so you're still gonna get all the workouts just not gonna get that extra stuff so it gives you a glimpse into this app right here every video or every exercise comes with the video but everything's based off of maxes so today we're doing overhead press 80% six so we got six reps at eighty percent eighty three percent eighty six eighty nine and ninety two percent so that's overhead press superset with a batwing row five sets of six with the tempo on their seated military press we're gonna do 12 10 eight as heavy as possible staying one rip shy from failure then we have the incline rear delt raise that we're super setting with that for three sets of twelve and then we have kneeling barbell press it's a it's a giant set here with a lateral raise and a dumbbell shrug three sets of 15 on all of those so it's kind of like a circuit rest sixty seconds and we have three three rounds of that and this cardio which I'm not going to do because we've been walking around Melrose for a little please 20 minutes so obviously the idea is from super setting and anterior so we're pushing their anterior delt with a posterior doubt there so we're not pretty fatiguing so one straight into another and then 90 seconds to rest between these two so these things are kind of weird yes neat dumbbells doing with a dumbbell I think the dumbbells go up to 40 45 so I got 50s here I don't know why this gym has them but you can put your hand inside and I feel like the juggernaut with I'm the juggernaut bitch that's name that's his name 90% sure I'm more Arnold pressing so you guys can't see this but I'm supinated de pronated it's two balls four hands just two black balls floating in the universe super setting that with an incline rear delt raise we go nice and light on this you guys want to make Arnold presses harder don't use it back they don't have the bench at a 90-degree angle you can lean back off if you want to be strongest do that but by doing without activating a lot more core to stabilize all that swinging Hey Broncos trade page who would pick it we out of the NFL Draft going Broncos trade picked the Steelers what are the Steelers doing extending Big Ben's contract for two years 68 million I'm sure somebody on here as a diver Steeler fan that's gonna try to explain it but Big Ben should have been done last year all right guys we're about to move into our tricep so we got three sets of 15 starting off on this barbell I don't know even we'll call it barbell kneeling preps I call them cook Willis's because back in the day my training partner Chad Willis chiropractor Chad we did know what to name these so we can hand him that after ourselves is that weird I don't think so like what are the Galapagos Islands named after pretty sure that due to his last name was Galapagos – check that anyhow so what we be doing this is a anterior delt and upper chest movement more upper chest it's going to be here more anterior delt we'll be sitting back more and back further on here more chest you want you're gonna be here and squeezing somebody don't kind of in the middle I was like I mean you can't help but activate some chest here because your elbows are together think about when we start talking about how to activate muscle fibers in the chest we always talk about squeezing those elbows together you that's right there's chest activation trying to touch your elbows I don't know back in the day we thought we were so funny when we'd ask girls if they could touch their elbows behind them like when we were sixth grade now you probably get a sexual harassment case for you that so I don't recommend doing that but we thought this plenty of middle school but try to touch your pecs or your elbows in front of you that's gonna be all chest so we're to be here pressing up using anterior delt and a little bit of chest 15 reps all right moving straight into lateral raises three sets of 15 you can do them I'm actually gonna try them with these you can do them with dumbbells or on a cable if you want last thing we got is a dumbbell shrug the group is going before anything else and I'm blaming those damn I don't know what you call those jump rings so whole that's a shoulder day on the road traveling worst part about Fitness culture you can't train in real life gyms you gotta train in hotels even if they are super nice workouts done going to go close things out so here to go hang out obligated to go hang out with a bunch of awesome people my life sucks alright like I said this is the worst part about being a gym shark athlete are you going having to hang out with all the yeah I'm going to go say bye to creative as well they are in a shack poor guys so we're gonna go say goodbye to them where are you guys going he's gonna shoot dangers anybody put spoilers on this I probably just invited swellow if anyone puts them on there you're getting banned for life all right and we're going to a and you're gonna go edit this video right here it's wild you


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