The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation and 5G by Theodora Scarato

can you hear me now okay great well thank you I'm so excited to be here so I'm executive director with Environmental Health Trust and dr. Deborah Davis founded and is president of environmental health trust we are a scientific think-tank we educate policymakers create public awareness programs on environmental health issues where prevention works and our focus right now is on cell phone radiation which includes wireless Wi-Fi and I'm going to talk about 5g I'm going to be covering a lot of issues tonight there's also going to be a panel later where I'll be talking with Katie singer and another doctor on this issue so this is a huge issue on our website is environmental health trusts each trust org please go there for references and more information and this is our website environmental health trust so dr. Debra Lee Davis wrote the secret history of the war on cancer which is an incredible read about how leading scientists knew in the 1930s that radiation and chemicals and pesticides were harmful to our health but because of Assyria because of money and industry power and things that happened in World War two a lot of that got buried and we're focusing on treatment rather than prevention which is the cure her book disconnect takes the last chapter of the secret history of the war on cancer a step further because the her last chapter is on cell phone radiation disconnect goes into the stories of scientists who have done research on cell phone radiation found effects and then been attacked having fraud or studies lines were changed out of papers last minute in a whole series of incredible and important history that people need to understand because when I first talk about cell phones wireless or this new technology Wi-Fi technology people say but I never heard that there was a problem with that what what why isn't our government doing anything or what's going on I thought the science showed that it was fine and that is this book I regularly reread it because there's always just it's still so relevant the stories of these researchers and I'm going to talk a little bit about some of them so this is what we see we love our phones advertisers and companies support us in in loving this technology and as a social worker I saw firsthand changes in my clients when cell phones were introduced and now when I look at the research I am overwhelmed by the symptoms of addiction bullying increased depression feelings of I'm not good enough because my social media image is not good enough all of this is happening and had I time I would be working on that but I decided to work on the radiation aspect because I feel felt that it just needed to get so much more light this is up see if it's working well wait a minute we go back okay this is some work that was done by our advisors engineers in Brazil on the imaging of cellphone radiation into the brain of a child and if you look at the colors the lightest color the yellow and orange are the highest rate of intensity of absorption into the tissue then it goes into red then purple then blue all of these are online for you to see there's also published papers where you can see imaging which I'm going to talk about as well and what's so important about research that looks at the absorption into our tissue of this radiation are two things one is that most people aren't even aware that the radiation is absorbed into their bodies but also when limits were set 20 years ago based on 30 year old science they didn't consider the different tissues in our bodies everything from your your skull your your hippocampus all your glands what how does the radiation penetrate into each what could be the implications in terms of the developmental age of of the person who has the phone to their head so all of these questions were not answered when limits were set 20 years ago in fact the EPA was defunded from setting proper safety standards on cellphone radiation the same year that the FCC the Federal Communications Commission adopted limits about how much radiation a phone can emit and how much radiation cell tower can put into the vicinity of an area based on groups that were filled with military and Industry and there were not public health folks or physicians and nor was there even data on the implications for children and they were not pre-market safety chested they still are not pre-market safety tested not cellphones not our wireless devices there also is no post market surveillance which is incredibly important just with a drug there's post market surveillance you report side-effects that you have you get drugs and you get a long sheet of of side effects that have been reported but that doesn't happen with cell phones wireless cell towers in 2015 the EMF scientists appealed to the United Nations was issued it's now been signed by over 240 scientists from 42 nations they're independent scientists who have published in the peer-reviewed literature and this is a great summary of the situation numerous recent scientific publications have shown that electromagnetic field effects living organisms and levels well below international and national guidelines meaning the limits that governments have set research has shown effects at levels that are lower these effects include cancer risk cellular risk increase in harmful free radicals genetic damage structural and functional changes of the reproductive system there's sperm damage decreased sperm learning and memory deficits neurological disorders and negative impacts on general well-being and you can go online both to our website into the EMF scientist website – to read that so what are we talking about electromagnetic radiation is on a spectrum because these are energized waves and they oscillate meaning they go up and down and they move and our body absorbs them so cell phones and wireless are radiofrequency which are microwaves they are the same frequency meaning the same oscillation as a microwave oven they're actually very different a microwave oven but the same frequency and we're about to introduce a new technology 5g of which some of the carrier's not all are going to be utilizing frequencies which are even higher sub millimeter and millimeter waves that have never been commercially used the public has never been exposed to widespread exposure to millimeter waves nor have bees don't have birds nor have trees and how we test cell phones actually let me back up and say this microwaves heat food which would be a problem if our brains were heated if our bodies were heated to where we were cooked so limits are set so that we're not cooked it's called the thermal thermal heating is what the the groups who who developed these standards were concerned about was thermal heating heating only not any of the biological changes that might happen when you have these energized waves being absorbed into your body and what this is an image of is the way we test cellphones a specific absorption rate test which is antiquated outdated irrelevant but it is how we do it we have a big plastic head representative of a very large 220-pound man filled with a sugar salt liquid and there's a thermometer in it that goes around to see what the temperature is in the head it's not based on children's heads and just to give you an example of how outdated our limits are you can see the arrow for where when limits were set how much science there has been since then this is a number of publications on electromagnetic fields and NIH s med database our country the United States has among the highest allowable limits for cell tower ready in the world actually and you can see the limits of other countries which are Russia Italy and China Poland India are much lower than ours they are still not safe in those countries but they are much lower because of research that was done especially out of Russia during the Cold War where they found the biological effects and impacts neuro psycho effects that they the scientists there were recognized as being an issue now dr. Davis talks about this in the book disconnect in the secret history of the war on cancer but I want to frame this discussion with the wargaming of the science in 1994 after two scientists found DNA damage from radiofrequency radiation there was a memo that surfaced it was brought to light by microwave news you can go online