[Applause] alright so I'm gonna go in an attempt one rep of a thousand pounds super squat ass below feet here we go and that ladies and gentlemen is how you squat a thousand pounds any questions leave them below my next trick I'm gonna try to pick up a car and throw it so you don't want to miss that anyway got a strengthing see you next time come on that's 360 counts with Oh scoring at home it's a great grandfather strength see you next time [Applause] [Applause] 510 pounds baby you can't even spot that and I just over Preston you know why they don't invite me to the Arnold it's because I'm too strong can't handle that but anyway it's a great grandfather strength I'm gonna see you next time if I take two 2113 pounds my name is Justin her neck coarsely why not intended for was that too much weight too much play you keep all I'm sorry to scare you dude I'm sorry didn't mean to scare you all right well I got you man sorry about that [Applause] yeah this would have been a new world record for me yeah almost uh almost one metric ton it's one u.s. tone it's not a metric ton yet it's a u.s. ton but it's not a metric ton 2,000 pounds that's one ton anyway sorry man [Applause] put it down while the haters ladies and gentlemen five hundred and sixty pound barbell shoulder press more than likely a new world record it's definitely a new personal record because I'm up by five pounds from last month that's July so do become and proof that the weights are bill 545 it's all of them real 25 real five-pound real two and a half as well as can be let's go to the next step you've got a standard bar and you know this side all of these real real 545 another 25 that's real another five will and another two and a half yeah is all made by the same company when you saw it ladies and gentlemen you know God willing so called halal yahuwah and hua Lacroix Lacock with – love and respect to everybody out there stay on the ground I'm gonna see you next time



  2. Dude watched to much Brosience using a Squad Rack for Benching haha

  3. Bro how is his back even still holding his dumbass head

  4. gotta confuse the body by using your back when squatting, right babe?

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  6. Ugh I’m like soo angry like I wana end the guys life cause he seriously thinks he’s strong . And In fact I know he’s soo fuckn weak I bet if he were to bench with actual form he wouldn’t be able to do 225 ..

  7. Ugh I’m like soo angry like I wana end the guys life cause he seriously thinks he’s strong . And In fact I know he’s soo fuckn weak I bet if he were to bench with actual form he wouldn’t be able to do 225 ..

  8. My back hurts jeez

  9. This is NOT bodybuilding!!

  10. The saddest thing about this video was when he deadlifts with terrible form and the more experienced looking gym goers stand there encouraging him

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  13. The guy doing the squats and dead lifts at least is actually lifting the weight even if his form is horrible and could possibly get hurt. The other guys like the one who thinks he's actually shoulder pressing is out of his mind.

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  21. I can't wait till his tendins and joints
    give out

  22. That smith machine dude has to be a troll surely no one can be that deluded. I also because very self conscious 😂😂 because I’ve only been working out two months and sometimes my form for squats isn’t the best not as bad as the videos here but not perfect. At least I don’t ego lift I guess, can only Squat 80kg at most atm which is just above my body weight but whatever, it’ll come with time.

  23. two of the biggest losers i’ve ever seen

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  26. This is just

    Go sit back on the sofa with your 600lb. Retard Wife and 64 babies.

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    Something happen… like a burp, fart. Pee in your pants?

    I don't get it

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    Smith machine ✅
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    Time to make the bar move 2 inches and brag about it

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