The Science of Yoga (Part 2 – Posture)


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  2. Hey, this is a really awesome series. The voice over is great, good work, just keep pushing at it, you will definitely do very well!

  3. Kind of feeling proud for being an Indian, but also regretful for not practicing yoga enough and regularly. Thanks for reminding us. :). Also, whoever's voice this is it's really great presentation, pictorially and vocally.

  4. I almost never comment on Youtube videos, but I can see you guys are just starting and really want to give you a shout-out! Wonderful animations, pleasant voice-over and of course truly compelling information. Keep up the good work, I'm glad I found you at such an early stage!

  5. Very informational . You guys should keep making more videos!

  6. greatly explained..hats off guys.My humble request to you to make special video on science behind breathing

  7. I love this. Great work. Can't wait until you blow up and get millions of views.

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  9. How to wade through 1000 years of obscure literature. Nicely done.

  10. Nicely explained, very interesting, nice animation and voice as well. Thanks for the videos!! Keep it up!

  11. Any effect of yoga on semen? I heard these practitioners of yoga could spit their semen out whenever they wished? That would be cool it can be done.

  12. Great great video! Very informative, visual – and the voice fits perfectly into the text and images. Thank you!

  13. damn cool animation. I can see yogic clarity of vision in your presentation. keep illuminating. you will soon blow up like the school of life only that your content is eastern:)

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  17. yogi in animation looks like one of today's great mystic, sadguru.

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  19. How do you make this kind of videos? What software do you use? How can I learn to animate good clean videos like these? Guide me, master.

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  22. Let me add a critical fact ignored or overlooked.The locks and bends actually force the blood to bathe the endocrine glads which control all the functions of our body.It takes approx 3 mins for the blood to circulate around the body and thts the approx time u ahd hold an asana (bend or lock).This is the key.Rest all falls in line automatically.Try it.U wont be able to do it at first but with time it will happen.Good luck.Now u know.

  23. Yoga is all about getting ur endocrine glands to work as desired.Look up the functions of your endocrine system online.Good luck.

  24. Explained in a simple manner 👍great work

  25. Can you please tell me or send a link to the music in the background…Thank youu 🙏

  26. You are using Astrologer Jony Patry's intro soundtrack from 1:30

  27. good video…..but yoga is much more than u thing….u need to research more….

  28. great stuff. subbed!

  29. i fell in love with your channel

  30. This is the first time in commenting on a video. I'm a Yoga teacher, and I'm Very happy with the way this video Is made. Thank you for bringing out the less known facts about Yoga. Most people practice or even teach Yoga, by just touching the periphery of it. Very few people understand the depth and science behind it. I watched the first part, and then this one. Very well done. I hope you are able to reach out to many more people and help them understand the nuances and details of this rich practice. I would also like to add that it would be better if you could get your pronunciations right. You got most of it right. That's fantastic! . You could probably check with an Indian for a few of the pronunciations. I've seen most foreigners get it wrong. In comparison, yours is very good. 🙂 Keep up the good work. Thank you .

  31. and then we have indian people who think yog us just BS created by hippes.

  32. video deserves to be reached to millions of viewers. Nice animation. I would love it if you guys make video about subconscious mind. Jose silva for reference. nice work anyways.

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  36. Fantastic explanation and animation. I was searching some thing like this and found it through you. Keep posting.

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  38. What are you telling can be in written form as some things are missing sometimes.

  39. 2:06
    No, of course scientists and rational people in general would not agree that the psycological affects of posture are at all likely due to a never-observed substance/force such as assanas.

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  41. one question: could it be that 'enlightenment' is a physiological condition?

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  44. Firstly I'd like to say excellent animations and voice over on this yoga and science series. I do think we have to be careful in saying that posture results in malignment, as yet there is no reliable and or accurate way to measure malignment in the human body. Yoga with frequent movement practice can help areas of the body to move easier or more freely. However we could only hypothesise this is due to tissues and nervous systems adaptability in response to a stretch or repeated movement rather than "fixing" a malignment. Lastly, our human bodies are currently far more biologically complex with a vascular and nervous system than say a machine i.e a car which needs a wheel alignment. Keep up the great work with the videos

  45. Manual breathing:ON

  46. Love the choice of music. Great job

  47. please can you talk about the memory palace or method of loci?

  48. It is so odd to find these videos are polluted by Advertisement… taking about 'higher energies' and 'how to starve the monster of addiction' while they are polluting the minds of others. tsk tsk.

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  57. asanas are psycho-physical exercises….they affect our mind & thought when we practise it correctly.

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  59. Watching this video after doing yoga and feeling better

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  61. “Habitually misaligned” I randomly figured this out about myself. Most people don’t even realize it!

  62. Spanish subtitles?? Please! Very nice videos. Thanks!!

  63. This is superb video. Love  science of yoga series, useful and informative.

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  65. That thing about rising testosterone and reducing cortisol has been debunked a bunch of times. There’s a movement in psychological research to make science more rigorous. One of the most common examples of impossible to replicate papers is the one about that posture increasing the levels of testosterone. I don’t know about the rest, but you cannot use that as science cause it’s everything but well done.

  66. Is this music from Villagers and Heroes? lol

  67. ich bitte um Übersetzung ins deutsche

  68. Star Wars fans can relate to this as the concept of Force is taken right out of this philosophy.

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  70. Who is the first Yogi..???

  71. Can you upload these vision in hindi . It would more for me and other's.

  72. Using bodily posture to increase serotonin production 🙂

  73. if you sit with you palms facing upward the most expansion and contractions will happen in the middle lobe of the lungs and if you have them facing down it will move to the lower lobe of the lungs, try it for yourself and see

  74. Yoga is Dharma , part of Sanatan Dharma / Hinduism.
    Proud of hindu.

  75. dear sir,blessed we feel to learn the scientific interpretation of yoga..its enlightening,sparkling,complete education at conscious level..regards to you,your channel best wishes

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  79. when I was growing up my mother and grandmother would always comment on posture and I'm so grateful to them, they even said to one of my friends 'stop slouching! walk tall, stand up straight' and she said she always remembered that and was really grateful because she didn't even realise she was slouching, sometimes we do need others to point things out to us (even if we feel they are being critical) it does make you look and feel more confident, people that clouch and hunch over look nervous or lazy.

  80. Explained so well 👏👏

  81. It’s pronounced ass an ah

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