The World's Fastest Workout Video!!!

welcome to diet comm video I'm Sarah your host and today once again I'm joined by body transformation expert Steven Cabral and today is going to be putting me through the world's fastest workout so two questions for you Steven one how long is this workout how long does it take in two how can it be effective if it's so short well though just to give you a quick summary the world's fastest workout is four minutes long it's 20 seconds to work fall by 10 seconds of rest and it was developed by a Japanese scientist who was basically trying to increase aerobic capacity as well as really increase the metabolism for the next up to 36 hours so it's pretty effective cool well if it's a 4-minute workout and it gives you results I'm all for it so let's get to it let's do it all right Sarah the first exercise we're gonna go through today is called squat thrusts so it's the first exercise in our Tabata interval so hands are above the head when have you start by placing both hands on the ground you're going to once you get the hands on the ground a push-up position I'm going to kick the feet back push up kick the feet back in hands overhead 20 seconds so let's hit it now 20 seconds good hands right back overhead so we're keeping the core engaged kicking the feet back out and then right back overhead so you're halfway there you're moving as fast as you can with good form so you're really right back down right back up kicking them in nice and quick three more seconds right back up good we're going to rest ten seconds alright so the next exercise we can do is mountain climbers among climbers we've done before we're going to get right down in a push-up position we're going to bring the front leg in let's hit it right back down on the ground mountain climbers one foot in one foot out yep keep kicking as fast as you possibly can again with good form Sarah's keeping a nice flat back right here her elbows are slightly bent so she's not locking out her elbows and she's going to push for another five seconds and now she's going to rest for ten seconds all right in ten seconds she's going to start up with high knees three two one high knees keep the core engaged lift your knees nice and high good then we go kicking high staying on the balls of your feet she's halfway there so Heinie's basically keeping her core engaged she's using a glutes she's using her calves getting her heart rate pumping of course because that's what we're trying to do here today is really burn a lot of body fat and she can now rest for 10 seconds good so in 10 seconds from now we're going to do our last part of our basically our tabata first part Tabata is 8 rounds and you can hit jumping jacks right now jumping jacks 20 seconds so really pushing hard again this isn't all oh it's only 4 minutes so you can't really take your time it's an all-out 4-minute blast so 10 seconds good keeping the ABS in she's getting her inner thighs outer thighs working she's on the balls of her feet her hands are coming all the way overhead so they're not little half jacks she's coming all the way up and she's resting now good alright good already halfway there so in about 5 seconds from now 3 2 1 getting back into squat thrusts alright kick right back up good we need to move again as quick as you can go ahead your form is good keeping the ABS in tight right back down right back up we're halfway there so as many as we can get good five seconds you're going to start to feel fatigued you start to feel tired doesn't mean you can stop you got to keep pushing right through and rest good alright last round 5 seconds 3 2 1 mountain climbers good pulling those knees in nice and tight nice job those are real fast good kicking back and forth core is getting a great workout the whole time she's still not letting her elbows lock out she's not even locking our knees which is great and her fingers are spread apart it takes the cushion should say it puts cushion on your wrists which is nice three two one push it fast good rest all right we have ten seconds before we do high knees so the two easiest ones I think high knees and jumping jacks coming up next so she's working hard let's hit high knees right now high knees good lift them high boom there we go it's only 20 seconds halfway there ten seconds to go good once you touch your right back up in the air there we go that's what we want to see five seconds three two one good ten seconds rest we're going to finish out nice and strong right here all right so Big Finish jumping jacks 20 seconds all out three two one twenty seconds good really move the feet fast because if you pump the arms fast you pump the feed fast you're going to keep that heart rate going and the benefit of this is you're going to keep your heart rate now elevated for the next 12 to 36 hours they found during the study again done by the Japanese scientists that heart rate and epoch or I should say metabolism was boosted for the next 36 hours rest great job good and that's the world's fastest workout four minutes of work four minutes of total work 20 seconds on 10 seconds off just a overall full body blast as you can see Sarah's got her heart rate up and she's been fully worked nice job today it was great definitely address somebody who runs a lot it's a good workout


  1. I can't do pushups 😭

  2. Yep…thank you. did it 🙂 …nice workout for when you dont feel like u have time for one

  3. It is a pulse pounder!!💪

  4. 2x speed.

  5. Shes definitely fast but my workout is waaaaaaaaay faster haha

  6. Can someone link the science video to this workout

  7. For those wondering how many calories this burns the answer is probably much lower than you think. Although it depends on your bodyweight and the intensity that you are working out, you aren’t going to burn a significant amount. If your goal is to lose fat exercise is not the way. Diet is the only way to lose weight, exercise is to maintain your fitness level and build muscle.

  8. So, it's 4 minutes (short) but you're supposed to do it 8x (32minutes)?

  9. Thank you guys. . . doing it three times a week not losing any weight but sleeping so well and NO HEADACHES!! 1/18/18

  10. Thank you guys. 1/9/18

  11. If anyone needs any kind of fitness advice feel free to comment for me …

  12. Is that a woman?

  13. please…how many calorie is burnt in this awesome killer workout?????????????????????????????????

  14. I love this workout. Really gets my system revved up and running!

  15. Guys, you both are just great. . . I NEED to do this workout … 3? 4? 5? times a week… Thank you!!!

  16. Anyone Else Masturbate to this!?

  17. still come back to this workout. really works for me. good job.

  18. Awesome! thanks for sharing! Keep up the fantastic work!

  19. Love your vids! Keep it going. I just started a 30-day vlog challenge! Follow along if you like what you see! 😉

  20. can someone who isn't fit at all do this?

  21. that was great

  22. Awesome vid keep up the great work cx

  23. We do ALL that in the gym for 1 hour. Sore…I'm so sore.

  24. I revisited the Tabata system! Great stuff! I added a 3rd round for my four (4) exercise routines.

  25. Out of breath, but very happy I did it… Love you both!!
    Thank you. . .

  26. So essentially an easier version of the M100 with rest…

  27. How much calorie I can loose with this ?

  28. Did anyone ever find out how many calories can be lost from doing this workout?

  29. Worlds fastest workout.. along with intensity!

  30. Just did this for the first time in forever (cue Frozen sing-a-long) and I feel great! I need to start regularly doing this again.

  31. that was fun!

  32. I've done this quite a few times. Deceptively simple, but not that easy. I do this on my non-running days and it is great.

  33. any idea how many calories are burned each time you do this workout?

  34. I'm tired just watching this

  35. how many calories does this burn? plz let us know

  36. This workout felt good today.

  37. Great cardio!

  38. This is really effective, have tried it personally and happy with the results

  39. Great for busy moms!

  40. gonna start doing this daily, it's so good and since it's so short you can definitely put aside some time for it every day 😀

  41. how many calories does this burn exactly?

  42. Sarah was super hot. And yep I saw the bouncing in the mirror. Yet the workout was still awesome

  43. This is GRREEAATTT!!…Love it!..Thanks for sharing!

  44. damn is that girl slow xD

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