and read all about the history of this issue at microwave news site and what they said was I think that we have sufficiently wargame the lie sing that's the names of the researchers issue and this really speaks to the public relations effort the multi-million dollar public relations effort which has created a situation where when I talk to people they say I don't think that's really a problem I if I I would have heard about that if that were a problem everything from attacking researchers which happened with with dr. Henry lie about was his grant using the money correctly in disconnect she tells the story of Adil coffer and his research there are many many sad stories actually of scientists who performed researchers performed research found problems and were attacked or there were replication studies which weren't really replication studies that were done very soon after and they got a lot of public relations and then it discredited their work in addition in 2015 Harvard Center for Ethics put out this report which is extremely important it's called captured agency how the Federal Communications Commission is dominated by the industry it presumably regulates and it talks about the money flowing into Congress the lobbying as well as how people who are in government in agencies that are working on this issue then will be working for industry or vice versa and I just have a quote here consumer safety health and privacy along with consumer wallets have all been overlooked sacrificed or rated due to unchecked industry influence so the story of cellphones is not just about the science it's also about the money and just as an example of the FCC is a captured agency and I took what they have in the book and updated a little bit with some of the more recent because I was 2015 we're now in 2019 we have odd PI as the FCC chair former counsel for Verizon previously Tom wheeler who brought 5g to the table was the former FCC chair and also the former head of the CTIA the Wireless Association the wireless Lobby and as you can see it goes on so Meredith Baker is the now the head of the CTIA but she was former FCC Commissioner we also have Brendan Carr who I'm going to talk about a little bit during this talk whose FCC Commissioner but also was the former lawyer for a law firm that represented the CTIA in suing the city of San Francisco when San Francisco passed a law to inform people that cellphones emitted radiation when they you could reduce your exposure and as is typically the case with environmental health issues funding matters this was done by henry lai actually a couple years ago there's some updated numbers on microwave news in terms of research that has looked at DNA damage but when you look at industry funded studies the majority of the time find no effect when you look at non industry funded studies the majority of time they have an effect and there's some published research that's important we have a page on environmental health trust on the industry involvement in the research where we have all of these citations showing a study that money affects the quality of the results the existence of sponsorship and publication bias and it is curious that the consulting firms of Big Tobacco are now protecting cellphone companies and also that there's some of the same scientists who are testifying in court cases on the issues of smart meters that also testified about that are and are working on the issue of secondhand smoke that it's not dangerous and here we are binging with let's buffering this is what we are sold every day it almost feels impossible to get out of the situation and products like these or what keeps me having hope that we can fix this because this is not okay this is a swipe and feed it's a plastic thing that you put the baby bottle in so that you can text while you're feeding your baby now there are so many reasons that this tears me apart from the lack of eye contact to so many but from a radiation standpoint you imagine that phone right over the baby's chest and the radiation being absorbed the American Academy of Pediatrics is one of many medical associations internationally recommending reducing exposure this is one of the letters that they sent to the Federal Communications Commission they've sent several to our federal government saying you haven't reviewed the standard we're concerned about the research and the limits need to be updated to protect children and pregnant women and to consider the way we use devices today because twenty years ago when when France first came out babies were not handed phones in the grocery store this is not what any we who could have any idea that this would be what is happening here's another image from a study by claudio fernandez and dr. davis and other scientists from brazil who do with supercomputers modeling of the absorption into the body and brain and children absorb cellphone radiation and wireless radiation deeper into their bodies compared to adults this has been several studies have been published on this it's well known and here you can see a six-year-old and a 34 year old with a cellphone to the head these are computer models they used an understanding of all the tissues that they were looking at from the eyes to the skin and the yellow as i said before is the highest rate of absorption and the then it goes orange red purple blue this paper as well was the first paper was published in 2018 to look at virtual reality i don't know if you've seen the cardboard apparatus you put the cell phone in it and you hold it up to your eyes now no one could have imagined who would be putting cell phones up to our eyes twenty years ago when we set these limits but that is what they are doing in schools and this is scientific imaging as well looking at the penetration with a slice of the head into the brain with the highest exposures being to the eyes which is which is uh I almost have no words say what I think about that but that what what will be the impact of a long-term use what's even the impact of using this a few times there has been no research to look at the long-term impact especially to children's developing eyes which have not yet developed the same protections as adult eyes and there's an image there from a classroom of children who are all using the virtual reality to go on a virtual field trip this was a free thing that Google was doing giving this free to schools they had a bunch of cell phones bunch of these cardboard apparatuses and schools around the country were or taking these field trips and here is an advertisement by FiOS with a young child and I don't see a cord so I imagine this is Wireless there was also a recent study published and there are a lot of studies I'm not going to get a chance to go into all of them but this was recent from the swish-swish tropical Public Health Institute which looked at teenagers hundreds of teenagers and found that there was impacts to memory after one year of cell phone use for those teenagers that put the phone to the head now I know that people say to me oh people don't really put their phone to their head anymore but I beg to differ and I think that teenage girls use phones to the head I know that I'm the mother of teenage teenagers although we use a corded phone at home but think of all the business folks workers in in various occupations who are using cell phones all the time I'm getting work on my house done the contractors they are on the phone 24/7 sleeping with the phone I'll also know that the study noted that disturbed sleep negatively affects memory consolidate and that you know pointing out that there perhaps this is a way that happens I know that it is shown in several studies that the sleep EEG is affected by radiofrequency radiation exposure except what you'll hear and what I heard in one conference by folks who scientists who say that there's no reason to change the limits is that that doesn't mean that there's an impact on sleep and we need to do the studies on sleep to show we have to do that kind of research to show that until we can say that that actually is actually a health effect I'd also encourage you to watch dr. Deborah Davis's TED talk it's rapid fire with a brain and sperm share and why care and it is about the impacts to the most rapidly growing parts of our bodies a reproductive organs of sperm and the brain that's online most people don't know and certainly I