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hey I'm Nick Simmons you may know me as a two-time Olympic runner or you may know me as the CEO of the energy gun company run gum I absolutely love connecting with my followers and I really like to answer their questions I answer every single question DM to me over on Instagram and each week I picked one of those to answer here on YouTube if I decide to use your question I'll send you a free autographed box of run gum let's get to today's question hey Nick don't remember if you ever answered this what kind of supplement and pre and post-workout did you take through the season and did you add any in the sharpening pick phase eg higher dose of beta alanine thanks great question and I have talked a little bit about supplements but let this be the definitive video of the supplements that I used throughout my career I'm kind of old school I didn't take a lot of supplements I used a little bit of supplements here and there when I knew I was deficient in something or when I really needed something powerful you know to recover or to boost a workout or performance but there are some people out there who are nuts taking dozens of supplements and really pushing the envelope with weird things like l-carnitine and some others so I'm gonna tell you how I did acted – really simple addressing the first part of that question pre and post-workout I liked before a workout I like to use rum-dum which you know to give me a boost but I also like MCT oil powder now MCT or medium-chain try to eat it medium chain triglyceride oil MCT is this really great supplement that I mix into juice in the mornings and it promotes good gut health it promotes mental focus it gives a really reliable quick boost of energy you know I love rum gum for the caffeine the Tower and the B vitamins but you also need carbs and you need calories and so I use juice with MCT oil before I workout in the mornings now you want to try it this I use MCT oil from Bub's Naturals they make a really great product and if you want to try it I'm actually giving away a bag of this over on my Instagram so check that out I think that I think that giveaway ends at the end of this week so you'll want to move quick now after a workout I've said this multiple times before you want to get carbs and protein in your system as quickly as possible and I've always relied on Momentis protein powder and I like Momentis because they don't cut corners on where they source their ingredients and so I will have that immediately after I work out and as you can tell it helps me build strong muscles okay now let's get into the pills that I take and again I know that there are people out there athletes that are taking dozens of pills a day and I just never understood that I've kept it super simple three pills I took vitamin C to boost my immune system I took 500 milligrams a day I took vitamin D because here in the Pacific Northwest a lot of us don't see the Sun for like six months out of the year and we're vitamin D deficient so I took 2000 IU vitamin D and then I took a multivitamin and I try to eat really healthy well-balanced meals but there's always gonna be something that I'm laughing in you know no one can have a little perfect diet I don't think and so I would take a multivitamin once a day just to pick up any of the deficiencies that I might have had so that's pretty much it that's what I took it's pretty simple I don't think it needs to be too complicated if you're eating right and sleeping right you're just basically trying to pick up for deficiencies and even more than that it's important about when you consume these things so I would take my vitamins in the morning I would take my MCT oil in the morning and of course I would take my protein right after I finished a workout so great question hope that helps a bit see you guys next Monday all right I hope you found that helpful remember you can ask me anything over on Instagram just shoot me a DM and I'll get to it as soon as possible if you didn't win the autograph box of run gum today no worries click the link below we sell them at random comm and every single variety box comes and autographed by me and if you haven't heard of run gum before do me a favor and check out this video that does a great job telling our story see you guys next week for another episode of ask Nick you


  1. This is certainly not a comprehensive list of great supplements out there. What is a must have supplement for your training?

  2. I just take a daily multi vitamin, but I noticed some have potassium and some don't. I'm going to switch to one that has it after this round. Nick any thoughts on potassium? Love the channel, and all the great incite. Keep up the great work!!

  3. i like the new intro!

  4. My favorite supplement is iron, especially when I get into the longer summer miles.

  5. Hey nick symonds I wanna thank you for your inspiring videos. I completed my junior college transition to division one , your story path videos has really helped me being a 1:54 guy too push myself and believe I can run top times and improve. What's your race day every day favorite spikes to wear and your mood on those days to throw in a random question?

