The Ronline Report with Neil Hill

hey everybody welcome to the Ron line report today's guest is somebody I meant I've meant to interview this guy for so long and I don't know why I waited so long but here he is today renowned coach guru whatever you want to call him all-around good guy Neil Yoda Hill Thank You Neil for joining us hey guys so obviously it's great to finally have the opportunity to be invited interviewed by yourself Ron you know you've achieved so much in the industry as a writer obviously an interviewer you've given a huge amount of your time and your passion back to the industry in multiple different ways and obviously one thing I love about yourself is that you're very unbiased with your views and opinions of physics in general you know you're a bodybuilder part you obviously a family man you were husband to your father and all those things I think are really great qualities and also you've obviously found a good combination of balance as well where all she follow your passion which is obviously bodybuilding and obviously given the world and the community of fitness in general your time and your attention but the same time you put your time and your love and your attention into your family so I think that's a great quality made thank you very much deal very very appreciated so we have a lot in common Neil we were both born in 1969 I'm a little scared of turning 50 in September is it okay do you feel fine I feel good my friend I actually don't feel any different the only thing that feels different is that my joints and not as robust as they once were and other than I don't feel any different I actually am embracing getting older you know the fact that I'd lost my hair really don't give a heap the fact that I'm getting older it doesn't bother me for myself it's it's more about the quality of life than the actual number of years that you are so I think that's more important yes my head every morning and evening so well you know you have a nice head my head is if anybody ever saw it my head looks looks like shaved down Oh it'd be a be a scary sight lumpy is bumpy it's anyway so Neil you're very very well-known as a coach but the younger generation the fans now may not realize you were a pro bodybuilder you were a very good body builder in your own right so before we talk about your clients and all the the big names on the scene right now I want to give a little background on you because I only know a little bit about it and I'd like to know a little bit more about your background if I could so you grew up in Wales and tell me if this is right because I was cobbling pieces from other interviews you were BMX right BMX racer as a kid that's one thing you were into the freestyle right yeah so I was a free high levels freestyle BMX rider yes rugby which is I guess it's mandatory if you're in Wales right you have to play rugby yeah I was a very passionate rugby player but I love my soccer I was a big soccer but I gave up my football on my rugby when I was about 15 in fact slightly I gave up my football when I was about 15 16 my soccer I gave up my rugby when I was about 17 just because I had a really bad hereditary knee issue and being you know very light on my feet feet very agile you know I was explosive with my speed but I was very slight with my build with my hereditary knee issue I had it it created a lot of trauma for me with my you know my athletic agility when it came to sport as I know he started getting older meaning as I start to get 11 12 13 but from the age of about seven or eight to the age of 15 I was an international swimmer I swam for Wales and my main stroke was brass broken if you think about that stroke in general it is alone completely a natural movement as far as the movement patterns you put your knees and your hips through when you perform breaststroke and because of my hereditary knee issue it actually made it far worse but of course I was so unaware with that I was just like you know I was a child when I started swimming I was obviously growing up into a teenager when I was still swimming I was not aware that my sports that I would perform and were creating a lot of trauma a lot of issues with with the instability of my knee when you say hereditary there are other other people in your immediate family that had the same the same issue with their knee no Lots am i aware my mum did say to me when I was growing up so basically what I used to happen is my right knee used to Kashi dislocate itself very very often might happen once a day might happen twice a week it was just random Ron you know I'm sitting down talking to you now I could go to get up and it would dislocate itself laughs it was an extremely paying for environment that my my new my knee used to go through from time to time and basically what it was is that my ligaments were not taunt enough my tendons were not taunt enough so the joint used to float so it instead of my joint being very tight and rigid in the sense that obviously those tendons were taught and pulling my joint back into place no they were not taught enough so I knew used to float you know it used to partially float so and it it's my earliest childhood memories – three years of age it you know it was from the earliest childhood memories they would randomly do it and of course obviously swimming and putting my knee and my hip through that position obviously created a lot of here and that's why I might mind my body building a career ended at 32 I was there in fact I was 33 33 I've made a decision that I was not going to compete anymore because my quality of life was greatly suffering wrong I mean I would sleep very little because of my knee was so painful just Dave today living was you know obviously was impacting and if we look at bodybuilding in general we're obviously looking to build lean muscle tissue at some point most of us will start off with a with a certain build and as we train and we mature obviously our muscle mass will increase and our weight will increase but unfortunately we know that people who have issues when it comes to joints in generals where there was our ankle and knee our hips our back the more weight that we're carrying the more stress and load has been impact in that area and and the quality of life I had was extremely impacting it was it was not a nice feeling and had to wake up in the morning and then you know walk down the stairs it sounds you know it sounds a little bit extreme that I was in a lot of pain and discomfort and I made a decision that I was no longer gonna compete because I qualified as an IFBB Pro in 2002 yeah as a light heavyweight and I really feel I had a I had a very good realistic chance of becoming a good professional athlete at the time there was no 202 class and obviously the 202 class transition into the 212 class if that class was around at the time he would have just been a natural progression for me to move into that class but there wasn't it was just open bodybuilding I also felt that I needed probably another 15 pound of muscle on my frame to compete as a a open class athlete was that achievable yeah that was chiva beware probably a two year to really good productive years of training but with that extra training and that extra weight was gonna create more trauma for me more pain and genetically my legs were my weakness in my physique as far as my build as a child but they became one of my best muscle groups because of my intensity in my application and how I was methodical around my train and you know I created my own training style to suit my physique so I built you know mass I built thickness I built separation and density in my legs became an extremely strong muscle for me but I was one of those people who had to train my legs every week there are some of my athletes who can take weeks and months out of the gym as far as applying themselves on a muscle group because maybe that muscle group is too big a typical example was in the yearly years that I worked with Flex I stopped training I stopped him training legs for 12 months because his like you over developed he was a complete body of to have so he did not train legs for