didn't know before I got involved in this issue that every cell phone and all wireless devices have information about radio frequency radiation and most of them say that you need to keep at a distance from your body or they say they're tested at a distance from the body and in a funny way they sort of say that you might exceed limits if you don't use it in the way that it's supposed to be used which is in the way that is tested so that image of the head they actually have ensure with the spacer I'm gonna go more into this on the panel as to how phones are tested but there is a space between the head and the phone especially with the body I didn't show you an image of the body but it looks like kind of like a tiny little pool which is replicating the body and they take the phone and they have a little spacer that goes there so that there is a distance under an inch ten millimeters maybe twenty five millimeters there are other devices which are tested like the DECT foam base or your Wi-Fi router or a gaming console those are tested at 20 centimeters from the measurement device enough so that what that means is that you can exceed the limits if you're not following this distance if you're not keeping that distance and I'll just read what the the Samsung laptop and this is actually from from mine keep safe distance from pregnant woman's stomach or from lower stomach of teenagers to ensure compliance with RF exposure guidelines the notebook PC must be used with a minimum of 20 point 8 centimeter antenna separation from the body that's about 8 inches now that I haven't seen that language recently in fact a lot of websites have been scrubbed a little bit and maybe I'll talk about that on the panel because I didn't have time to put it in here today something that's just coming out now although scientists have known it's been published I know Deborah Davis has been talking about this for years is that when you take a cell phone and you test it at body-contact like maybe you know in your bra like a lot of women do or tucked in your spandex pants as I see a lot of teenagers doing when they do exercise class that when tested in those positions they exceed our government limits and in fact the government of France recently was forced to release all the tests they had done hundreds of cell phone tests that showed that there they exceeded the European limits for cell phone radiation when tested in zero millimeter positions meaning with no spacer between the phone and the body phantom of the the testing system and you can go online and read about Foam gate to learn more about that now wireless company warned their shareholders of a risk but they don't tell their customers or residents who are living where they're about to put a cell tower or small cell and I'd like to read what crown casa says if frequency emissions from wireless the handsets or equipment on our communications infrastructure meaning the antenna and the small cells or the towers are demonstrated to cause negative health effects potential future claims could adversely affect our operations class or revenues we currently do not maintain any significant insurance with respect to these matters I won't wait Verizon's except to say you can go online on environmental health trusts and we have listed a lot of the carriers and we link to their annual reports where they inform their shareholders about this risk and I'll note there's no insurance for these companies because mobile insurance companies have refused to cover mobile operators for years now because of the risk being so high and there were brain cancer cases and lawsuits that were initiated about 20 years ago actually it's longer than that now oh my gosh does 2019 so over 20 years ago and at that time insurer said you know what I don't you know this could be like this could be a lot of money so just to read you what the Lloyd's of London they there's a lot of white papers and in their report in 2010 they say the danger with EMF electromagnetic fields is that like asbestos the exposure insurers face is underestimated and could grow exponentially and be with us for many years we also have a page dedicated to these white papers it includes the Swiss Re reports that ranked the unforeseen consequences of emx to the insurance industry as high and there are two things I want to say one is that electromagnetic fields are defined as a pollutant by insurance come companies when you buy policies many many times and it is a general standard that insurance companies exclude coverage for harm from electromagnetic fields so this is AT&T insurance you can buy for your phone you can go online to find this and it defines it says they exclude pollutants and it defines pollutants any solid liquid gaseous or thermal irritant or contaminate including smoke vapors soot fumes acid alkali chemicals artificially produced electric field magnetic field electromagnetic field sound waves microwaves and all artificially produced ionizing or non ionizing radiation and waste and here is a an example of an electromagnetic field exclusion policy for the city of Ann Arbor municipality and in it they exclude damages this is very common we have them we have a number of them online so you can see them you can ask your insurance carriers what they've done which is really interesting is not only do they exclude if someone gets hurt and decides to sue but also any supervision damages that might come they won't defend if you need if you instructed recommended the warning advise or didn't give advice given or what should have been given in connection with a or be above meaning electromagnetic radiation or that you might be harmed by it I think that says a lot this is the CTIA the wireless industry website if you want to learn about 5g this is their sweet lovely beginning of a long web page with video about 5 G what is 5g you'll see cars it's about self-driving cars your phone video drones and what I would this is what it is about – but let me just back up and say it's about machine to machine can not just about you communicating with your phone or taking voice calls but machines communicating with other machines your washing machine communicating with your phone or maybe communicating with the smart meter or another machine which is collecting the information so it's been really hyped up it's something that we want that we need that we have to have and industry is really putting that forward they're pushing they're calling it a race to 5g and I can't help but think about other races that we've been in worldwide maybe arms races and we're running without looking so this is what we don't see on the CTIA page this is an antenna system a small skald a small cell in front of a window of a person who sent me this and said you got to tell me what's going on I heard you're working on this this is in front of my window should I be worried and I'm gonna talk about what is a small cell so we often think and once you've heard me talk you're gonna know at the top there are transmitting antennas they're like mini cell towers except they have antenna cellular antennas that will be radiating more this is identification more a signal so we can do more things with this 5g and also with 4G in the current technology we have but also the poles that you have in your neighborhood if you have utility poles they're gonna go higher if you have a streetlight that can go higher and then it gets capped off with the antennas if you have a measly little streetlight you might have to swap out that light or that you tilt that wooden utility pole and have a wider stronger pole because it has to hold the heavy antennas and the big equipment boxes which are on the next image you can see over there next to the window these are two different antennas by the two different pictures of two different things but trying to give you the picture of aspects of a small cell then there are the equipment boxes that hold like the guts that make the antennas work sometimes are on the ground and industry likes to call them street furniture which is very nice what a nice piece of street furniture that is it's a size of a refrigerator box at least in my district we were going to have new zoning which would have allowed 20 cubic feet of equipment boxes to be placed in are right in front of the house in the right-of-way and then you also get equipment boxes for different carriers that might