The Prevention of Disease With Phytochemicals with Brian Clement

now what we learned through the brilliance of people like Ann Wigmore and now the scientific community like the Linus Pauling Institute and the great great work of a colleague and friend dr. David Williams is that food has this remarkable medicine in it called phytochemicals now phytochemicals so you understand this listening here in this room and around the world or the most significant elements we ever discovered in the history in the entire history of science in the conquest of disease and premature aging so what that means in English if you want to get rid of a disease prevent a disease and stay young you better take phytochemicals in food and guess what why these are so perfect man had nothing to do with them man did not create these man did not put these in a package of pill or an injection nature did nature did and these elements are actually the natural occurring pesticides that inherently through evolution of those plants were there to protect that plant from perishing so the bugs would not eat the last one where the animals would not eat the last one and these enzyme inhibitors have now been renamed since 1948 and established scientifically since 1990s as the most important anti disease anti-aging food ever discovered so dr. David Williams who I've had come to hip-hopper T's because we have an ongoing series of world leading experts that we bring here to West Palm Beach where Hippocrates now resides and for our entire community for free we let them listen to these brilliant brilliant brilliant people and he stood up right here not too many months ago and said once you cook a food these phytochemicals are gone so let me once again reiterate what I've just said what I've just said is the most important anti disease reversing an age preventing elements we've ever discovered in the entire history of science that means from the beginning of science before Newton back to the Greeks back to the Egyptians back to the Africans the most important things once you cook these foods it's gone now do you think you find these phytochemicals in meat who says yes no you think you find these phytochemicals and eggs no how about fish no how about chicken no how about whole wheat organic bread no you find it in plants you find it in plants now do you think if you took a plant and put a pesticide a fungicide or herbicide on that plant it may alter and disturb and even destroy the phytochemical the answer is what yes so now let's take the next step along this pathway most important medicine ever discovered has to be in raw plant-based food but it has to be an organic biological ecologically growing foods not pesticide genetically modified fungicide and God knows what other side they do to this unbelievable so this is almost a gift that hid and Wigmore received and I don't know how I think there is another realm that humans think is mystical today that in this century we're not going to think is mystical anymore called zero-point gravity it's what I call the invisible library of the infinite knowledge and wisdom and obviously this woman who was facing death in 1952 without any education didn't even get out of high school tapped into that and said you know I've got to eat raw food I've got to eat raw plant-based food and she in spite of the Harvard doctors the top doctors in this country if not the world who told her she was going to die didn't die and created the world's first center that you can still come to six decades and learn because healing is not about recovery it's about learning how to maintain health let me repeat that again healing is not about recovery recovery is a definitive place once you recover you have recovered now what are you going to do maintain we want to maintain health we want to raise our health not to a place that's superior to what we should have but to the place that we should have do you understand the difference not to the place that you think we should have but the place we should have when you were born your birthright was to be healthy to live a long happy life in this extraordinary world and universe multiple universes it's an exceptional thought to understand that perfection reigns the enigma the abnormality on this planet happens to be the human mind the only imperfection on the planet Earth is the human mind and so why not get back to the place of what we call in science homeostasis so we're going to take a little voyage and talk about what these plants do are they is impressive is what you see at the great institutions with the guys and the gals and the white coats and the stethoscope and all the fancy machines no but it's more powerful maybe not as intellectually seductive but certainly more powerful and what most of you struggle with because you really don't like yourself at any significant level is the taste of food this has never ever stopped perplexing me every single week 52 weeks a year decade after decade guests come to us spend weeks of their life tell me they're serious tell me they're serious about raising themselves to a place of well-being and they say oh I don't like to taste the food what the heck is wrong with you you'd rather die suffer age prematurely and see the boys and girls with white coats and stethoscope that are going to give you a song and a dance you talk about a song and a dance show they have a production that rivals Broadway going on it's unbelievable it's institutionalized insanity is what I said and you go right along with the program you're paying big money for those tickets you want front row seats because that seems much easier than the taste of food come on I was right there with you while I laugh with you and at you is because I was with you when I first ate a vegetable which was probably when I was 20 I didn't know what a vegetable was till I was 20 and this wonderful little Lillian said you know you gotta eat vegetables not that you're eating when she wasn't watching I actually spit it out that's not a joke how many of you remember that now when I think about what I used to swallow it wasn't food it didn't even resemble food it makes me sick to my stomach because once you bring yourself back to where you come from you are where you need to be remember that all we're trying to do is get back to where we came from our birthright what you deserve do you think that the imperfection on this earth is meant to be only for humans you have worked hard to create the disease you have worked hard to create the suffering you have worked hard to destroy the environment that God gave us to live in you have worked hard for war and hatred and racism and sexism you work hard for hatred it doesn't take any effort to do the right thing but it's certainly different than what everyone else is doing so what it takes is one thing starts with a bee it's bravery being brave enough to let go of all the preconceived notions of insanity that we've been trained and taught is normality whatever they tell you is normal I assure you is not normal

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