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a train carrying grenades and bombs has derailed in Nevada and toxic waste is leaking from that train into the environment but there is good news I just saved a bunch of money by switching to for my supplements welcome back to the info war room brought to you by info war so calm it's the save info wars emergency special 50% off all info wars life supplemented in four the best supplements you can find and free shipping store wide that info where they give your support let's go to the calls now we're gonna be taking a lot of calls today just because I'm just spinning around like a top so why should I just be spinning around like a madman on air but we can take your call so let's go to Rick to start us off today in Connecticut go ahead Rick how you doing good thank you for calling you got it I love you guys I love what you guys do I use turbo force everyday I use I do everyday the toothpaste for meeting my son everybody I Drive around your bumper stickers on the back of my work truck I do plumbing and HVAC we all over all over Connecticut guys weren't you guys man I saw someone driving in today that I don't know what kind of truck was there some kind of work truck and they had some rounded deal I don't know it looked like some sort of container anyway it had just a whole plethora of info or stickers like every every big info or sticker the long bumper sticker style like 10 of them on this round container and I was just like man that is a that is one way to spread the word just you know putting the stickers out there that's awesome we had a there's actually a stop sign they had stop Trump I put a a for sticker right over Trump knee is awesome top truck yeah no we need to stop cutting the taxes stop cutting the regulation stop the booming economy we need to stop it Rick it's out control you know what just like you guys you guys are doing an awesome job whatever thing you guys do and keep up the good work man all right Rick well thank you for calling in and talking about the game great products in folks we don't even mean we don't we don't plan these calls that's the first call I took today and he wants to talk about the products hey I get it I remember taking survival shield x2 for the first time after about three to six months folks you really notice a lot of difference and for some stuff like that it takes a little bit while for your your your biology and chemistry and everything to catch up because it's been so toxified for so long but with stuff like turbo force I mean that stuff that's just better than any energy drink you can find I guarantee that and the energy lasts for hours and again it's 50% off all in fours life supplements right now it's the same info wars emergency special free shipping store wide so you don't have water filter or an air filter yet take advantage of the free shipping store wide and get some buku savings on that alright Rick hey thank you so much for your support god bless you thank you for the call let's go to Derek in California go ahead Derek thanks for calling in oh man thank you so much first-time caller longtime listener appreciate uh you know despite you know things feeling all over being a little place today I do have good news Owen okay I just made the bunch of money on my supplements by switching to info info info and I also want to ask what I didn't know about any of the activity going on in West LA by the VA and that lady getting spit on I would have pounced on him like a spider monkey you know what I mean it's part of it you know I'm actually glad that you brought that up because that's that's kind of one of our things here that we just fail at and I don't even know if you could say that I mean we're there's so much in coming but yeah it's like we get a big story like that nobody covers it the guy assaults a woman I mean we did everything we could to blow that up mainstream media wouldn't touch it Derek they wouldn't touch it I don't know why they don't man you know CNN's right down the street too you know that I don't think they're playing with the green screen too much to make it think like everybody's in a third world country and really they're just up in the high-rise anyways I appreciate the time hopes that call back in some other time and we can start to organize hold on you called in and and you have literally created a great slogan for infowar supplements can you just say that one more time because it was so brilliant well I have good news but I just a bunch of my and my supplements bath solution and for worse thought I can't and that's not just and that's not just because of the stale look you can go other places and find you stem on the product but you're gonna compromise quality contamination I mean we're getting to the nitty-gritty of why things are too gosh why I switched over man I mean I could I could go on and on about the different stuff meant I've taken never had a bad problem never well and here's the thing to Derek because that's exactly it I mean I take I mean honestly like there's about 20 25 different supplements in my cabinet there's about 16 I take every day for sure and then others that I kind of rotate but like the the only things that I don't really take from it forced or calm or just magnesium supplement a potassium supplement some some dehydrated fruit supplements I'm trying to think so but but yeah it's like all these supplements it's like so people were like slowly replacing like okay I have a protein that I take okay well now infowar store has whey proteins so then we have that oh I have a bone broth supplement that I take oh now info we're stories at bone broth so I'll take it from enforcement iodine supplements energy I mean it's all it's all there so that's the great part about it nootropics bodies is incredible for inflammation and soreness now that's what I use it for so but Derrick you the coin Derek you've coin I'm stealing this from Derek in California we need to use this all right here's how it goes so folks a train carrying grenades and bombs has derailed in Nevada and toxic waste is leaking from that train into the environment but there is good news I just saved a bunch of money by switching to info or for my supplements so we'll continue to monitor the story that's right so that's it there hey thank you so much Derek for calling in and giving me this great tagline today yeah definitely stealing that man stay up you guys you guys doing the Lord's work and then go say into the game right now at this point by the way they're brought up how there was that that lady that got spin-on assaulted by that rabbit anti-trump er who was with his kids by the way it ended up being arrested they didn't take him to jail though there was also some violence last night Alicia Powell has the story at Laurel Umar's website leftist protester arrested after attacking Trump supporter in Orlando it's actually hilarious the guys being cuffed and arrested and he has a shirt on that says F Trump so hopefully that's kind of a moment that we will see in the future with all these leftist terrorists being arrested and getting some justice Derek thank you so much for the call all right we're gonna continue to take your phone calls when we get back we got a couple I think first-time callers ready to go here so we're gonna take a couple more calls when we get back and like I said I'll be peppering in some of this news by the way that was a real story about the train in Nevada a lot of questions I didn't see any reason for the derailment we have seen leftist groups and anti if a threatened trail train derailments in fact we do believe that some may have even been behind some Trail derailments train derailments in the west coast so no real answers as far as that is concerned just a big train derailment that was carrying grenades and bombs as well as other a munitions and some toxic I think material to that's leaking out so that's a real story a lot of questions but they're trying to get it cleaned up we'll be right back it would take me more than an hour just to lay out all the admit

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