also be on the pole most communities say we do not want that that looks ugly this and here's another situation this is a house where this small cell appeared the homeowner investigated she had no idea this was going to go up a few years ago turns out the application in the permit was for not where it is right now but down the road except she can't get anyone to fix the problem and it's a sad case and she recently testified to our City Council in Montgomery County about this I mean everyone should be outraged that it is not even supposed to be there when a local group resident group working on this looked into this there were over a dozen of these installations which were where they were not supposed to be or have or had one problem or the other that was not following the permit that they had gotten and we haven't found a good way to address that the council says well we don't have authority apparently no one has authority to fix this so in your community I hope you figure out a way so that someone has authority to be in control of these things this is a study by dr. Cindy Russell published an environmental research it was a review about 5g wireless telecommunications expansion and looked at studies that have been done for decades by way back during for military because Miller waves were initially developed for military applications for weapons which I'm going to talk about later impacts to the eyes changes in yeast growth and she also talks about the fact that 5g is going to utilize the current technologies we have which are the frequencies we have and add in these other ones and those frequencies we already have research showing harm now most recently the European science agency actually and I wanted to get a slide but didn't have time refer to this and talked about answering the question could fall to what degree is 5g an emerging health and environmental risk and they referred to this paper and said and some other papers and said this could be have serious consequences to the environment because of what we know already because we know enough to know science there's always questions always open questions but we know enough to know many scientists say it is proven that this is harmful based on the research we have now yes you can ask more questions you can always do more research but that's not what we need right now what we need is to protect the public and the environment and if 5g appeal was signed this was now signed on to this is another appeal by over 200 scientists calling for a moratorium on the rollout of 5g because it will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency radiation that has been proven to be harmful for humans in the environment please go to 5g appeal and I have the website there as well now so amidst all of this last year there was a Senate committee hearing with FCC Commissioner Khare who I talked about before and a number of elected officials including a mayor Oh Mayor Paul fennekin who said that his constituents have been saying you know what about the health problems with these small cells being rolled out in five gee Commissioner Khare responded that the FCC as well as other agencies that are experts in health and safety issues are always looking closely at these issues staying up to date on the latest science they've looked at all the studies and all the information and they've reached the determination that these are safe now that is not true we know that that is not true and even the carriers won't say it is safe they will say there is no proof of harm or they will say authorities have not concluded or established that it's harmful so in response senator Blumenthal and congresswoman Anna Eshoo wrote a letter asking for this proof of safety they even gave a deadline which has since passed as far as I know there there is no there is no health and safety agency that is looking over all the science there's no team of medical experts in the u.s. government checking to make sure this is safe and issuing reports that's actually does not exist there's a complete dropping of the ball with the EPA being defunded the FTA supposedly can do something but they're not doing anything and I'm going to talk about that soon so I also would encourage you because I hope you leave here and you go online and you check out the resources I'm talking about and you can watch the press conference where senator Blumenthal speaks with Berkshire Litchfield environmental counsel Blake Leavitt who has been working on this for years talks about environmental issues there's also someone from a local from the communications worker of America talking about concerns for the workers who are working and I can say that environmental health trust gets regularly contacted by workers who've been injured from antennas or maybe they are working on electrical systems on roofs and there's not enough signage there's so many issues the lack of safety protocols in place for what's about to happen here this is I talked about millimetre and submillimetre waves being used for weapons the Active Denial system is a crowd control weapon it makes your skin feel like it's on fire this is a screen save from a history the History Channel where they talk about it and that's the kind of frequencies that are being utilized but at a lower power except that scientists have shown that our skin could be absorbing this radiation the sweat gland in a unique way and highly absorbed into a certain part of our skin we know that deployment is going to increase exposure overall we know this because industry says it so this is a slide from Ericsson where they are saying that those countries that have stricter radiofrequency limits I showed you that slide or the United States had the highest and Poland and Italy and Russia and you had lower that the rollout of 5g networks will be a major problem they also have a a white paper on the rollout of 4G being a problem in those same countries because when we talk about small cells isn't just about 5g it's about the densification of 4G and these polls and all the infrastructure they put in will then be capped with 5g they'll be 5g ready and when time for a 5g to be put on it will be put on and here's an example of a proposal in my town in Montgomery County and you can see all the little triangles are proposed they were applications for small cells put in by crown castle couple years ago that started a whole uproar since then there are actually some half-done situations in front of people's houses everything's on hold by the county the residents and and the community figures out what they can do this issue to have authority the residents there have organized and do not want these small cells in their neighborhoods at every level federal state and local their efforts to strip our ability to have a say about these installations the FCC passed a bill a small cell bill and I'm just going to quote from a memo which we have up on our website by next century cities and lawyer Marc del Bianco the order is a blatant effort by the FCC to strengthen the hand of carriers and negotiations with local governments over a small cell deployment and to limit the ability of local governments to negotiate this is incredibly important that that all citizens are aware that this is going on there have there are lawsuits going on it's been moved to the Ninth Circuit where communities are saying we don't want to be preempted this is gonna strip local control and state control there's lobbying going on now about that as well at the state level there are streamlining bills passed in 21 states which make it so that if your town wants to have more restrictive policy or ensure that there is public hearings and a distance between the pole and your house that this that's preempted by the state so we just have this happening in Maryland we stopped it last year is come back when in California SB 649 was put forward and passed it was ultimately vetoed by the governor because of the widespread opposition from cities organizations from all over and what it brought out was all of these letters from scientists which you can use in your own town and you can read to bring to your own mayor and city officials and you can go onto our website where we have a list of all the letters from scientists that have been written about five G about SB six four nine talking about the science and and warning that they should not pass