over 12 months with me at one point and obviously it allowed his upper body to progress and obviously get more balanced I've always been curious about that did his did they shrink a lot or do they stay pretty much the same size they pretty much say the same size they really didn't change one you know everything about you know flexes physique as far as his leg development stay the same they really didn't yeah they didn't change one I think you know even though you haven't asked me this question you know even today flex you know from time to time could freak me out with this physique and the same as you know the other athletes like William you know I'm obviously use if I see them up close and personal obviously on a personal level when it comes to coaching them but from time to time you know I will look at her mouthing you know like you know it'll take me back it will literally take me back and think that you know this is the first time I've seen this athlete before because you know the progression with maybe they've made in a certain muscle group or the condition is like you know it takes me back and that's great because everything about what we do is about progression yeah everything that we try to do with our athletes or ourselves has become better at something so the fact that their physiques again in Berra as they're getting older obviously that's very exciting but you know going back to you know my point here was is that I had to train my legs every week because if I didn't my legs would not move forward they would probably go backwards whereas other muscle groups like my arms and you know back if I missed workouts it would be fine I didn't but I'm just saying if I did it would be okay and it's important that we obviously prioritize our weakened muscle groups and our stronger muscle groups you have to ask ourselves are these in balance with what we're trying to create you know if the answer is yes but if it's no because they're too you know the two the two outspoken in a sense of their development then I feel it's important sometimes that we back off on those areas and allow a weaker areas to obviously you know sort of hold themselves up and become more balances and athlete but for myself I had to train my legs every week otherwise you know I would not see progression but more importantly my legs would not be on par on my upper body and I knew the work and the effort and the sacrifices I would have to make to step on stages and open-class body builder were just not realistic I the knew that I could do it and mill and make those change as far as my genetic makeup a mine and my work ethic I knew I could build that muscle but I knew that in order to build that muscle my quality of life from the pain I was gonna be in would just be too too high it wasn't worth it you know this wasn't worth it and that's basically you know I am but career I was devastated when I made a decision to step away from the stage and it hit me really really hard I didn't go back to the gym and train at all for over six years Wow not at all wrong you know within within probably like 12 months I was a I was a skeleton of my old self you know what did you have you started turning 19 you know what would you look like I don't know if you you know pounds because you've been America long enough like what did you weigh when you started when you were just at a very very slight because in school I was one of the shortest you know kids grown up throughout my school in the whole of my career you know when I say my career I'm not talking about obviously my school in years the whole of my school knew as I was probably shortest one of the skinniest kids you know but I was still fit Ron because obviously swimming at that level or swim in any level me and my brother you know we were obviously in our local swimming squad squad my mum was one of the swimming instructors so you know we had to go it was like kind of part and parcel of like leading by example I suppose if that makes sense not for ourselves but my mum was very prideful for the fact that she was very passionate about being a a very passionate swim instructor and I think for us it was important for us for her that we go because indirectly it kind of shows that her Authority I guess you know and I just burnt out with my swimming you know I swam too much every single morning every night and then on top of that I was here I was trying to fit fit my other sport and disciplines and interest that I had into everything but I was so fit I was wrong it was crazy outfit I was and I've never done a marathon in my life but I could have run a marathon and I probably could arrest him for an hour and I probably could've done I mean I was so fit long I was crazy fit really fit yeah but that's not the case anymore you know you know far from it far from it but I mean who to be I haven't won since 15 I you know I'm so much I never swam since 50 since I was in order I'll go in the pool from time to pint time but I'd never swam you know it just went out just to too much of it but I competed in my first show after 12 weeks of training Wow yeah because you know you you're someone who is an authority people look to you for information advice expertise where did you learn were you entirely self-taught or did you have any mentors along the way I I've always prepped myself so I've always coached myself but of course when I first started training I was very naive so of course it would be inquisitive and you would ask questions you know with people who obviously were in that same environment and there was a couple of people that I asked there was one gentleman called Steven Steven Lumley he was my age when also I swam as a weed was personified sorry I served I was a really good surfer I saw then I thought that had to be attack where we're gonna find are you from the ocean yeah we're very close in Wales there's a lot of good spoof in Wales yeah there's a lot of you know really good surf breaks in Wales there's a place called freshwater West which is probably the most consistent surfing break in the whole of the UK because it it faces completely West this come it's just pure Atlantic so of course you get a lot of swell but there's a lot of great great surf in places where are we with in probably 30 minute drives I could probably get to five extremely good surf and breaks and they're all very very different yeah low tide middle tide full tides you know there's a lot of great reefs where I'm from yeah a lot of great great surfing spots I feel I could have been a better surfer than a bodybuilder really yeah definitely but I'm sure if it came to me really quick as well wrong I can member the very first time I jumped on a surfboard I had no experience and I remember standing up which doesn't sound a lot to anybody that was a big thing know anybody who's ever tried it knows it's a big thing yeah it was a big thing I took to surf and really quick but a lot one of my friends who up my age from school already surfing so it kind of like it just brought me forward if that makes sense yeah but there was a gentleman called Steven Lumley he was my age in school we also played football and SAT and Steve had a fun nominal body he'd potty been training since he was about twelve thirteen I suppose and he always was known to have this crazy body and he had a phenomenal shape of structure so Steve you know was given me some advice on how you know techniques and train and etc etc and then there was another gentleman who is a gentleman called John Reese who was a lot old and me in the gym he had been trained and maybe for 12 months before I started training and you know he had a passion of you know competing at some point and it kind of just it just kind of happened and and the thing is with myself because I was so lean but I was very skinny of course you know there was a lot of muscular or a certain amount of muscular separation would you say but very little muscle so the first show I ever did we were 12 weeks of training and it was a show called the stars of tomorrow it was in a hotel called the a Moorabbin hotel in a place called portal but and Port Abbott was very well