1. If they are real athletes then how they have a lot of fats around their waste! They eat more than what they burn. That’s how!

  2. Oh what's on dessert
    Brian shaw : owhhhhhhh

  3. Esos mens comen igual a mí

  4. in america

  5. I wish i have a strong stomach like you Sir … love you from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  6. What if they fight 2vs2 Who will win😹

  7. @s7s

  8. At this point there is no benefit to the human body. You're body only needs so much food. Just wasteful

  9. اكلكم الدود

  10. I feel Starving😋😥
    I wish i can eat like that😭
    It look so Yummy😞

  11. Big dogs die first

  12. Apa cuman gua disini anak negara+62 sad:"

  13. 😧😧😧😧

  14. Mattie stone can eat more

  15. They vl have short life.

  16. Imagine if they fa***t together🤤

  17. Woowwwwww,,,,

  18. That's all we need…….
    A new BREED of angry
    Starving,power hungry
    Mess you up ,USURPING, NEO~VIKINGS !

  19. If you were invited in indian home .
    The treat given to you will be last meal.
    They will delete your no. To contact. You foody.

  20. Send muhamad ali or mike tyson to proff their r strong

  21. Matt stone eat 20k calories alone haha

  22. Man I was 315 lb I wasn't nearly built as these guys holyshit. I'm impressed I was eating 7000 calories a day. I mean it's cost me $200 a freaking week just to eat that was half my paycheck things got out of hand. So when I hear this guy 2 to $3,000. I had about fell over. I wish I had to work ethic for my body that they have. 181 lb now eat I eat between 3 to 4000 calories a day now but I exercise everyday. These guys are awesome I just couldn't afford a $200 a week for myself

  23. i can probably eat that with in 5 minutes if i was hungry XD

  24. Y Kya Bhai Isse Accha To DaiLy AALU ka ParaTha Butter Laga Ke Saath M Lassi Ka FuLL Glaass Bc Body Banegi Gaand Faad 😂

  25. How much poo thay made

  26. Walking heart attack

  27. Heart attacks

  28. bray white WWE

  29. there are numerous people in Asia and Africa who cannot eat 2 proper meals and see these monsters. What an irony.

  30. all Monsta in one table! i will not be near that table mate😂

  31. Wow, But manny pacquiao is a 5'5" and 142 lbs and he consume 7500 calories a day. I didnt even know that it is too massive for his size untill i watched this video.

  32. pura world matan khata he lekin hamare yaha to gadhe rehte he unko kuch maloom hi nh this line said katju sir.

  33. I feel like my stomach going to explosion..

  34. I'm a member of world strongest men and I can eat a dinosaur .

  35. Food Cheap In Indonesia

  36. A lot of poultry will survive if these guys get stroked out completely

  37. Bunlar yediklerini afrikaya gönderse, açlık kalmaz.

  38. Strong? Nah.. Not really.

  39. Nonesense

  40. Imagine if you owe a treat.…no way!!!!!!

  41. Matt stonie 20000 calories in one time thats the power

  42. I really admire you ,, very healthy ,, very wonderful

  43. Imagine how much time they will spend in toilets

  44. Wow is nice🤤😁

  45. Eating much don't make uh strong suckers..

  46. 0:39 This is the conclusion. steak > pizza

  47. Ni jenis gemok..pelik betol

  48. Most of the time they don’t even finish all the food they order tho.

  49. the strongest man in history is Mariusz Pudzianowski …

  50. That's why they call beast😅

  51. I'm starving watching them !

  52. How many world strongest I watched in the internet

  53. Where's Mark Henry?

  54. 🐽🐽🐽🐽

  55. Dam Brian Shaw use to go to school with my mom lol I guess when he was in school he dragged a whole school bus

  56. Imagine.. How long time they spent in toilet,,and flush the toilet 🤔🤔😣😣😷😷

  57. Just see, fat guys!

  58. Very nice u guys should make ur eating videos.

  59. Heart attack

  60. Holy cow these guys is huge every meal is bigger than me…

  61. I have the body for that.

    I just wish I had the funds

  62. Which of these do you think is great

  63. Now this is a feat of strength I can actually do at home

  64. The guy's are big but shaw is a monster

  65. FOUR PIGS 🐖

  66. Reason of poverty in india

  67. Me and the boys going for lunch after the sunday league match

  68. Life not stay along….oneday we will die….

  69. I looooove these guy's 😂😂😂😂

  70. The hardest part about being a professional strongman is eating. Thats so wild lol

  71. 3:33 That's my problem. I can LITERALLY eat like 20 plates at a buffet and be hungry 5 minutes after leaving the place.

  72. Can we box the rest of these up to go?
    Love Robert Oberst 😂

  73. what’s your blood type ? i’m curious?

  74. Imagine all the morbidly obese people if they lifted.

  75. These dudes must do some massive turds

  76. amazing video

  77. These guys should go bowling. I bet they could send that ball 30mph. gg pins

  78. Interviewer: What family you come from?
    Nick: The Best

  79. The Beast XDDDDDDDDDDDD f*** STEROIDS f*** Them

  80. lets see beast if you can live up to 100 years. you probably die in your 60 !

  81. Here is the simple questions for you guys. How many people do you know in their age of 80-90 s the same size as you ? None !  
    usually people who lives long life up to 100 years are skinny and small.

  82. Big guys like you usually die soon !

  83. Imagine them hitting up every buffet in Las Vegas. They’ll put atleast half of them out of business lol.

  84. The Fattest Men’s in History

  85. I'm in tears, laughing too much..

  86. Kkkkkkkk

  87. I'm just astonished how much they will "💩".

  88. theyre pretty chill, composed and tame for being so pumped full of adrenaline and testosterone all the time.

  89. And females wonder why men like to hang out with da boys

  90. Hunger

  91. 4 useless people wasting food. DISGUSTING

  92. when a zombie apocalypse happen, these guys will be left 4 dead tanks

  93. 👎

  94. more like strongest americans in history

  95. I eat 10K in 5 days OMG🙄🙄

  96. That y women live longer than men

  97. Eddie: Who wants desert.
    Brian: Agrees in Brian

  98. Lets be honest and admit these guys are dangerously over weight.

  99. I feel sorry for their wives… late night gas

  100. Deepak

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