The Ultimate Comedy Workout Motivation Montage

this is the day when you separate the men from the boys just doing my workout Tuesday's arms you back now I don't want to see any slackers or hear any whiners looks like you're keeping your body for you tight yeah every day's a workout when you got to carry around a 20-pound Python in your jeans I'll put my feet in a taco baby bird that just been canceled today that's the only way you can play a sledge hockey traffic angry now did you get you drunk did you drunk off my lady my home my lovely many of all I defined best of competing against the best there is out there impeding but this shit ain't gonna be easy sorry guys I lost my composure out there I'm an idiot if we do this it's gonna take a ton of blood sugar sex and magic I mean we just can't have anyone freak out out there okay all day long about something else so that is why I am better than everyone in the world let's go grab the shirt if you don't mind just watch out for the guns they'll get you remember my young grasshoppers forgot the proper focus and they never truly master your mind and daddy couple of Oh 45 fauna Paige who's gonna save your life it's called panda game bitch oh I could barely lift my right arm cuz I did so many you


  1. Thank you for this. Just fucking thank you. 👍🏼🔥 😇

  2. Fuck Adam Sandler

  3. Uncle Tony made this montage the great one it is.

  4. AH-Mazing
    Yass with that clip frm The Bronze! If u haven't seen that, GO SEE IT!!

  5. Be Best!

  6. Oh look, a deli meat.

  7. Watch out for the guns. They’ll get ya

  8. 1:02 oh Jamie Lee Curtis I have faped ah many times to you, I wish you would have done playboy.

  9. Beautiful ❤️


  11. 1:32–1:39 is one of my all time favorite movie scenes. "We just gotta keep our composure!!!" as he's slamming a chair all over the locker room hahaha!

    PS I don't think Run Fatboy Run gets enough love.

  12. No that's my boy line? Hoo hoo hoo you gotta pump that fucker up!

  13. So when this movie coming out??

  14. Three bitches.

  15. I feel motivated now

  16. Jesus I’m so pumped I just ripped my shirt in half.

  17. I felt the comedy burn, baebae!

  18. Amy Schumer isn't comedy….

  19. So inspirational

  20. AWESOME!!

  21. Everything you got! Everything you got! Everything you got! Everything you got! Everything you got! Everything you got! Everything you got! Everything you got! Everything you got!

    Cmown yeah feel that burn! 😰

  22. Best Gym motivation ever

  23. Will this pump me up to write comedy? Or is it exclusively for sarcastic work out routines?

  24. White Goodman = 🐐

  25. jack & jill and Amy Schumer dont belong here, but this video is ultra unnecessary to begin with so I mean….

  26. Total workout

  27. Lunch has been canceled today due to lack of hustle

  28. I would say any Schumer is as much a comedian as i am a rocket scientist but still a good vid

  29. This is the best fkn motivational video i never ever seeeen…I'm so pumped right now💪🐷

  30. Finally ! Time to hit the gym you guys , we gotta keep our composure! We got too far!

  31. I love it!!!!!

  32. First. This is class hahah

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