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the no fate Channel checking in on today's episode of Sunday supplement review we are talking about sleep that deep sleep that glorious sleep that no alarm set sleep as I cover clinical labs supplements sleep support I am dedicated to helping you dads on this series I review a supplement every Sunday to help you dads decide if it is right for your fitness goals your health needs and most importantly that hard hard hard earned money today from clinical lab supplements I have their newest product sleep support so if you're not familiar with clinical lab supplements I will link all the videos that I've done on previous reviews right up here they are a small company but they are a very good company they do a lot of research putting together and crafting their supplements and that's why they don't have a number of products just dumped into every market ok the stuff that they have put out has been top shelf top-of-the-line well thought out and well researched and that's why I'm was excited when they sent me their four newest products if you're watching this is this video all of their new products are out now on their website clinical app supplements calm and on this review we're going to talk about their sleep support so let's just quickly talk about sleep in general many people kind of poopoo sleep right they don't talk about sleep they say your sleep when you're dead but the reality is sleep is so important it helps us boost our immune system it helps us boost our testosterone it helps us recover in general all right so many people just overlook sleep and if you're a dad if you're a parent if you're a student if you've got a busy life oftentimes the first thing to go when times are tight is sleep I would argue that if you're not getting enough sleep you should at least be trying to improve the quality of your sleep on because quality is almost as important as quantity and that's one of the things that clinical labs sleep support does it helps you get a better quality of sleep and it frankly it helps you get to sleep quicker as well often times I know some of you your minds are just going so hard and so fast that when you put your head to the pillow you just can't you can't shut it off you can't go to sleep so it can take you an hour to fall asleep let's dive right into the bottle one bottle 30 servings one serving four pills as a reference the pill size is small so taking four of these at once is extremely extremely easy again no problems taking these pills these aren't horse pills so let's just go over the ingredients here valerian root extract 400 milligrams lemon balm extract 400 milligrams chamomile flower extract 400 milligrams l-theanine 300 milligrams manganese 200 milligrams 5htp 200 milligrams melatonin 10 milligrams manganese 11 milligrams and then for absorption black pepper fruit extract all of these ingredients fall under two categories number one is to just help you relax help you calm down help you just kind of put you in a better mood so that you can get to sleep faster okay and the other category is that you put you in a deeper state of sleep so you can get to those level 3 and level 4 sleep cycles quickly and get you the most bang for your buck when it comes to sleep because I know again most to you you're not getting seven or eight you're probably lucky if you get five or six and I know there's a lot of dads and moms out there not even getting five okay clinical lab supplements sleep support definitely delivers exactly what it promises I will tell you I normally fall asleep in about 15 minutes I've been using this for the past five days and like I am out cold I am just super relaxed as soon as my head hits the pillow I am in la-la land and I I have gotten some really deep really awesome dreams off of this stuff because I'm in a deeper level of sleep for the hours that I have been sleeping now normally I get between five and six hours of sleep and lately I have been feeling waking up extremely refreshed now there's only caveat I would say to this is the melatonin everyone's reaction to melatonin is different I happen to like melatonin but I know for a fact when I take ten milligrams that's a full dose would be considered a full dose with this I need to be make sure I'm getting seven or eight hours of sleep okay because it's a heavy dosage for me that's how my body reacts to it so I would say if you pick this up start with one pill work your way up to four I found the sweet spot over the has been two pills okay two pills for me it's been ideal spot I wake up feeling refreshed ready to go just to tackle the day tackle the gym and just I just feel gung-ho I don't feel hungover like you know some some of the sleep aids you can be really really wake up and just be really like where am I really groggy at two pills I wake up feeling good and I mean like you feel like you got eight hours asleep but you only got five and a half I'm a huge fan of of clinical labs I'm a huge fan of sleep aids to help you get better quality of sleep especially when you can't get those eight hours of sleep on your own so what does it cost right it's not about getting the good supplement for you it's about getting a great supplement at an amazing price so this is a new product that has just got released I talked to the guys over at clinical lab supplements that's going to retail for $40 now we never pay retail obviously you can get 10% off with my code no fate 24/7 and that brings this to $1 20 per serving okay so with the 10% off of that code no fate 24/7 you everyday price is a dollar 20 cents per serving a full serving is four pills so keep in mind it now I've been using I've been enjoying a half a serving two pills but $1 20 per serving and keep in mind that's the everyday price often times almost all the supplement companies will run sales to help further reduce the prices whether it's Labor Day Memorial Day a Friday they put a sale on so I guarantee you if you head over to clinical lab supplements calm if you keep your eyes open you can definitely get that price down when they do a promotional deal for a buy one get one free buy one get one half off and often times when they do those promotional deals you could still use the nove 24/7 coupon code to double dip and save yourself as much money as possible so if you are interested in clinical labs supplements sleep support head over to clinical lab supplements dot-com pick yourself up some use that code no fate 24/7 to get yourself ten percent off if you can find a better code use that one you know I want to save you as much money as possible let me know in the comments below how many hours of sleep are you typically getting a night is it eight her is it more like hoping for five okay drop it in the comments below if you've come this far in the video then you know what to do give it a like hit that subscribe button as usual thanks for watching and don't save anything for the trip back I am dedicated to helping you dads be great parents to your children and still accomplish your own personal goals I post tips and tricks to save you dads time energy and money three things that are in short supply for every dad out there


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