this bill that 5g 4G and wireless these small cells and macro towers are not safe as well firefighters in California have long lobbied not to have antennas on top of their stations because of a study and impacts to firefighters when antennas were put on several years ago and you can actually go online on our YouTube channel and look up firefighters or on our web page and see them testifying about their concerns about the health impacts of the the antennas and they were able to get themselves harmed out of SB 649 there are small cell ordinances to to protect or to to retain authority in many communities nationwide we have a list of ordinances from Burlington Massachusetts where they have have a draft policy where they're saying well if you want to put up one of these the companies every year we have to recertify you we need to have hearings and you need to pay a fee so that we can do this recertification process hello can you hear me now okay that a company walked away after hearing about this war this draft ordinance that was coming to Petaluma has no small sell should be within 200 feet of any every residence and I can say that in our town there was as new zoning being put forward where small cells our wireless facilities would be placed within 60 feet at one point it was 20 feet we pushed it to 60 but that's just not good enough either because that means that I would get one right across the street from my house but not in front of my house and there are many others like Fairfax the Fairfax California small cells are prohibited in residential zones what people often say well what do we do can we fix this I I feel overwhelmed and to that I would say that people are getting involved we need to get involved at every level of government I know there is a group here um 5g small cell awareness local New York group and in every state and in many many accolades to all your incredible work there are there are people who knew nothing about this who are getting educated and who are learning about it and saying you know we want a right to say what goes in our front yard we have a right to know about this issue so what I recommend is addressing this at the federal level at the very top and also in your community with your elected officials neighbors friends and family we need to halt streamlining bills oh well I can just use this is fine actually I can I unhook this sorry okay I'll just keep it like that okay how old's before 4G 5g streamlining bills at the state and federal level and there are a couple moving forward and you can go online to learn more about those so scientists for wire technology is another website that has information physicians or safe technology as well as Americans for Responsible technology we need to enact policies to reduce occupational exposure I think that this is incredibly important is the exposures to workers everything from the workers on the the polls as well to teachers in schools because we need to reduce exposures in schools and instead what's happening is they're being increased and now as an example of what can happen this is hot off the press New Hampshire House bill five to two is an act establishing a commission to study the environmental and health effects above of evolving 5g technology and in this bill you can go online to read it the best part they're saying hey let's see what's going on with 5g but the best part is the questions that they want the Commission to consider a whole list of like every question that every person who learns about this would ask like wait for example why have more than 220 of the world's leading scientists sign an appeal to the World Health Organization or United Nations to protect public health from wireless radiation and nothing has been done this is one of the questions go to the bill and please read it we need accountability in our federal health agencies because no one is watching the store for example just in November the world's largest study on cellphone radiation so phone levels of radiation was done by our US government at a price tag of 30 million dollars now this is excerpts from their fact sheet of the National Toxicology program of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences they exposed rats and mice to cellphone radiation for two years now they normally live about three years but they just did to two years and they found increases and they looked at the numbers of tumors and the different types of tumors and they came to conclusions as to their confidence as to if it was from the cellphone radiation or maybe they didn't know what it was from they concluded clear evidence of an association of the tumors of the schwannomas of the heart some evidence which is still a meaning evidence that there is an association in the gliomas of the brains of the male rats these tumors were found in the male rats and also a different type of tumor in the adrenal glands in one group of male rats there were also increases in cardiomyopathy in the right ventricle DNA damage in certain brain regions and statistically significant increases in different groups and different exposures in the prostate gland the pituitary gland the adrenal gland liver and pancreas but they didn't feel that they could say that was some or clear evidence at this time but what is so important about the study is it was so carefully controlled no one has done that thirty million dollar price tag was because they made sure that they could know how much radiation the animals were exposed to whereas when you do Studies on people who view cellphones for the long term you really can't know you're relying on their memory so it's been argued that those studies don't have we need the well-done animal studies to be added to that now I need to add something else really important that I might not have time to get through through my slides which is that the types of tumors that they found in the male rats are the same cell types as the tumors that have been found in Studies on humans the case control studies on humans they looked at people who use cell phones for over ten years they have looked at under 10 years but the people who use cell phones over ten years and we're described as heavy users developed the same cell type cancers acoustic neuromas and glioblastoma now I have a question what do you think a heavy use would be in these studies anyone I can't hear you an hour an hour a day well yeah that's good that's good actually I thought you'd say like ten hours but the the heavy use was defined about under 30 minutes a day whose cellphone to the to the ear and those studies were done by dr. hotel who I hope I'll get to I'm going to talk about some of his research he says as do other scientists that this radiation meets criteria as a human carcinogen now what's so interesting is that the Food and Drug Administration nominated the National Toxicology program to do this study in 1999 because remember we we adopted these the US government the EPA was defunded we adopted limits but we didn't even know nor did we have research on long-term exposure we didn't have adequate Studies on long term exposure to radiofrequency radiation so the FDA said well well done animal studies should be done and they nominated the NTP to do it and here is um dr. John bücher who at NIH who's talking in one of the two congressional hearings done in the United States federal hearings on cell phone radiation in health and he's talking about how if you can see from the pictures the animals were in underground bunkers I mean they worked so hard to make sure that they were careful about how much radiation the animals were exposed to and you can see the bunkers going underground you can watch him testimony about the study which was going to be the end-all be-all of all studies to show if cell phone radiation was safe and really add to just cap it off and he talks about research from the University of California the they were doing on children and what I wanted to say because I hope everyone goes and watches this congressional hearing is that those studies were completed published and they indeed found behavioral problems related to cell phone exposure after the National Toxicology program findings were released clear evidence of cancer in the male rats the heart tumors the Food and Drug Administration issued a statement that after reviewing the study we disagree with the conclusions of their