known because it's where the wealth Championships used to be held the bodybuilding world championships was held always by Jeff Maehl called poor earth or grant and Paul grant was a professional athlete he was actually in pumping iron he was friends with Arnold it's a two party member in curly hair but yeah yeah that's right hoody hair and I did his is his show called stars tomorrow I remember who was in December and I weighed in nine stone three pounds okay there's his 14 pounds there's 14 pounds in a stone so I probably weighed in about a hundred and thirty pound work Ron Paul I was here there was very little on me and I came through I came through that was either 12 athletes or 14 athletes I can't remember was either 12 or 14 with three months three months of training philosophy yeah but I was you know I had a lean look on me you know and of course I didn't build muscle because I was responsive and I was genetically gifted you know when I applied myself building muscle came pretty easy but it I just meant it meant I had to be methodical that didn't mean that I it came easy because things came easy for me no I've always had to work my ass off but my point was is if I was methodical and I work ass off those changes and progressions would happen I had you know be you know I had more than average way above average genetics when it came to building muscle tissue but I had to apply myself a hun percent in all aspects for that to take place yeah so how was your there was your first show you took third really started training yeah yeah and then I came second from blast in my second showing that I competed in and that was a wake up call for me there was only about either came fourth or fifth and it was either five or six athletes in the show I didn't die at at all I dieted from a food show and the course I put this extra weight on I was probably like 10 12 14 pound heavier thinking I'm big now it was just class I wasn't big I was just fat so yeah I probably gained like three four five pounds of muscle but that added body fat obviously had a massive detrimental impact on how I actually viewed myself because obviously a body composition can change dramatically when obviously excess body fat or body fat is taken away and we probably all seen it nobody would think for one minute that shawn rhoden at the pittsburgh pro with what he brought her to the stage as a guest appearance his physique is in mr. Olympia physique and then this is this is a compliment towards Shawn okay my point is is that you know a certain amount of body fat can change a tapered structure yet Shawn it's got undoubtely one of the bases took nurse base the best shape and structures within the IFBB history is very much like a statuette version of a flex wheeler you know as far as the stature I'm not talking about depth I'm not talking about muscle bellies but when it comes to stature you know he's got a phenomenal shape and structure but you would never said that from looking at you know pictures from Pittsburg so people looking at the pictures of Pittsburg and obviously criticizing but hey it doesn't matter what it looks like a Pittsburgh it only actually really matters what he looks like become Olympia time so you know Shawn as an experienced individual so I'm sure he's going to bring something special to the stage come September I just think he should have called in sick for that guest posing that's all yeah make it my throat's killing me something you know that's so you turned pro in 2002 in the UK which up until very recently it was very difficult to turn professional in the United Kingdom yeah one guy a year basically right yeah yeah so yeah you know there's so much more do you look at it now do you see all these opportunities all these pro cards being handed out like you know left and right is it just do you feel it kind of dilutes the sport to have thousands of pros now um this is me being very real and honest okay so some people will be offended by this and some people maybe agree and some people will stay neutral the industry has grown immensely it's grown you know amazingly all right in lots of different areas will have different divisions which have come into place which have given people the opportunity to choose a division which suits their physique when we go back 15 years old let's go back to when bodybuilding was bodybuilding and we basically had basically just two classes it was female bodybuilding and it was bodybuilding there was different weight categories okay the thing is even those weight categories were very fair on and the reason I say that's because you chose the weight class that suited your weight okay we know that some people have an advantage with their shape and structure we know some people are genetically gifted because they are able to build muscle mass yet but yet look bigger than their body weight because they have very large muscle bellies you know William Bonner hack Phil he's the prime examples of this okay but that doesn't take away their work ethic and what they they desire what they put in as far as their efforts are concerned but the divisions have changed we have classic body built in there which is great we have men's physique which is great we have bikini we have physique we have all all these different divisions now the only thing is that I see at the moment with all these pro cards given out we don't have the depth of talent in the bodybuilding classes to give all these pro cards out we just don't we don't have the depth you know we do not have the depth and the talent out there to give out all these pro cards to the bodybuilders I do feel that we probably have the deadness within the bikini and the men's physique why because the divisions are so much bigger if we will love to look at bikini worldwide and we were to look at men's physique those are probably the most heavily populated classes which potentially can replenish themselves but the bodybuilding classes we just don't we don't have the depth and for me when I was a bodybuilder whether I was a pro or whether as an amateur I can remember you know living in the UK and looking at the team which were represented in the UK as amateur bodybuilders to travel internationally and go and compete in what would be say one of the main biggest amateur you have in your world which was you know the world's but also let's just say that this talk about the Arnold's okay so we're talking about the amateur Arnold's okay in Columbus Ohio man Ron the depth of talent there was really high because you had the best amateurs around the world competing in that show yeah all right it was an international show it brought more international praise or certainly eyes and attention than the World Championships because it was a bigger event and sharing it was Arnold show so obviously there was hundreds of thousand people which would attend that show and that event you know over that weekend and the depth was there now you have an athletes competing in that show and no disrespect it looks like they found it hardly trained you know it like you know some of the you know some of the depth of talent in that in those divisions now those classes are really poor and I think to myself as great as it is to reward people with ifbb pro cards we also go ask ourselves are they good enough to be professional athletes like are they good enough to be professional athletes compete of the Olympia or compete in the Arnold's as far as professional status you have to either be invited or you have to win enough points and qualify for those events so let's say for linphea it's the appendant you cannot compete on that mr. Olympia stage as a professional without proving yourself as a professional and I feel that in order to compete from an amateur and go into professional division you have to be up to a certain level you have to be up to a certain grade do I feel that the sport will grow from that sorry go backwards from it now we're nurturing our future we're nurturing you know our depth of talent that we're bringing in to represent so the ifbb pro league without doubt has is the most highly acclaimed you know sort of a pinnacle that you