The Purpose of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Goes Beyond Muscle Building

hey guys I wanted to create a quick video on the purpose of HGH human growth hormone this is a very very important hormone as we get older it decreases however when you exercise you can increase it by four hundred and fifty percent when you do in a minute fasting you can increase it by thirteen hundred percent of your female and up to two thousand percent of your a male ok so this is a really amazing hormone some people get injected with it I don't recommend that I recommend doing things naturally to stimulate it so I'm gonna put a couple videos down below of how to trigger human growth hormone but in this video we're gonna talk about what it does there's basically nine main things it does with a lot of smaller things as well but it helps you strengthen bone if you actually have broke your bone growth hormone comes in there and helps you repair it so it will actually make your bones very very solid and prevent osteoporosis okay number two it builds muscle increasing muscle mass it works with testosterone okay so it also helps libido impotency things like that number three it's a main fat burning hormone okay it will help you lose weight before it helps stabilize your blood Sugar's when you're not eating okay when your fasting helps to stabilize it tells the liver to release the sugar that's stored in there okay and it also mobilized the fat okay number five it stimulates your immune system so it helps you prevent getting sick number six it helps you convert t4 which is the inactive version of the thyroid hormone to t3 which is the active version so it helps make the thyroid hormone available to you in it activates it number seven it increases your vitality because growth hormone is an anti-aging hormone it keeps you young it keeps you strong it helps slow down the aging process number eight it improves your sleep your quality of sleep in fact growth hormone is mainly active when you're sleeping that's when it does its work and number nine it improves your cognitive function memory focus concentration alright thanks for watching hey guys I want to personally invite you to a new Facebook group that I just started called dr. Berg's Kido and in a minute fasting lab ok so I created this so we can share our successful actions what worked what didn't work the results so I put a link down below so go ahead and sign up and I'll see you inside


  1. I love all your videos oh ✌

  2. Dr Berg I Love you. I had not-so-right info about workouts and muscle building. But after following your advice, I am able to do both. I would love to send you my pics after a couple of months so that it can inspire others. Thanks a lot. Love from India.

  3. if u don't eat you can't sleep i am confused

  4. I'm only 5`7 and 110 pounds at 16 years old. Should I have growth hormones?

  5. Thanks a lot mate

  6. L arginine and other amino acids at night right before bed plus some GABA will increase your HGH naturally.

    -33 year old living in his mothers basement

  7. What if my vitamin D is at a 9? My mom had osteoporosis and I'm a little worried now as I'm 49. Should I get a shot or two to help jump start? I've also seen on Facebook these " mirical" creams you rub on your forearms that people say is helping them tremendously. Is it a lie?

  8. @Dr. Eric Berg DC

    these functions are the same of testosterone, aren't them?

  9. If i'm still 15 will it make me grow taller instead of strenghtening bone

  10. can inttermitent fasting help teenagers grow taller cause of the boost of hgh

  11. If HGH works while you are sleeping, and you do OMAD, and eat before bed, are you loosing the benefits?

  12. Personally ive got a 6 month course. I recently had horizontal impacted wisdom teeth removed. so im using it for growing my jaw bone thats been removed back haha Ive also a few other health problems and injuries to the body and funny enough from the gym. after the 5th day i can feel it repairing things. nerve ending firing up every now and them, the chest muscle injury repairing. feels like a pain but not a damaged pain as if its pain because its joining back together. Getting a spike in my natural test too!

  13. Main reason I did this diet was to boost cognitive function. As a day trader I need every advantage I can get.

  14. So I want to increase my human growth hormone as much as possible. Does this mean I should fast for as long as possible?

  15. sir please help smoking misturbance and hand job can be effect height increase plzzz plz rply I am 19 year old

  16. Hello, dr. Eric Berg. I hope you see my message. I am 25 y.o. female. I am 5'2. I really wish to be able to grow a few more inches, is so important for me. Do you think is it still possible to do so, following everything that you recommend in your videos about HGH? I stopped growing at one point in my early teen years. I don't know if it was just natural or some other facts affected the process. I had a pretty ugly childhood with an aggressive parent generating a lot of stress and trauma. I didn't do any sports over time. My parents are both taller than me (not by much). My mother's relatives are tall – my grandpa over 6'2, my uncle same. My father's relatives not really on the tall side but neither on the short one. I hope the details help. Thank you in advance!! Have a good day!

  17. İnsulin is king, no hormones can Be better than it while building muscle

  18. very good knowledge about how we triggers HGH…THNX DR BERG

  19. Does hgh help to increase height?

  20. When you say it increases sleep quality, would it make sense if I started sleeping less? Nowadays I get like, 6-7 hours of sleep(usually I sleep 9+hours and feel sleepy) and feel awake and not dead and like, I dont even need an alarm clock

  21. Where does one get HGH?

  22. are you talking about testosterone

  23. Dr.berg my question from you is
    How many meals can we have during our eating period?
    Thank you

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