final report this was a peer-reviewed report extensively reviewed unlike a 3-day peer review which is unprecedented they disagree with the findings of clear evidence of carcinogenic activity and they believe existing safety limits for cell phones remain acceptable for protecting the public health that's online you can watch that now dr. Ronald Melnick is a national as an NIH scientist 26 years now retired who helped design the study remember it took you know over a decade he's now one of our scientific advisors and that images from a talk he just gave at the 5g wireless forum in Michigan which I would urge everyone to learn more to go to the 5g wireless forum just search it on our website eh trust org and he's written an op-ed in the hill where he calls out the FDA and says the FDA needs to do their job and that this shows that there are effects at non-thermal levels and that there needs to be action taken to look at our limits and the whole issue of radio frequency look at the information from the national toxicology program study and do a quantitative risk assessment so that we can develop proper safety standards which we don't have he also published in environmental research and that's a quote I have there and an article debunking all the common criticisms of the National Toxicology program study which you've probably heard or will hear when you go online to read about it and he does so with citation after citation in technical detail and the interesting thing is that the FDA says they reject the findings but where why where are the technical details because what they put out on their page is all debunked by what dr. Melnick talks about in his paper he also talks about something super important because I'm not going to go too much into the science here and talk more about policy but that is that the majority of studies that looked at oxidative stress found effects and we know that oxidative stress leads to a myriad of illnesses he talks about that in that paper that's an environmental research and what he says is without directly causing DNA damage radio frequency may induce oxidative DNA damage and thereby initiate or promote tumor development and there's also really important research done it's by dr. Laurel which looked at radiofrequency in combination with a toxic exposure that you know is going to cause tumors in the animals and rodents and found a tumor promotion effect so a synergistic effect increased tumors in the animals that were treated with both the toxic agent and the radio frequency radiation and that was at very low levels and that should concern us all considering how much pollution we have in our environment so what Environmental Health trust scientists and also other scientists so dr. adel dr. Melnick dr. carpenter dr. Miller dr. Davis Lloyd Morgan myself we wrote a letter to the FDA and we asked for the technical documentation on why are they rejecting that this study we've not received an answer I talked about dr. Cardell who's did research on case control studies on people who hold cellphones to their ear and what was their risk for brain cancer and neck tumors as well he looked at their exposure to heartless phones which is really important because it makes his research the the exposures we're more carefully looked at because you might not use a cell phone a lot you might be in this study but you might use your home cordless phone and home cordless phones emit radio frequency radiation as well but he accounted for that in his research he also was a researcher who looked at Agent Orange and the herbicides and Agent Orange in the 80s and did research in the 70s as well he's now the leading expert one of the leading experts on cellphone radiation and he's published several papers both his research on people using cellphones as well as reviews of the research and states that it is carcinogenic to humans and guidelines need to be revised as well in 2018 another study a review incorporating the ntp findings concluded that radio frequency is a class can be regarded as a human carcinogen based on the the research that we have now with the NTP there's also the rama's Eenie Institute study there's a talent is an Italian research group that did research and also found at much lower levels they found the same kind of tumors in their male rats as NIH found in theirs and this despite that is what you'll find on the webpage EMF and health which is the website of the mobile and wireless forum they say that national and independent expert panels have reviewed the research and concluded that the radiation from base stations and cell phones um that that it hasn't confirmed any public health risks I should have read it completely but you can see the quote there there's actually a lot of webpages and glossy shiny pretty brochures about how it hasn't been proven that cellphones are harmful funded by the wireless industry in addition to research studies and here we have the World Health Organization EMF project which has a fact sheet in 2014 that's probably brought to every meeting by industry which says today no adverse health effects have been established to be caused by mobile phones and they also say the same thing same thing about base stations and wireless networks now they're factsheet on on wireless on base stations is from 2006 but I find it still brought to many meetings the reason I'm sharing this is because a lot of people think well it's the World Health Organization what this is steamed group but what they don't know is that in the World Health Organization there are two entities one is the World Health Organization EMF project of which I am showing you statements that they have online and that was started with industry money several years ago the other is the International Agency for the research on cancer which created a working group of independent experts vetted experts and they concluded in 2011 that this radiation was a possible carcinogen that was that was in 2011 the paper I showed you states that now because of the additional research studies have been published if they were to meet again the sign these scientists believe that it would be concluded it is a human carcinogen so dr. hotel actually published a paper in the International Journal of oncology talking about that what I just showed you before which I'll show you back the EMF project group the World Health Organization EMF project group and how there is money from industry was used to start the EMF project it was actually funneled through a hospital only found out about a decade after and there was a group that was formed at the same time called Eichner which stands for the International Commission on non ionizing radiation protection and if you hear that you'll think well that sounds very important and indeed many countries look to that group as the experts and what they recommend several countries will use as their limits for allowable cell phone and radio frequency radiation except that there is a lot of conflicts of interests of which you can go online to read about the connections to industry for people who are in Europe as well as in the whu-oh EMF project so when you're told by your school principal or when Verizon comes and gives a talk like they just did in New Jersey by someone who contacted me the other day and they say the World Health Organization says it's not established they interestingly neglect to talk about the International Agency for the research on cancer of the World Health Organization and also there is a history there that's really important and people say oh you you know it's just a lot of people often think if I start talking about industry influence that I'm you know these are just these what is the term that's used um conspiracy theories and what I'd say is you know this is just good business it's good business practice this is what's happening in all many other environmental health issues and it it just is what is follow the money follow the money so something else that is a real concern with these small cells and in 4G and 5g densification is the impact to wildlife birds and bees there is many studies that have been published I'm gonna quote dr. Alfonso Baal Maury who did a lot of research reviews on impacts to the environment he says existing guidelines do not protect wildlife further research in this area is urgent there are studies that show disruption to bird navigation