could possibly achieve in bodybuilding I love what they stand for I love what they do they give everybody an equal opportunity to compete on an international professional stage and look look what look how the IPV Pro League is obviously branched out and grown internationally you know all the different international pro shows all around the world but when athletes step on stage they have to be up to a certain standard I feel because they're representing the whole of the industry at the most highest level and it would be very much to me like you know you don't have to qualify in order to do the Olympic Games you have to be hand selected to compete at the Olympic Games you know if we do not nurture the future of our athletes and I feel that the recognition the status is what we're we're representing ourselves as a whole it doesn't show a true reflection of what we are you know that's my opinion as it you know the the divisions when it comes to bikini and men's physique I feel they'll report they'll be able to replenish themselves but it's also you know let's have a look at what's taking place in the is we be in the IFBB Pro League over the last couple of years obviously they split and I think that the IDB Pro League have done an amazing job with what they're what they've done so far but I think I'm sure that like everything else is going to take time going to take the fat time to find out you know what is the correct balance so you know my my words are very encouraging for what they're doing but at the same time I feel that it's us you know who we give these pro cards to because some of these athletes they may deserve to be pros because they work really hard but they just do not have the physics good enough to represent I work very hard doesn't mean I deserve to be a pro it's not merit-based that's you know that's my opinion on it's a very you know it's a tough one isn't it yeah I'm curious as to when you started coaching you retired in 2002 and I didn't hear what you didn't become sort of an international name for probably toward the end of that decade by then everybody knew who you are but when did you start working with athletes so how did that come about I mean when I was about 22 23 and just became a hobby because I think people will see and obviously me competing and and and seeing the level of physique I was bringing to the stage and I think people are just inquisitive of what I was doing and people were obviously asking advice it's a it's a small industry but people obviously talk etc and when I was about 22 or 23 I just was practical just if something asked me know would I help them I would give them some advice I would prep them I didn't charge them and obviously I gained you know I gray gained a certain amount of credibility with with the athletes that I was looking after over a period of time and I met flex in 2003 2003 I actually met him at the show that I turned pro and he was an amateur oh there yeah he's an amateur I was a guest I was a guest star there was also a judge there and that's what I first met him and I think to be honest with you you know my recognition or my international attention came from his success which is you know extremely what we've achieved wrong or what we've done together and what you know I can't even try and put it into words because I think that we've probably been working together longer as a coaching athlete so we've been working together 16 years we've we've won everything it's not about winning so even though I said that we won everything together it's a it's experiences that we've experienced it's all the small things that nobody ever sees you know it's our conversations behind closed doors it's our training us our workouts it's our doing cardio together it's all the things and but that being said as well as much as I love the relationship that I have with flex I love my relationship I have with all my athletes and I do treat them very very same of course my emotional attachment all my time with Flex is more meaning that it's different to the other athletes because I I spend a lot more time with him but my passion and my time as far as my experience and my one for my athletes to do better as the same so John down the races a new athlete but you know he's you know I'm sure he's you know he's experienced you know my real passion and my experience and my attention to detail in the same way as William I'm very very protective of William and very out of all the athletes that I've worked with William has had to work so friggin hard to be yeah work for her I mean I just I didn't think he didn't work hard but I mean I look at the guy and he's he's obviously genetic freak too so yeah but when I say work hard he worked hard in the gym he's driven by his own fitness goals and his lifestyle goals and his family and definitely a big driving force for him but what I mean by that is that we've been working together for five or six years and there's been quite a few shows that I've seen William compete in and place and I think he's deserved much better than what he's placed that at and at times so when I said you know I think he said you just had to work really hard I think he's had to work really hard to just to get that recognition and to go and get those you know the the just justification places that he's obviously managed to get now over the last number of years he's an amazing bodybuilder he's been bird at the mr. Olympia contest Vaughn Agee and yet people are talking about who's gonna who could beat Shawn Rhoden this year and nobody seems to be talking about William Vaughn ACK for whatever reason it's Brandon Currie it's oh if Romney could work with Neil Hill and get a show you know other names keep popping I don't know why William doesn't get maybe it's cuz he's quiet he doesn't promote himself more I really don't know why because he's obviously got a hell of a physique he's proven himself on the arnold classic stage with a win yet been in the top five of the olympia now a few times top three at the highest so you know do you have any idea why you think he doesn't get more let's say yeah I don't know I mean William is quiet on socials he's a quiet you know private person which i think is a really good quality to be honest to do because you know too many people are a very false with what they put out there on there so she's believed you me a lot of people what they put out there believe me that's not the real people by any means whatsoever believe you me so William it you know is a very real person what he puts out there is him he you know he loves his bodybuilding but he doesn't love socials you know he his bodybuilding is a is his passion his family is his passion do I think it could help him gain more attention going into a show yeah I do think it could do if he was obviously more public but at the end of the day it's what you what you look like when you step onstage that's what you should be representing yourself it's not about what you did in your last show it doesn't make any difference if you were better in your last show if you're the best man in that day it's like it's like let's look at racing let's look at a hundred meter sprint you and I are obviously racing against each other you're the Olympic champion okay I how however I am the world-record holder okay you beat me by one tenth of a second sorry I beat you by one tenth of a second but I don't beat my record but they say well you know Neil won the race by 1/10 per second but he's ran faster we'll give this title to Ron Harris like no that's not the way it should be you know do doesn't believe in Olympics it doesn't make any difference if you were better in the last show it's about what you look like on that day who's the best bodybuilder on that day and I feel that William represents him very well as far as being consistent with what he represents himself on the on the day the show could he beat Shawn Rhoden right he can beat Shawn Road and he's done it before Cambell sure road and beat William Banach of course he can't because he's beaten William before every single one of those guys in the top five then so let's look at the top five