The Record: President Obama on Health Care in America

The President: So
because of this Law. Because of Obama care
another 20 millions Americans now know the
finical security of health insurance. So do another 3 million
children, thanks in large part to the affordable
care act and the improvements the
enhancements that we made to the children’s health
insurance program. And the net result is that
never in American history has the uninsured rate
been lower than it is today. Never. (applause) The President: Because of a law you now have free preventive care. Insurance companies have to offer that in whatever policy they sell because
of the law you now have free check ups for women. Because of the law you
get free mammograms. (applause) The President: Because of the law it is harder for insurance
companies to discriminate against you because you’re
a woman, when you get health insurance. (applause) The President: Because of the law doctors are finding better ways to
preform hearth surgeries and deliver healthier
babies and treating chronic disease and
reducing the number of people that once they’re
in the hospital end up having to return the hospital. So you’re getting better
quality, even though you don’t know that
Obamacare is doing it. This is more then just
about health care. Its about the character
of our country. Its about whether we look
out for one anther its about whether – the
wealthiest nation on earth is going to make sure that
nobody suffers, nobody loses everything they’ve
saved, everything they’ve worked for because
they’re sick. You stood up for the idea
that no American should have to go without the
healthcare they need. And its still true today. And we’ve proven together
that people who love this country can change it.

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