The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout

I know how hard it is to work those inner thighs so today I have a 10-minute workout for just that get ready to work those inner thighs we have my friend Sarah and Maddy a here to go with us so we're gonna start with a move can I call under the fence stand to the side of your mat if you have one it's not make sure you got some room to step out wide you're gonna take a deep step pretend as though you're going underneath the fence okay so you're really gonna open up your squat and you're gonna kind of swoop underneath back and forth this is a great way to start warming up your legs opening up the groin which is those inner thigh areas back and forth I already starting to feel it this is gonna get your warm nice take a nice big step remember swoop down get under pretend as though you got that fence and you got to get low the lower you go the better it feel good down and back good last couple here goes back one more time and forth nice now coming on to your mat scissor jacks so the heart rates gonna go up a little bit you're gonna start with your feet wide arms wide you're gonna crisscross your legs and your arms ready cross open back and forth nice good so now we're getting the groin and the hips and the cardio good let those shoulders really open up maximize your workout good rope you ladies look good I love it keep it up couple more seconds breathe keep that flowing very important you forget to breathe I'll keep yelling at you keep that hook back in here three two and one nice job now going into gate swings one of my favorites all right you're gonna have your feet wide for this one knees open up toes open up you stick your hips back press those knees open and you're gonna hop into the middle and then back out ready in together out together in it out together good so this is the gates when you're really opening up that groin inner thighs pressing off do those feel did you come up do you really feel the inside of the thighs working I don't really get it is I feel right now good latias got it going open good and you can go to set your cardio top to last couple second three two and last one love it now we're not making it any easier on the sex move okay the wide sumo squat with a hop okay so again toes are open you're gonna go down into a nice little sumo squat deep squat knees open press through the heels a little jump right back down ready up slow keep the knees open good it's hard to really open good good rude or ethical no keep it going low or you can go really low so kne breathing really hard did I really okay Who I am – I keep my hands in front to keep my posture keep my chest up three two and one good she feels like awesome job you guys know lateral lunges so start with your feet together you're gonna step out wide here opening up big steps sit the hips back stretch that groin inner thighs press together and switch back and forth nice damn great form because the chest is high the hips are back and you want to put all that weight through the heel as your step out boom keep those hips coming back feel that stretch that's important good remember when you provide that lengthening through those muscles they're gonna get much stronger okay and leaner good keep it going back and forth breathe big exhale on the push off good inhale exhale in breath out good last couple you guys and this works the booty – yeah feel it feel it doesn't want a nice lookin booty it goes well with good toned inner thighs yes good last couple seconds one more on the other side whoa love it okay we're gonna bring it down now instead of scissor jacks we're gonna go plank yeah so this one's gonna be a little bit of core to be there together through in that push-up position I'm gonna open the feet wide and then narrow okay here we go open the clock now when you go wide don't let your hips drop okay keep your abs tight breathe it's okay to blow that air out forcefully cuz it allow more air to come in good couple more seconds abs are tight you can also do this one one at a time good keep it going five four three two one and relax all right you guys are looking good over here now flip over we're gonna go right into our real windshield wipers so the windshield with our leg okay down onto the floor you want to have your arms out wide here to anchor yourself alright cuz you're gonna lift one leg up you're gonna cross over the body get that big stretch but we're bad no good now keep your leg up high open up touch all the way wide and then repeat it come across abs are tight bring it across and open they really feel that groin work as you pull that leg across your body alright this is a move and it requires some flexibility and strength you guys okay oh yeah Hill that's good nice bring it back I instantly feel more flexible yeah you get a good stretch from the opening and then it's hard to carry that leg across okay so if you had to bend your knee that's okay too okay you're still working or opening that Chloe bring it one more time across the body beautiful and let's switch other leg comes up how you did good come across dredgen bring it wide good try to press that opposite heel down in a way so the heel that's down on the ground think about pressing it down in a way so that you flatten out your hips open big stretch and close and I'm not that flexible this is hard for me but I love the strengthening component as I bring across the body is it normal to feel more tight on one side absolutely thank you for bringing that up because you guys will feel a difference we also have those drank differences on both sides of our body that's why it's good to do one side and then work on the other so we don't compensate good one more time bring it back across abs tight awesome and relax okay now that was a new one for you so wasn't it for these guys so don't worry about it now this next one is a palm press we're gonna combine a couple different moves okay so the first move here is a palm press palms together between the knees you're gonna lay flat on your back press your low back to the floor and I want you to squeeze your hands with your knees okay squeeze your hands pull your belly button to the spine and press your low back to the ground it's an isometric move okay so you're really isolating those inner thigh muscles or squeezing those together now we're gonna take just a second we're gonna do some frog presses so bring your heels together knees wide and then you're gonna press out squeeze it some fat at the end squeeze and then bring it in good and then a squeeze good see really straighten those legs out if you have your hands down that support your back a little bit if your back is coming off the floor press up higher towards the sky okay because a lot of times your leg weight is gonna be a lot of weight for your abdominals hold your back flat so you want to make sure you press that back flat to the ground squeeze those thighs on the way out but if they're lower it's harder on the abs you can kind of do all this one eye it everywhere good and now let's press so press this is the isometric so we're integrating a little movement a little nice though press and squeeze this looks like nothing but it's so much more than that good just keep yourself lying flat you guys look great good now we're gonna go scissors so straighten out those legs toes pointed out heels in go scissor one two switch this is the one to switch one two I got my hands up here let's go my low back is flat so if you have your hands down here you might feel it gives you more support do whatever feels good for you good heels touch touch good keep those toes pointed out good there how you feel this fun good almost there you guys we got one more set of practice here we go isometric pull that low back to the floor squeeze those hands together don't fake it come on really push you guys sometimes you can just lay here and pretend right but you really if you can track those knees together gonna feel that burn in five good that's double every lap okay last one knees together heels together squeeze those sides together lift squeeze up and all the way down go ahead lift squeeze up so you're really here are again doing that isometric squeeze with those inner thighs and then you're getting the glutes and hamstrings to encourage a little bit of extra work good laughs – last one and relax roll up give yourself a little butterfly stretch we round of applaud get another round it nice gesture say shout Maddy thank you awesome work let me know if you felt the burn on now when you guys see you next time on pop sugar fitness


  1. Love this!!

  2. Anna, I love your routines, you are original and full of energy! Great!!!!!!

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