currently we got roelly winklaar we've got Brandon Currie we got Shawn Rhoden we've got William Banach who else have we got in that top five last year someone snuck in I was curry yeah I should know these things it's because obviously fills out the equation those are the crews I mean we'll get to we will talk we I talked a little bit about Romney one point he's been a consistent top five man for years now let's just say for athletes okay every one of those athletes are beating each other at some point right okay except Brandon hasn't beaten Shawn yet don't think he has maybe hers but my point is is that all of those guys have been directly they will cancel each other out at some point mhm so you know can William Banach wouldn't Olympia this year yeah I feel confident he is to be honest with you I feel that if we bring the package which is achievable with William I generally but I honestly believe that William is gonna run in Olympia this year is he beautiful yeah of course he's beatable Brandon beat him do I think that Brandon beat him in the Columbus no I feel that Williams physique was still too polished still to 3d didn't have any weaknesses but I'm extremely happy and proud of Brandon for his win I'm extremely happy for him his family but I still feel at this body of to half still I still feel his legs just you know are down his hamstrings and glutes from the rear you know they need to come up he's got the mr. mr. Olympia Bach upper body then we look it sure insurance got the mr. Olympia legs but doesn't have the mr. Olympia upper body when it comes to thickness and fullness like Brandon Currie then you've obviously got the density and mass and the most refined one of the most refined intricate detailed athletes in the world which is William Bonner but he's short so my point is that all those guys are all capable of beating each other and for myself of course I'll do everything as I can as a coach to help William win that title but for me as long as the best man on the day wins happy as long as the the second best bodybuilder on the day win come second a second and I'm I'm cool with that because I have a huge respect for all the athletes I generally have a great relationship I have a great relationship with Brandon we ought we work together one year one year when we work together he came like seven or eight and Olimpia one year working with me he's got a lovely family and it's same with all guy we've got a huge amount respect for all them and I've got a lot of respect for all the coaches because every single one of them are going through the same scenarios with me there's a lot of pressure and we're all obviously try to do our best for our athletes and I feel that as long as we all give a hundred percent of what we can after that it's down to the judges and it's a subjective sport and what's gonna take place is gonna take place now I promise I wouldn't make this all about Romney but we do have to touch on it you've already cleared up the fact that the doors open for Romney whenever he's ready to work with start working on offseason or prep you're there for him you know there was Nick George Ellie just put out a video claiming that Romney is secretly working with Chris Osito but Chris won't say anything because he's waiting to see if Romney does well then he'll take credit for it but if he doesn't do well he'll deny any any responsibility he'll deny that it was working with him which even on the surface seems like a ludicrous scenario just one opinion you find it almost amusing how much time and energy people are putting into who is Romney working with the who he's going to work with right okay so I did an interview recently a random eater in an interview with actually one of my Canadian amateurs he's he's from the Middle East obviously speaks that native language and he asked me would i but I do an interview and he asked me hey if I asked you a question about Romney is it okay so this you can ask me any questions is fine I'm making this very very public I don't have an issue with any of the posts that Nick put up nothing at all the only thing that I'm frustrated about is that there were things which would be instead not by Nick the person who was feeding Nick that me and Romney had had a fallen out or crosswords not at any time Rahmi and myself fallen out how to crossword disagreed on anything in any way whatsoever not in any point alright if Randy wants to work with another coach it's fine with me I don't have an issue if he wants to work with Chris now if Chris and ramya working together at the moment do I have an issue with it no but do I find it disrespectful of course I do because Randy hasn't told me that okay and I think that it's just common courtesy to just be very open with what you're doing when they're when you're supposed to have some form of coach and athlete relationship going on if Chris is really coaching them behind doors I'm not gonna say anything unless indeed does really does well I think that's a very unprofessional thing to do to be honest with you because you're not thinking about sickness I've never heard of a top coach doing that of you but this is Mike this is my point okay this is my point because I think that you're not taking responsibility of what you're supposed to be you're supposed to be taking responsibility for the welfare and the future of your athlete now do I think that Chris is doing that no I Jeremy don't I generally don't think he's doing that whatsoever I just think there's a lot of gossip which is going round for attention I don't feel it's necessary Nick which is actually trying to draw this attention some of these feed in information there are things which had been said which are completely untrue so I saw a text message which apparently said that I didn't want to prep Ramy because secretly I didn't want it to be William and and I I purposely kept him off certain things because I wanted to keep him off certain things so it was too late for him then to qualify which is not true whatsoever ronnie has the ability to win the Olympia if he finally gets in condition okay but he's gotta get into finally condition first of all William has the ability to beat Romney he's done it before he's done it before alright he's done it before they're both capable of winning that title just because I prepped William barnak or just because I prepped big Romney or just because I prepped Flex Lewis which all potential you're going to compete again teacher than one day doesn't mean that I'm actually going to put more time and more attention into one another I'm not I'm gonna prep everyone other I'm the same in the sense oh I'm gonna prep every one of them to win the title which means I'm gonna prep prep them to beat beat each other but there's only gonna be one winner and that's that's not me to dictate I wouldn't I wouldn't do that so whatever Romney's doing whether he's working with Chris at the moment I'm cool with it whether he's not working with anyone at the moment that's cool I said to Romney in a message the last time we spoke was on the night for May and I said to him and this was my words I said don't listen to what every other tells you you do what you want to do everybody has probably been telling you what you should be doing over the last three four five years your career you do what makes you happy and you do what you feel is best view as long as you're happy and healthy and you do the things in life that you want to do that's all that matters Romney whether you work with me whether you work with somebody else it's fun I highly suggested that he did not compete in 2019 because of the small amount of time that I've had with him and how much I've got to know as a person didn't feel that he was mentally ready and he physically was ready I feel that he was still struggling from what happened in 2018 as far as his place in the stage I still feel that he was struggling because he was upset about the breakdown in his relationship with oxygen and badder I don't know what happens and every mess any questions you know I mean I respect both of them whatever happens happened it's not my business I'm not interested in