The Scope of Metabolic Health Problems

you metabolic apples for the problem and what do we see in our everyday life that will highlight the scope of this issue around us of people's metabolic health being poor all we have to do is walk down any high street here in the UK to see the scope of poor metabolic health as fast-food outlets ease availability of foods which are high in calories and low nutrients this can often lead to poor metabolic health obesity is increasing the problems of type 2 diabetes and the number of people with it is increasing exponentially dementia we're now starting to realize that poor metabolic health plays a large role in this liver disease kidney disease high blood pressure a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome which is a condition many women may suffer from which can cause problems like infertility we know this is linked to poor metabolic health and can be often improved through lifestyle mental health there's a lot of interest at the moment in poor mental health and its relationship to poor method public health and there are many people experiencing significant benefits in their mental health by addressing their lifestyle to improve a metabolic health on a more global or a more population level this can have a big impact on numbers of days of sickness and on macro economics so I can see a huge benefit to optimizing personal metabolic health not just on an individual but also on a global level this can reduce rates of obesity improve rates of type 2 diabetes and also can improve other battles which we see as GPS in liver disease and other health markers 10% of the UK NHS budget is spent on type 2 diabetes and it's related problems this is in excess of 10 billion pounds per year and this is growing rapidly I think 25 years from now we're going to be hitting about 1718 billion if it's not there already we know with poor metabolic health and actually a machinery is not running right it's a bit like a car that's not been maintained and looked after if you wanted to drive across the country and your car hadn't been looked after and serviced and you're putting the wrong fuel in the journey is probably going to be pretty harrowing and you're not going to there in the best time or feeling very good when you get when you do get there on an individual level if we can improve your metabolic health we can improve your sleep your wellness your mental health and your mental clarity this will hopefully make you feel more healthy happier to work and have a general better lifestyle you

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