The Ronline Report with Ronnie Coleman – Q&A

hey everybody welcome to the run line report my guest today is the goat the greatest of all time eight-time mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman joining us from Texas Thank You Ronnie how are you sir doing pretty good okay well today's a Q&A show so I compiled some questions for you the first one I hate to start on a serious sobering note but last two weeks we lost two people I don't know if you knew one or both of them Matt Porter was only 34 years old died last week big al Fortney who was always at the animal booths the animal cages at the shows he was probably about my age 49 or 50 so my question is does it does it make you sad to see see us losing so many bodybuilders young and what do you think I should be doing if they're not doing it already to make sure they live longer and healthier yeah of Cour this I always that one lose somebody ah for me I've already just made sure my health was going pretty do this you know I've always gone to the doctor try to get as many checkup as possible there again you know sometimes they say no matter what you do it's time to go it's time to go so it all depends on you know hey buddy situation is different I guess you know did you you know I'm sure you had blood work done did you also do like calcium scores EKGs stress tests to make sure your heart was good all those years you're competing yeah God did everything because I always had you know I've been concerned about you know me and I was feeling then how everything was going to you know I had some my best friends that were doctors so they are they were always concerned too so yeah I did full checkup everything hard you know everything knock on wood you steal you've had a lot of issues with your back and your spine and everything but you know knock on wood everything else seems seems to be chugging along just fine right yeah I think it's going pretty good just the bad back bad times in my house how's your progress toward walking coming along running yeah hanging in there and the dresser that won't be a cost but uh I'm still I'm going to therapy and stuff you know twice a week getting better every day so here's the next question is it true your workout really didn't change your routine for the entire time you competed was there ever a time when you thought about doing something differently like training body parts just once a week instead of twice to see if that might have given you better results no it didn't change because I was trying to stick with what worked and what worked was you know what I used from them from the get-go the only what was working working pretty good I just dug with it I know we've had this conversation before but people have said well maybe if Ronnie did this or that I'm thinking he was the biggest bodybuilder I ever saw in real life in you know close to 30 years of being around this sport now and yeah I don't think there's anything else differently you could have done that would have put even more mass than that that was I think that was as big as you could have gotten because I totally agree I think we supposed to be like 40 pounds 500 pounds yeah I'm not being good to get yeah I mean you're a human being you know yeah we've gone over that it is hard for people to believe you're you are a human but you are from this planet you are here okay hi here's one you might might have an opinion Ronnie you were the first bodybuilder to make walking lunges a real bodybuilding exercise until you came along did them in your videos guys thought it was only exercise for women what's your opinion hip bridges which are now mainly done by women so this is the one where they're they got their back up on a bench and their feet are on the ground and they put like a barbell across their hips and I don't know how else to put it looks kind of like they're like they're humping the air with this loaded barbell so she feel like the glutes mainly do you think that's anything a man could get get something out of as well I don't know it's kind of hard to put down on anything now they you know you do those that work and you do stuff that gonna get you are a dog so I think you need anybody try it you know and if it get some type of result you know it works and I say yeah stick with it okay would you have tried it back in the day just to see if it did anything for you oh yeah I'll try it about anything how did walking lunges start for you who's if was the first thing that made you do those and what did somebody start doing you know it's just something I just thought would work you know I was always trying to take a stuff to do something that we're working that was sometimes I thought of also so I gave it a try and it worked and I just stuck with it the world the bodybuilding world started doing him after use after you introduced it basically yeah I never saw a man do walking lunges really until till you made them a thing a popular thing okay I had no idea well the I think that women did and just told me well they weren't doing it with 315 on their back that's for sure yeah I assume you get cold you you all throughout your life you've gotten colds here and there like most people do yeah if you had a cold would you train or would it matter you know how severe the cold was or if you felt it more than you had in your chest what kind of rules did you have for training when you were sick yeah I trained through everything I didn't then doesn't stop me from training so I get cold not just train right through it only thing that kind of put me down one time was I got a stomach flu and you know throwing up and wanted bathroom so it's kind of hard to change doing why you constantly want your bathroom that's the only thing I can think of that kind of stopped me from training just say if you could train to a flu you are not human that's impossible nobody feels like even getting out of bed with the flu you're you're compliant on to my stomach flu you know when your stomach is upset thank