it you also had a shoulder injury which I think I think that he picked up 12 18 months ago 14 months ago 16 months ago long time before he started work with me which was creating a lot of trauma there's a lot of changes in his life meaning he moved from Kuwait where he'd been living there for multiple years went to Dubai didn't know if he was going to be in Dubai was going back to Egypt and you know I kind of lost balance and you have to have balance as an athlete if you really want to do your best you can't just be living in a suitcase of jumping from hotel to hotel country to country missing workouts missing meals you know there would be time where I wouldn't get my check-ins from Romney and he said I've been in it I've been in Egypt coach and I was like oh that's fine I didn't tell me I've lost like six or seven pound I've lost ten pound but like you can't do that when you're when you're trying to progress and move forward and I felt that there were a lot of things that you needed to prioritize and I feel and I felt that and I still do in trying to qualify for the 2019 is not a productive move because I don't feel that you would see the best version of ramy and that's what I can tell you that's all I can say I can say to you this me and Romney has never fallen out we've never had a cross word do I think that he was happy when I told him that I don't feel he should compete this year no he wasn't happy he was a little upset he was a little cheerful but he understood the reasons why he wasn't annoyed with me to mine to my knowledge and he certainly didn't come across that way whatsoever but what rama's doing at the moment I'm also said to me when I spoke to my last you know in they I'm gonna let you contact me when you're ready to move forward or you feel that you want to work with me I'm gonna let you do whatever you want so it's for myself he's got to do whatever whatever is gonna make him happy and happiness is more important and hopefully we will see Romney back on stage in 2020 if Chris can bring him into the Olympia it is all-time best condition I think that the world of bodybuilding is gonna see something spectacular would I like to see it yeah I generally would because I think everybody would like to see the real version of big Ramy the truth is I still to this date have not seen a version of big romney on any stage people talk about you as the best when he competed and with Chris Saucedo know he was I remember seeing what he looked like in prejudging when he was working with Chris see Tony look absolutely terrible in prejudging he looked better in the finals wrong so let's wait and see what happens you know people were pinning their hopes and dreams on you working with him to save him in a sense of you know I've been looking the first time I saw that guy was his first pro show New York Pro and ever since then I've still been waiting to see that detail the maturity the crisp that I've never seen on that physique all the size in the world great shape great structure she's not missing anything but people once it was word got out you know earlier this year that you're working with him a lot of people got their hopes up I'm sure all of his fans especially because you know you don't just handle the diet you to oversee the training style and whatever Romney was doing or has been doing up until this point his career has not been giving him that polished refined look that would he wasn't like you said in another interview he was never gonna he was never gonna beat Phil Heath with that look never yeah because Phil has all that that's how he'll beat all these guys well these guys have size and shape and structure but they don't have those crazy fine details people were really hoping that you partnering up with him and coaching him was finally gonna be that that missing that missing factor so it's it's bumming people out that he's not competing this year and not working with you because a lot of people want him to win the Olympian they saw you coaching him as the only means to make that happen Ron I do feel that if if Romney committed himself to me he locked himself away with me and allowed me to do my job I do believe I would have brought him into any show especially mr. Olympian is all turned s position I generally believe that not because I'm arrogant I'm very confident in myself but I felt that everything that he was doing before was the complete polar opposite to what I would do with Ronnie and I'm not saying that just because you do something completely different it means that is that the change is gonna be for the better but what I am saying in most cases is that if you're in an environment and it's not good for you then you have to do something different and I wasn't going to necessarily do something different with him just because it made sense I would be doing something completely different with them because it's my methodical way of thinking if that makes sense and but I think that you know I haven't had a lot of time with Romney personal time but I really like my time with him I found it to be a very genuine person a very sincere person extremely passionate family person which I really like those qualities but I think there's a lot of people within his team or in his character and his circle which talk a lot and give him a lot of different advice and opinions he needs to make his mind up what you know and make his choices and not listen to other people yes sometimes it's important for us to speak to people who are neutral because we can all get caught up in a thought occur while thinking it or our way of thinking which might not be the right way of thinking yeah so it's nice to have an independent view but but just say for instance the message that I saw from somebody which said that me and Romney had fallen out all right which was not true that a parody has come from one of his friends so that's not true also the same person said that you know I purposely jeopardized Rama's prep for 2009 819 because I didn't want it to be a big rabbit yeah William Banach that's not true so my point is that if you've got people in his so-called circle which is supposed to be true friends talking like this then does I'll not tell you that you need to step away from that and actually think logically if Romney was one of my real athletes which means he's committed to me I generally believe I would have brought him into the loop he look in something spectacular and how he places would be down to the judges but I would have done exactly the same with William I would have done exactly the same the flag so do this act the same with John della Rossa I cannot I'm not somebody who can not give my athletes a hundred percent of me it doesn't sit well on me like I I just I just can't I just I'm not that type of person you know I I would be I would be upset and annoyed with myself if I knew that I didn't put the attention into the athletes that I want to ha what's hard for me is that I'm currently in Florida sometimes in the UK I'm here I don't get a lot of personal time with William in the gym because we lived so much distance apart William knows he can come here and stay with me anytime and every time he wants and trained it's impossible for me to go there and stay with him and I'm trained with him every day and every week and every month in Amsterdam it's just not feasible but that doesn't mean it doesn't get my time when it comes to his check-ins every day every week cetera you know he gets my time in a perfect world I don't William living here with me in Boca and take him away from his family you know for a month whatever but that being said it was he's got an amazing trainer partner Kendrick has training partners of massive artists success William you know has nothing but huge amount respect for those people which are dear to him and believe you me Kendrick is a massive driving force and a big part of his success he's a he's a great person a great man and the maze of training partner so he has everything that he needs and I feel that it's really important that when you go into show prep that you're very close to your family especially if you're a family