The Prescription for a Healthy Life: A Helpful Neighbor

why not why not I like it that your help is a deeply personal thing no no I'm not whether you're from a low-income neighborhood or from a high income neighborhood we have medical system that's been designed traditionally to incentivize doctors to just get paid for every visit made it left open doesn't stop at the thickness there's no incentive to be monitoring did that person come in this year for their blood test for this there needs to be some way of not just helping people better understand their health but someone to help figure out this whole lifestyle that has to be managed in a different way my name is Monmouth core and I'm the executive director and founder of city health Burke's the city health works is a nonprofit social enterprise based in Harlem where we hire and train people from the neighborhood that we serve to serve as health coaches and what they do is meet one-on-one with people who are at risk of developing chronic disease are struggling with diabetes hypertension asthma to help people really to use difficult habits yes okay I think it's this box I grew up in south side of queens in a town that was very multicultural most my closest friends were all kids of immigrants I worked in my parents dry cleaning shop alongside a lot of central nuttin American immigrants my parents came from India and I just really wanted to go abroad got the opportunity to go on a human rights fellowship and I chose to work with an HIV social movement and Cape Town and one in four people in South Africa HIV at that time and forty percent of the country was unemployed I kind of threw myself into it I even developed a bit of a South African accent to try to blend in I really enjoyed going into people's homes and lives and some of my plot African friends there particularly they worked with said I never would have ever been able to see South Africa the way I did through your eyes this is actually picture of fur coats the end of that I was working with the blending villages project in Africa to create this committee health workforce of the scale it and so I started first kind of coming there to learn a lot and then started thinking a lot more about well how do you treat people who can't get food when I came back I had already been thinking this committee health workforce could be helpful in New York the general idea the beginning here was that you take a neighborhood but then you also look at like a set of in the city set of blocks of the buildings where people live and if you hire somebody from that area there's a really quick process of building trust because they feel like this is someone who looks a little bit more like me knows what it's like to grow up on the street knows what it's like to struggle with eating healthy on a budget well is my lovely grandmother our doctors don't speak Spanish so it's harder for her to transmit what she's going through all her health issues of health problems she can't project it because asuka does don't party she's losing weight she's actually making wiser choices of what she's eating trying to go outside more she's more she's more happy there new yawns a little it'll be so welcome back everybody happy new year and happy holidays I recognize it's important to have other types of thinkers with me I didn't really know the difference between Medicaid Medicare couple years ago but it was way of doing this collaboratively with lots of people that we figured it out glg essentially have opened up their network of nearly half a million experts across the globe to our organization and organizations in this program to get pro bono advising our goals that we are able to go to any neighborhood assess what's there and then bring in this incredibly valuable bridge between the doctor's office and when they go home to know that so many people have this person that's coming and making them feel cared for is extremely rewarding that was like it opens up this incredible sense of confidence but it's that capability or a sense of self-worth that we're creating for people

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  1. Manmeet, you are doing truly beautiful and important work. And, you're showing the world how to truly deliver patient centered health care. Brava!

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