The Shaklee Dietary Supplement Study (A Landmark Study)

Shaklee has been making people healthier for over 100 years we offer the highest quality natural nutrition and personal care products environmentally friendly household products that have helped millions enjoy a healthier life in the year 2004 raja bonnet now chairman and CEO repeatedly heard from supplement users on how phenomenal the products are and how they promote good health however they had to be proved for the statement so he decided to fund a comprehensive study comparing long-term Shaklee supplement users to everyone else that's why the Shaklee dietary supplement study was developed together with the world-renowned epidemiologist dr. Gladys Bloch PhD from the University of California Berkeley School of Public Health an independent study on the usage pattern health and nutritional status of long term multiple dietary supplement uses was conducted in this landmark study is truly groundbreaking it showed the dietary supplement uses had clearly better health compared to those who took just one multivitamin or did not supplement at all and just what supplements did the multiple supplement participants take a combination of vitamins minerals antioxidants and more and the results are stunning the study showed that the Shaklee multiple supplement uses had higher favourable blood nutrient levels they also had more favorable key heart health biomarkers they also had lower risk of elevated blood pressure and diabetes it just goes to show that Shaklee multiple dietary supplement users had clearly better help lower risks of chronic heart or brain disease and that's not all what's more it's also a safety study as Shaklee groups had safe levels of vitamin D and iron it's shown that optimal levels of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can make a difference in your health so to stay healthy Shaklee recommend for anyone to eat healthy give your body the balanced nutrition it needs it's also important to stay active walk rowing or player spoil make regular physical activity your priority and don't forget to supplement wisely we are the pioneering natural nutrition company in the u.s. making people healthier for over 60 years everything that goes into every shackle bottle is designed to help you be healthier so start the foundations of a longer and healthier life with Shaklee as well be well

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