person which William is so Williams main priority is to focus on himself his family do what he needs to do as far as his prep I get my check-ins with him he gets my time he gets my attention and then obviously you know that that check-in all that time and attention increases our we get closer and closer into the show yeah do I have to commend you because there's two guys especially the first one I got to talk about for a second is john dela Rosa because I've seen John for years and years never get into the shape that he should have gotten into so many times I'd see his progress pictures like okay he's looking pretty good then I get to the contest like he didn't nail it he did he's off again you know he was just like a little blur a little film he was just never there especially certain areas in New York Pro which you advised him not to do according to steel arias because he he needed the extra two weeks he was close Toronto you know like you said we've never seen the Romney we we wanted to see Toronto is where I finally saw the Delarosa I've been wanting to see for since he turned pro so and you did that and with only six months of working with him Laura's another great example I saw him compete a couple times last year he's very impressed with obviously the structure of the size the shape he has the tiny little joints but condition I was very disappointed every time I saw him so yes guy this guy is not in if he was in real shape he'd be pushing for the title he'd be pushing for the Olympia classic physique title and again Arnold Classic he shows up after working with you for how long for four or five months well mean me and Steve actually started working together about several weeks before last year's Olympia okay but wrong it was a very frustrating several weeks because he went to China to do at all with his sponsors didn't tell me he was going it didn't tell me was going so that several weeks was a very frustrating time for me because it was never gonna be ready for the Olympia didn't have the time he didn't put the attention in all this talent but needed to apply himself in areas of his life as far as being committed to be a professional bodybuilder and I think he just generally innocently just didn't realize what kind of commitment that he needed to make so you know we we started working together you know as I said for a brief period a small period of time through Olympia Pratt but he was never gonna be ready for limpia the you know didn't have the time he you know he randomly went off to to China I don't mind if any of my athletes have obligations with their sponsors to do you know obligations which is part and past their contracts but you also have to pick and choose and commit yourself at the times which are appropriate with where you are with your careers and that particular time seven weeks out from the friggin Olympia go to China without even telling me I remember message and say hey where's my picture updates and then he said you know his pictures so where are you these pictures are in the wrong place I can't tell I can't work off these I mean shagging a coach you mean you and China's not the great one you know so so it was the Arnold's where we had our I would say our first prep yeah our first prep together and you know and I think that you know steeple an amazing package I thought he looked unbelievable like incredible I feel that he brought AXA loot he brought what I would call true classic Bonnie boom to the stage in every single sense and he was about 10 to 12 pound on the weight limit as well so you imagine 10 or 12 hours of quality muscle on that frame if we can duplicate the same kind of condition and obviously increases proportions I think that he's gonna be a great great face for looking for the Federation and he's also a really amazing person he holds himself very well he's very respectful speaks well I got I'd like I like my time with Steve is a good person and you had advised him and you know your advice if people heat it it seems like it always works out for the best I told him this Olympia yet this year is not not to show for you because he could rush and put on a little bit of size but if he takes the time and comes back next year he's gonna be something something he's gonna be another we'll take it to another level you know I don't know how many coaches are like you where they will encourage people to skip shows so that they can actually make the improvements they need to I know especially on the amateur level I know a lot of coaches with clients who need time to grow need time to bring up body parts but they they just encourage them to keep prep prep prep prepping because they want to get paid to keep prepping people but the reason with Steve the reason why I told him I felt that you need to step away from a stage in 2019 is because after speaking to the judges you know it was very apparent that they wanted to see more depth and more thickness in certain areas of this physique they felt that his legs were over developed needed to put more thickness in his back as his shoulders his chest etc a little bit more on his hamstring and those changes are just they can't take place in a short space of time Ron unless you unless you rush the process and I'm not willing to play God with my athletes health look I'm not some one of those people everything to me it has to be sensible and you need to look at the bigger picture and for myself as I know trophy in the world is is gonna be a reward big enough to jeopardize somebody's happiness and half long term for myself it's just not part part of what I want to be a part of and he had he didn't qualify remember so he didn't qualify in Columbus if we were to qualified in Columbus or he would have won that show and qualified for the Olympia then we would have probably had like six months that we could make some form of positive changes between the Arnold and and color and Vegas we didn't which meant that we had to choose another event the longer I keep pushing on Steve's physique longevity goes down so you have to fight you know you find a tipping point so so what do we do we back off after the the Arnold's okay and we look at another show the trouble is is that we don't have enough time to prep properly for a show and be ready you know for that show because what would happen if we did the Tampa Pro what we turn up and the Tampa Pro maybe 90% because we don't have a hunt we don't have enough time to be a hundred percent and then we're told like well you were better last time so you know that's why you come six well all that work is for nothing that doesn't mean that the judges are wrong with placing them in sixth place because it might be a very fair decision but it's more the fact that we have to be very sensible and methodical how what we're trying to achieve here you know as especially for Steve because he does have the ability to win that title he really does think he could be an amazing face for that for that title I think is shaken structured is everything what classic body Bowman is I think that the you know the judges like his face they like his physique and it's just a it's a time it's a it's a work in progress and that's exactly the same as what I feel john Delarosa is as well as that even though John you know has had an amazing break out here John is still to me a work in progress athlete you're not gonna see the real true John Delarosa until probably 2020 2021 and then I feel you're gonna see something crazy special but I feel that you know what we've done in 2019 has put us in a very strong position I think it's gained a huge amount of credibility back for John which I'm really happy about I feel that he's a really good ambassador for the sport everybody loves you on everyone you know you can tell you didn't know the fans you know the bodybuilders his athletes the judges the officials he's everything what professional bodybuilders should be holds himself conducts themselves really well so I think that I feel that we've had a small setback at the moment with John because you just had a hernia operation yeah I mind a hernia operation which wasn't something that we