published research on bees has found reduced motor activity biochemical changes inducing the worker piping signal which is a sign of stress in a colony decline in colony strength changes in the Queen egg Ling rate as well you can go online we have a section on these there was a study that was just done on you know I showed you a cell phone to the head of a child and they absorption into the head what about the absorption into insects or animals so this was a study that looked at absorption of the submillimetre in millimeter waves into different insects just a few and found that there was an increased the higher the frequency until the frequency was about the size of the insect and then there was a change but as you can see here at 2 gigahertz with remember the blue is not as much absorption and then it goes to purple and red and then you see it 24 gigahertz more absorption and 120 gigahertz much higher actually a little bit less is sortsa but but what's happening around the body and if you go to the the the paper is online you can fully see more imaging and find that study but what I think is the most important thing about this paper is that it says this is the first paper that investigates the exposure of electric fields with radio frequencies associated with 5g how is it that we're rolling something out we're racing to something and the first paper was just published and we know what we know I mean that's that's to me the story here damnit tree damage this is a conference that you can watch online done in the Netherlands and also the powerpoints are available from a physicist Volkers Corp who talks about impacts to trees again a great resource we also have a page all about impacts to plants and trees there is published peer-reviewed papers on injuries to trees around mobile base stations and there's a study that was published radiofrequency radiation injures trees around mobile base stations which showed went through all of these trees that they followed with a field study over time and found that when there were antennas and so here's the tree and what you can see from the picture there's the antennas the tree that at first there's damage that's shown on the side of the tree that is absorbing the radiation and over time actually and there's a kind of a companion peace treaty image caused an observation guide which I have on the the PowerPoint there where they actually have pictures of trees in 2008 in 2010 2012 and then they show when a tree was cut down because it got so sick and they had to cut it down and as you can see from this picture the damage on the side of the tree where the high is radiation would be and I actually did radiation measurements on both sides of the trees for this this field study and they have the measurements listed also in the observation guide because what's happening is the tree is absorbing the radiation and so it's not as high on the other side Wireless inspires in schools is something I've been working on as well I'm gonna fly a little bit through it but I think it's one of the most important issues related to wireless technology in 2011 the Council of Europe issued resolution 1815 where they said give preference to wired Internet connections and shrinky regulate the use of mobile phones by schoolchildren except what I'm seeing in schools is one on one devices wireless access points in all the rooms sometimes two or three and plus cell phones being used as part of the curriculum this is an add-on it was on Facebook the Verizon Foundation saying putting forward how important tablets are in the classroom your devices are made for amazing look at how closes those devices are to the bodies and this is scientific imaging again by Claudio Fernandez and engineers in the federal universities of Brazil looking at the penetration into these are actually looking with two different focuses of the penetration of the radiation from a tablet into the brain tissue of a six-year-old child with yellow being the highest and this would be the device here which is where young children hold the devices now I just wanted to point this out then in Los Angeles several years ago when 1.3 million was spent on iPads special education teachers started a Facebook group or pairs not iPads which raises the important question of why are we we're not fixing the infrastructure class size all of these issues which are so important in schools before we're just dumping in all these devices which are breaking kids are on porn I can't tell you how many parents call me and say well my big problem I heard you work on iPads in classes and my kids are you do not know what they are looking at in the classrooms and we're when they're out in the schoolyard like can you help us with that I mean in recess so there's so many issues related to schools the United of San Francisco and many other unions have been addressing this they just passed a resolution we did a webinar I did it with physicians for safe technology dr. Cindy Russell on cell phone and wireless radiation in schools and what teachers can do and what policymakers can do you can go online to watch that the collaborative for high performance schools has criteria for a low EMF classroom there are solutions the New Jersey educational association has recommendations to reduce exposure and minimize risks from electronic devices there are bans and restrictions on Wi-Fi in school worldwide in the middle you'll see st. Augustine School in Italy where they're removing the Wi-Fi router and now I'm gonna move on to international action on cell phones and wireless and all over so this just happened a few days ago court-ordered the Italian government to publicize cellphone risks now already in Italy there are two court cases that have concluded that cell phone radiation caused tumors and people have gotten money for their cell phone related tumors so now I can add Italy to this list of governments who advise and have information about how to reduce exposure to cellphone radiation now all the countries on this list are not the same in how they've approached this but all of them say something to the degree of well you should reduce exposure to children or you should reduce exposure they don't say what the US government says which is if you are worried and if you are worried here's what you can do and they give three little ideas which is just not good enough France is a great model they have websites web pages on how to reduce exposure to computers to two cell phones in in detail and we have all of this on online this is from french polynesia part of their 30-second video where they show what things emit radiation in your home and there are regulations on people being informed about cell phone radiation when you go to buy a phone in France India Belgium Israel French Polynesia and Berkeley California which I'm going to talk about what you passed a law that that I'm going to talk about in a minute Belgium has banned the sale of mobile phones designed for young children they've also banned Wi-Fi in nursery school in Ghent Belgium in 2010 and amended in 211 I think I talked about how in San Francisco they passed an ordinance that retailers must display posters and stickers informing people that cellphones emit radiation and they had posters and I'll read what one of them says limits cell phone use by children well what happened was the CTIA immediately hit them with a lawsuit and after a series of legal challenges San Francisco wasn't able to enforce the law they had passed and here we are with ads about loving your phone and here's a child hugging Alexa that's this is a there's a video online it's singing twinkle twinkle to her it's on and there's a fine print warning for for these virtual assistants that the device should be installed and operated with a minimum distance of 20 centimeters between the radiator and your body but parents don't know that and certainly toddlers don't know that so Berkeley California wanted to inform people about the fine print warnings and passed this ordinance that says if you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is on then connected to a wireless network you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to radiofrequency radiation this potential is greater for children now that was removed because when the CTIA the wireless industry sued Berkeley immediately after passing this in the court deliberations they