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now our next guest says she's always hated the way her nose looks so last year finally made the decision to do something about it but after discovering a nose job would cost around 7,000 pounds privately karla village she says that she instead decided to fake mental health and breathing problems to get the operation free on the NHS and she joins us now so that's why she's actually proud of milking the system and welcome well I mean it's it's a big thing to go public on something like this and you are going to get battered on social media how do you feel about that to be really honest I get back on social media anyway before this I get a constant like trolling 24/7 why what have you done before just literally for my glamour model got an insta page influencer put some nice pictures nothing not aboveboard you know nice pictures but people don't agree with it I'm a mom of three and I get trolled 24/7 well the thing is that you can you know that's unfortunate you were entitled to any career you like in its and it's unfortunate that you would you get troll for being a glamour model that's a career that you chose however it's very different when you freely admit happily admit that you've milked the NHS and you have lied you've been a parasite on the NHS obviously like press and media they they have liked what I've said either I'm gonna stand by what I've said I did and the truth to get a nose job no you're not NHS I like yeah I'm I'm gonna take the fact like I lied but I do work I I was born yet I you know I feel like I'm not really I don't anything that wrong see fell a bit high tilt I think even though it's for cosmetic purposes not thought a real reason cuz the NHS is there not for cosmetic procedure I think I'm one of many I think I'm just the one that's come forward and there is cracks in our system okay well let's start the beginning of this anyway because you've always been unhappy with your nose how many of you why what was wrong with your nose in the first place it was just something in my mind when I looked at pictures it was slightly off-center I had a little bump even to the extent where I went to see a private surgeon yeah and I was like how much would it cost get my nose done he was around 7,000 pound he said so I was actually I was actually advised it wasn't really where paying for because the difference wouldn't would it be like human and you paid for cosmetic surgery in the past if you had other procedures so you're not afraid to pay for things no no this because it wouldn't make that much difference you thought actually I let somebody else pay for this I'm really honest I was surprised to get this nose job as much anyone else you know it started off a bit burner between friends I was like I've been his surgeon they want 7,000 my friends were like don't do it it's not worth it and I said one day I want to even it out sigh I'm gonna see I'm gonna see if I can get this nose job so you went with the doctor your GP and what did you say because this is where the lie begins isn't it I was like I literally just said that I was happy about my nose it made me feel unhappy in day to day life it did get me a bit depressed and down which was a saturation of the truth I've never been clinically depressed or I've never been then I've never got no like proof of being depressed but I just said it I was advised to say a few things and before I knew it I was advised to say things by GP so the GP dirt you've also admitted that you flirted with you know what you know usually looks a bit you know I'm a friendly person with the big personality so I was like I am Barry so you flirted with the GP and what doing and he said that well you know this is what you should say when you're going to see the surgeon basically yeah yeah and before I knew I would had an appointment within literally four weeks to go and see a surgeon and you went to see the surgeon and from that point forward there was never granted there and then so it was never any mention about your mental health then about the breathing issues had a little look and said do you have breathing issues are you said yeah after what I was advised to say you know I find it a bit hard to breathe but now I get your nose bleed and yeah within literally 30 seconds of saying he said wait we can do the operation and I was shocked obviously I didn't think it would happen so you didn't think it was happen because I guess in your somewhere in your head you'll be thinking this is this isn't right this is not how the enactus should be so that must have been why you were thinking how it was always with my mind yeah because this is what I want to understand there must be there's must be a little bit of self-policing when it comes to this just because there's cracks in the system and just because you can get away and just because you know if the right things to say to make it happen self-policing of your own moral standards wouldn't you be thinking it's such a stretch system this should be used for proper medical needs we've had parents with children that have sat on the sofa that can't get the NHS to fund life-changing life-saving drugs for them because it's a system that's so stretched that did cross my mind but for me I if I was given that choice this person needs his treatment more than you do still want your nose job I would suspect I would have said no but because that is yeah and indirectly you can't see the money you know because because it got as far as it did I almost like I believe like it was you know they were gonna do this not operation so maybe I did have something wrong with my nose like it was as bad as I thought because they're gonna do it I wouldn't do it if not no baby but that's not what you've said I mean you you know you you're now almost sort of believing your own life that because you've said you know I there was nothing wrong with my breathing I did not have any mental health issues I'd milk the system I'm proud of milking the system like the system but yes with a GP who coached me into how to get this for nothing we've had three and a half thousand comments so far on this and the thing is that that I understand them into what you're saying there with with whole you can actually see the money you don't see that you're taking it from one area and using using it for that however you have got three kids yeah so what's what sort of lesson are you teaching them hey guys it's fine to go out and cheat the system and what's more I'm gonna go on telly and I'm gonna be happy about it and have no remorse but the thing is I'm not saying but the rules but I am brutally honest and I will take the backlash but I think I am one of many people I'm used to brutally honest person so it's okay can be one I'm not saying maybe there is cracks in the system maybe they need to be revealed and maybe I am revealing them cracks that something does need to be done I'm not saying what I done was why I'm saying I don't I don't really McGregor you're doing what everyone would say it's a favor but I'm just saying there is facts in the system but there's also many other cracks aren't mentioned and I can't mention them live on air but there's many things that are happening I just want to read this wee little spokesperson for the Royal Free London said the claims made by Carlinville eg relating to chase vamp hospital categorically untrue following an injury to her nose she had a procedure at Chase Palmer Hospital which was conducted for medical reasons and no cosmetic work was carried out all of the appropriate diagnostic tests were completed pleated prior to this operation to ensure her eligibility for the procedures so are you making this up for some reason I haven't got a lie I mean you've seen the pictures my nose was off I had a bump my nose is now shorter obviously they need to cover themselves but then couldn't have give you that proof you know I'm not I'm not sheep and they say they say it was an injury was it an engine no it was not an injury a hundred twenty percent would you do it again now sitting here now and seeing the reaction and would you do it again I'm not planning to ever have any work on this would I do this again after it's coming out of it realizing how far you pushed it and how it's surprisingly how far it got and now sitting here right now would you do it again I cannot I could lie and just say no I wouldn't but in that's part lie no we can't go back in time but would I do it again I just think I was there I got off to take seven grand you know most of us at someone in my shoes would have to take a finance loan or use all your savings to have it done or someone office it for free I took it and I think a lot of other people work what's erm what's interesting well the comments are being made today Nicki says if she openly admits this then surely she should be forced to pay the money back just like any other benefit fraud stirrer would at least she says shouldn't she go to prison this is disgusting behavior the links that some people go to to get what they want is appalling a lot of people actually saying now you've said this publicly what's to stop them coming after you and saying you've lied you've publicly admitted you'd lied this is the bill it's not you know I've probably come out and there is a massive backlash with this but I had a nose and clearly the NHS and making claim said it was an injury so clearly there can't be no backlash there because they clearly said I didn't have got somatic surgery which I clearly know I did should they be shooting said well I mean it's fascinating and and has set social media alight thank you for being so brave I'm coming in thank you thank you you

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