  6. Would you recommend playing multiple sports through high school (soccer as well as xc/track etc)?

  7. I heard Deena Kastor asked the same question last spring. Her answer was "None" — she just made sure that she ate a really well balanced diet. When she was told she needed more vitamin D she said she added kale (kale chips), eggs and pickled herring and got her levels back to normal. I seem to recall that some athletes have tested positive for banned substances after taking supplements.

  8. How did you manage to finish the last 200m of your races without looking like you've been shot in the legs?

  9. Nick: I don’t take any supplements

    Nick 15 seconds later: so here’s a list of the 235 supplements I take

  10. I dont go anywhere without magnesium

  11. I think best supplement is caffeine

  12. I do not think that one needs to take supplements if one eats healthy. It is all in the food.

  13. Vitamin C – Completely unnecessary. A smoothie of oranges, bananas, berries and some spinach will be way more absorbable and surpassing the 500mg is already, in one single meal.

    As Nick says, if you ate whole, full, organic and only quality real foods, supplements are not needed. However until people consider organic whole wheat pasta whole food and 5 potatoes a day as your 5 vegetables, supplement companies will thrive. I asked a client of mine last time, when was the last time he ate raw beetroots or shredded raw celery root ? Maybe a light curcuma, ginger tea with hand picked stinging nettles ?
    Yes there are tons of natural and free natural stuff out there what are simple, but most people just don't eat them raw, or not eat them at all. People know about kale chips, but never tasted kale. Raw red cabbage, with kohlrabi leaves and raw brocoli ? What ?

    MCT oil powder is an extremely highly processed OIL, spray dried ! OIL ! You don't want to mix that with sugar, like orange juice. Unless you want some serious stomach and blood sugar issue ! For longer endurance outings on the bike after an avocado and egg rich breakfast, it might be great, but not before any sort of speed training !

    I am not a supplement guy and not like stacking, but most athletes use for instance a stacking like this:
    2g of Creatine Pre-Workout
    2g of Beta Alanin Pre-workout
    2g L-Carnitine Pre-workout
    2 – 4g Citruline Malate Pre-Workout (maybe 2g in bottles during – it is cheap)
    Prefer these with a strong green tea, as coffee might inhibit some features

    2g of Creatine
    2g HMB
    Prot Shake 20g Hemp / 20g Whey
    5 to 10g EAA (not BCAA)
    3g Fish Oil
    Carbs obviously

    Before BED
    2g of MG
    1G of Ca
    50mg CBD
    3g Fish oil

  14. Hey Nick! I’m just starting my Cross-Country training and I want to know you’re opinion on things I should change this summer from last summer. And how can I start making my distance days faster while still allowing my body to recover properly?

  15. Once again great content! If you want even more helpful info about post workout recovery and Nick Symmonds come check out our interview with Nick covering topics like Live Momentous protein and some!

  16. Hey Nick what do you think about supplementing creatine? After a loading phase of about a week I saw a big improvement in the shorter sprints, especially the 200m.

  17. Yo Nick if you would’ve taken beta alanine starting six weeks before London 2012 I think you could’ve gone 1:42 low. Proven to be great at buffering long sprints. Row never brought it up? Or you guys were just old school rawdawging it?

  18. 0:49
    Thank me later

  19. Is it odd to take almost no supplements? I take a daily multivitamin, and have never used any other supplement.

  20. Nick uses Epo.

  21. I usually take vitamin b-12 along with magnesium to help recovery plus whey protein

  22. Thanks nick

  23. Really ! No l arginine no canitine no coq 10 trust me people at Nick level vitamin c and vitamin d is just the start trust me

  24. Thanks Nick 🙏

  25. Hey Nick, did you also use the Momentous ArcFire strength powder after lifting sessions or just use the RedShift endurance powder to recover from running workouts. I'm wondering if I should also take a supplement after my lifting sessions. Thanks for all you do for our community, cheers.

  26. Hey nick. Hehe

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