that got nixed Harvard lawyer Lawrence Lessig is defending this ordinance pro bono you can watch court proceedings online at environmental health trust YouTube page which are fascinating because the CTIA is arguing that this is violating the retailer's free speech rights and we're sort of in the middle of this because it went to the Supreme Court which then sent it back for the appeals court to look at in light of some other cases we have the largest database on world wide actions an environmental health trust you can click on different countries and learn about what's happening worldwide and in the middle of all that we're being I just these advertisements they I just think they're so powerful to put them in here because this is what we are being sold binge on the beach on a beautiful beach why would we want to look at our phones policy changes are needed if you want to ask how do I do for exposure the first thing I'll say is we need policy change because with 5g it's involuntary exposure you can take your cell phone and you can keep it away from your body you can hardwire your your laptop at home but you can't stop the radiation from cell towers permeating you know your body when you're outside wanting to enjoy your yard or so this this is front and center as policy change I am gonna talk about things that people can do but I would ask everyone people maybe you haven't gotten involved in politics or spoken at meetings I know I had never spoken at a council meeting before I did not know who my elected council people even were before I learned about this issue several several years ago it's been a long time I thought that I would I have to say I thought this would be easily fixed about a decade now when I first learned about this and I got more and more involved the more I realized how important it is that we change this for our children especially our teenagers babies that have yet to be born so environmental health trust eh trust org Americans for Responsible technology physicians for safe technology find or start a local group those are great resources also scientists for wired technology the baby safe project I'm sure many people are aware of the grassroots environmental education as well as environmental health trust launched this campaign it's been signed on by over 200 doctors to reduce exposure to pregnant women and if you go online because you got a lot of homework to do and watch the press conference you'll see dr. Hugh Taylor who's chief of obstetrics at Yale talk about his research with mice exposed to cellphone radiation and how the offspring of the pregnant mice had poorer memory and they were hyperactive if mice could have ADHD that's what they would have and I think but you know our our um our children and the fetus are the most vulnerable and they need to be protected so please go online they have a lot of resources I also have in the back a lot of handouts I hope you'll take some take some with you they're downloadable off our website baby safe project if you contact them you want to share this information with your community they will send you brochures to share as well and this is a up the sound doesn't work is it not okay I'm gonna go to the next one there we have a short PSA about how to reduce exposure based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and we have these post cards Flyers again they're all on the back on the back table as well as a table here plus we have a newsletter it goes out once a month it has the latest news on electromagnetic fields and that way you can stay up to date and it's a really useful resource to share with other people as well that's at eh trust org keep the cell phone out of your pants the Cleveland Clinic recommends it's best to keep your cell phone as far away from the testes as you can make sure their phone calls less time with a phone means with the phone to your ear means less exposure and this is actually from the Connecticut Department of Public Health which has a fact sheet on cell phones and they say scientists agree it is wise to reduce exposure to radiofrequency energy from cellphones whenever possible at home get a corded landline also at work whenever you can make your voice calls on a corded landline do not sleep with your phone you're better near your head the California Department of Health put out a fact sheet on how to reduce exposure this is one of theirs have the phones downstairs turned off or turn it off if it's going to be in your bedroom if you need an alarm clock please get a battery-powered alarm clock create a sleep sanctuary especial at night and this is how people start off with this issue remove all the screens the wireless from your bedroom don't forget gaming consoles and cordless phones gaming consoles emit a lot of radiation non-stop as well as the wireless handsets but the I went into one mother's house and her teenage son had four consoles next to the bed and we I had a meter I was measuring the radiation and I the look on her face I mean I felt so bad but I'm so glad that we found out and that she understood that those were emitting radiation all night long as well no screens at least an hour I'd say two hours before nighttime I have blue blocking material for all my all my tech screens which is really important because of the impact of blue light on eyes which is another super important area please read about that it's really really important to replace the Wi-Fi with hard wired connections turn off if you haven't done that yet because sometimes it takes time to get all the hardware turn off the Wi-Fi at night wireless devices at night is a first step and then hardwired with wires and when you do that and we have all of us online I have about four minutes left remember that if you hardwire your computer you need to also turn the Wi-Fi off of your laptop as well because even if you're using a wired connection your laptop is still going to be sending out signals checking to see what base stations that can connect with nearby so that's super important also Siri and Bluetooth need to be turned off as well and sometimes you need to get adapters which you can buy something that is a critically important piece of information I should have said is that wireless devices emit even when you're not using them they're always checking in so you have a cell phone it's sitting you you're not using it but it's powered on it's checking in with a nearby cell tower like hi are you there I'm here I want you to know where I am they're having this this digital handshake is communication going on all the time and those Peaks are going through us our bodies so turn off your phone whenever possible never have laptops laptops computers on your lap even if they're wired and yes you can hardwire many tablets not all but also because of the extremely low frequency fields which I didn't talk about because I didn't have time but they emit by a lower frequency radiation always have them on a table you can pre download you know applications beforehand so if you're handing your child a device have the Wi-Fi off Bluetooth off Wi-Fi antennas off and have it on a table with a blue light blocking screen alright don't forget your printer as well the New Jersey Education Association talks about this is super important is all the peripherals you have keep the phones out of the bra there's published research case reports on young women developing tumors directly under where they store the phone in their bra don't make calls and how are your phone completely off in cars elevators trains and buses because the metal reflects the radiation and also each time you pass and go into a different service area the phone heats in terms of the radiation because it's connecting to the new tower and I'm going to end here switch to an analog we wanted to get you the smart meters to an analog utility meter or advocate so that you can remove the smart meter or the digital meter from your home because of how much radiation they of it and there's gonna be a panel discussion at 7:30 where we do more questions and this is egregious you can you know go back someone's taking a picture of that so I'll just leave that up there's so many things being sold that we have a lot of work to do and Environmental Health Trust is where you can learn more thank you so much and I'm glad to talk people [Applause]


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