The Training Program | MX Nation S3E3


  1. Wow, Marvin's wife is amazing… Seems like a super good person and Fun!

  2. Omg Marvin’s wife is so sick and her wearing the Moto goggles chopping onions hahahhaha meeee

  3. Funny how they are "top athletes" and can't even do a proper dumbbell press xD.

  4. Yea u can tell marv's wife is not in it for the money u can tell she really loves him

  5. I love the fact that Mathilde cuts onions with goggles on.

  6. Mathilde need a hot beef injection yo

  7. Marvin is one hell of a lucky man😉

  8. I have a website with 200+ fitness articles if you're into self-development like myself

  9. i love marvins wife

  10. Hi

  11. Peep Joris Daudet at 9:01

  12. My home track is thunder valley

  13. What a wonderful couple just good hearted people. Dedicated to the sport

  14. 9:32 🤣🤣

  15. i have a crush on your wife marvin

  16. I think when I see Marvin race in the future I will want him to win only because of his wife.

  17. 9:34 if you don’t cut onions like that I don’t want to wife you

  18. Hey this is cool because I been hearing RC thank Aldin Baker,yeah yeah yeah,I always wonder,not doubt who is this guy,and what does he do so well that his training reputation has brought him to motocross world…cyclist turn trainer….ah keep it up.good work…

  19. Mathilde is so pretty <3

  20. Sorry about the eye

  21. Great vid and what a woman Marv's got with Mathilde, she's a moto goddess!!

  22. Marv and Mathilde, best moto couple ever

  23. 9.35 Marvins wife wore goggles while cutting the onions!

  24. After watching S3E4 on the Red Bull website, and realizing that MX nation has morphed into KTM Nation, it's going to be so sweet watching Tomac win the championship this Saturday.

  25. Oh Matthilde

  26. Matthilde is so sexy honestly can we just clone her and paige craig so we can all have a hot and supportive wife haha

  27. I want a woman like Mathilde one day. Cooks for me, passionate about my career, and sexy.

  28. They could do a whole episode on Marvins wife and I wouldn't mind at all.

  29. Chopping onions wearing goggles. Genius!

  30. She is soooo cute!!! <3

  31. Excellent video about Mathilde Musquin! I did not know her husband was a professional motocrosser. 😉

  32. Marvins wife stole the show.

  33. can I clone her?!  haha  no but really

  34. One if not the best series on Youtube. I love evey seasong, amazing work!

  35. Fuck Marvin I can't stand the bloke now after what he did in the supercross to let dungy win. I know it was team orders but it was pretty fuck up

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