Council but I never had like the cold type food or you never had like the flu that lays you up indefinitely Ronnie so you added about 80 pounds of muscle throughout your pro career do you remember what your waist measured when you turn pro at just 215 pounds and what do you think it was when you were 300 pounds in this massive mass of humanity oh no I really don't know so then that were measured you know I remember when I was amateur it was like 29 but I never did it measured anymore after that I mean your pants your pants eyes did it must have changed because you got so much bigger I can't imagine your waist well I never wore jeans and nothing like that so just kind of the same you know about you know I always had everything tailor so for him so you didn't have to worry about the measurement was I guess yeah because you know I'm not trying I didn't make I didn't ask that question to be a jerk I mean it would be impossible to put 80 pounds of muscle on and your waist wouldn't grow at all yeah I mean most of all and nothing not yeah I mean if anyone had to grow a little bit of a gut I'm like you know double the amount of muscle mass on his body you know you don't think any of its gonna go to the waistline come on okay just one more question I told you this would be a quick one today soreness muscle soreness usually comes from doing different things in the gym that you haven't done you know like I said before you were very you were well known for using the same workout routine for many years that kept delivering results for you year after year so because you were doing the same workout all the time did you not get sore or did you still get sore from training hmm I never really got so uh so uh I guess to that train for so long I started training I was 12 and I never stopped so by the time I got to a certain age I just didn't get sore anymore by the time I got my thirties I never got so anymore it would have been tough if you're sore all the time because you trained him like I said if you're training everything twice a week yeah I train legs on a Monday and then you have to train them again on a Thursday that could be that could be trouble if they're killing you still from Monday's workout yeah so not only did gets all that much I gotta take time off and everything feeling I get real sore yeah it's gonna say when you would take three months off you must have got sore when you came back to lifting after three months away look I didn't get so I got weak though I think well you know I tell people the story all the time because it's because it goes to show you how strong you really were at that time I came out there you were just getting back into training it was February so I guess what you'd been back it was the early February you've been back in the gym like a month at that point maybe yeah about a month I always took it off like after the Olympia and tool so that was right around October November December because we back up area there was a pretty long leg workout as all yours were and we did a front squat and that's the only time in my life I've ever front squat at 4:05 and yeah because I had Ronnie Coleman behind me that's why it's the mind power the mind but you went you went after me and took that four or five and like like it wasn't like it was nothing like it was just the bar yeah that was just already worked out for me I did you know I did 495 you know T and 585 in the video you it's one of your videos I don't fit saw the unbelievable or or one of the but you're doing six plates on the front squats yeah no callers on the bar its jingling all over the place yeah first time me time it yeah yeah and the scariest thing about the way you squatted was you didn't use a squat rack or a power cage you just had those two uprights which were like they were like jacks for 18-wheeler trucks to change the tires or something uh-huh so you're floating in space with that if you if you failed with that weight you were done yeah do it you know it wasn't a big deal well that's all I had for you Ronnie I wanted to get some some quick stuff because we would do the column every month in muscular Velma magazine everybody hope you check that out and follow along Ronnie on the social media it's uh just Ronnie Coleman what is it Ronnie Coleman II what is it what's your Instagram oh I know I should Ronnie Coleman eight Ronnie Coleman eight in reference to the eight mr. Olympia titles yeah so that's all you know best of luck with uh with you know moving toward walking more freely again I know if anybody can do that it's gonna be you oh yeah proved everybody wrong a million times before so oh yeah all right well thank you very much Ron appreciate you taking the time all right no problem man and everybody thanks for watching run run report with eight-time mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman we'll see you next time


  1. He’s killing his legacy. Your on meds. Your not fit for this.

  2. How do you sit there and disrespect Ron Harris and all of your fans by sitting there out of your mind on pain pills watching TV while doing a Q/A? Wow man I thought you were more grateful than that. So disrespectful. Good job Ronnie Coleman.

  3. The only thing that concerns me about Ronnie is the drugs he is on man oxycodone is horrible for the liver and it’s addicting I was hooked on the same pills Ronnie takes the blues 30 mg I began eating one and ended up eating 25 a day . I almost died my body retained a shit ton of water and my liver was failing. fast forward today got 3 years clean next month and almost off suboxone down to 2 mgs

  4. King ron

  5. Me englisch is Not to bad, but i unterstand Nothing from Big Ron 😳

  6. Sadly, its so obvious he is not his old self and definitely in some serious pain 😞

  7. So positive love his spirit hope he gets healthy …..mentally as well as physically.

  8. Ronnie is the goat but he is a horrible interview

  9. A humble king

  10. King Cole

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