were gonna you know get done before the Olympia but John wanted it to kind of address that so that you know he going to Olympia and hopefully like it not be an area where they say look great but even though nothing had been said so you know we've had to spend some weeks out of the gym which were not planned hopefully you'll be back in the gym on Monday so Amanda and a biblical hernia and then I was here some Olympia prep but I feel very very very confident that John's got a real shot at it being in anywhere between six and seventh place I generally feel that's a really good you know a good place in between sort of six and seven seventh and I'm also keratin on everybody been in shape so I feel that if everybody brings their games I feel that John's got a really good chance of being between sort of sixth and seventh face however if he comes eighth ninth or tenth are still an amazing place he's never been in that position though yeah everything's things are great and I I'm really looking forward and enjoying working with John and building our athlean coaching relationship we're really working well together ok last guy I want to talk about we've been talking for an hour so I thank you for your time but I do want touch on just Alex camera now for a second because he's a guy I followed for years I met him when he was just a kid and uh you know he's switched over from 2-12 to classic and he's having he's having really good success with it so far what would you like to see improvement wise with his physique before you see him possibly pushing for in the very top spots at the Olympia it's hard to say because I know that we've been talking a lot but I just want to go back to the beginning Alex was a 212 athlete yeah a fleet he actually had a pretty damn good to 12 career seeing he was an extremely extremely light to 12 athlete all right competed over like mitten 195 ish so roughly about 195 196 roughly to my knowledge he's won at least three maybe four to twelve Pro shows possibly alright last year I believe he came eight in the Olympia when you consider his height because he's like five seven probably one of the tallest guys in that in that lineup and the fact that he's only weighing in at like 195 ish 196 come contest day last year 2018 he doesn't hold what I would say a massive amount of muscle but he does have a phenomenal shape of structure which obviously helps carry him winning some points it was just a natural transition for him to step into the classic bodybuilding class I just want to make this very public Alex did not step into the the classic division because it was an easy choice Alex actually is a classic bodybuilder okay he is not a bodybuilder bodybuilder he doesn't have the density of muscle etc but he's got the lines and the shape of a bodybuilder if we were to say what is true classic bodybuilding or true classic bodybuilding should be what bodybuilding is a general small waist broad shoulders flow in muscle bellies everything is clean that's what bodybuilders should be why do we call it classic bodybuilding no because it's the class which just seems to be more favorable for people which just have that cleaner flowing body okay but flex Luthor Lex Whedon was probably the ultimate classic bodybuilder in today's lifestyle meaning that he had the classic lines cuz he had the tiny little joints but these round full muscle bellies Apple that was bodybuilding its finest to me that was bodybuilding but it also is classic but it's a bigger version of classic so we stepped into the classic division because it suited his shape and structure better it wasn't because he was looking you know to make it easier transition no not by any means whatsoever he's now in a division that he actually is perfectly fitted he's got a phenomenal physique shape structure muscle bellies density I feel in Pittsburgh we brought everything in Pittsburgh I thought we brought everything you could want I can remember speaking to Tyler and some of the other judges and said what you want me to do with Alex different for the Olympia the Tigers words were nothing don't change anything just bring him in like he is that's exactly what they said you knows exactly what he they said this time is woods you know he was head judge in there and that was his words nothing new he said just bring him in like he did you know for the Olympia like that I do oh I would like to try and put a little bit more thickness and fullness in his hamstrings from the rear bringing up his calf's a little bit but I'm being hypercritical here we can really break down everybody builder and be critical I feel that we just got a duplicate a look that we did in Pittsburgh or what we did the day before New York people didn't see the look of Alex the day before the show he looked phenomenal I just feel that that extra we could die at him or actually two weeks one or two weeks of extra diet and was hard on his body and his body start to run away a little bit but you know he's in a good mental place I think that he again he represents the industry really really well you know him and Maggie a great promoters they they promote obviously amateur events so it's obviously head down now and concentrate on Olympia prep well geez I had more questions but you know what we have we got to do this another time Neil I really could talk to you all day yeah we didn't talk about Bollywood we didn't talk about y3t there's a wealth of information I could really do this all day so thank you so much for your time Neil appreciate very much I apologize for taking so long to get this interview done I mean I should have done this years ago anyway so I appreciate you taking the time and you know being so forthright you're always incredibly honest sometimes to a fault I'm sure because not it's not the most common quality in this industry people being perfectly honest all the time but that's that's why you have the level of respect that you do one of the reasons anyway so best of luck with all the athletes we'll be following them all along as they get ready for the Olympia other shows and that's it appreciate this very much Neil I will give out your your social is instagram neil underscore yoda underscore he'll and you still have this website y3t disciple comm yeah it's not it's actually my website is actually y3t WorldCom but it's not live at the moment or some big things so well that's something we can talk about in the near future a lot of big things happening but Ron I just want to say a big thank you up to yourself and musk a development what you guys are doing industry also you give back and sell me different areas I want to say too obviously big thanks to all the viewers if you guys haven't fallen asleep you know for the new amateurs out there and everybody which is new what your PT following their fitness girls I want to wish each and every one of you all the very best with what you're looking to achieve with your own fitness goals I want to say a big massive good luck to all the athletes which are gonna be stepping on stage in the mr. Olympia I do believe there are gonna be some new champions in different divisions this year which will be great to see not that our present champions from females to males are not doing a great job because they are but I just think that the industry there's so much depth there's so much excitement as so many people obviously hunger you know their hunger is really high and looking you know for titles and obviously we know we're gonna have a new champion within that 212 division and that's something I'm very passionate about that 212 so what I'll say good luck to all you guys in that 212 class battle it out and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody in Vegas if you haven't already got your tickets guys and girls make sure you do because this is gonna be an amazing event as always and from myself and obviously the IFBB Pro League and Yamamoto nutrition I just want to say thank you for all the time and I appreciate it thanks a lot okay everybody thank you for watching the wrong line report with Neil Hill we'll catch you next time


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