The POWER of Onions & Garlic // Spartan HEALTH 028

allium vegetables like onions garlic leeks and shallots have a host of health benefits including possible reductions in the rates of some cancers two of the most commonly used of these veggies onions and garlic are also the most pungent they stink but despite some drawbacks they are minor compared to the variety of health benefits that these veggies can bring so we're going to talk about them on this episode I'm dr. nada I created the integrative health program at Mass General Hospital and I'm the founder of Sage tonic an innovative and natural treatment toolbox welcome to this episode of Spartan health let's start with garlic this vegetable has been part of great tasty dishes for hundreds of years it's also been used as a home remedy for colds with some recent studies suggesting that people taking garlic supplements have a reduced rate of catching colds compared to people who don't and there are even more serious conditions that garlic can help with it's been shown to reduce both blood pressure and total cholesterol for people with diabetes garlic supplements over a few months have reduced their fasting blood glucose levels all of that is really impressive but now let's move to onions and they have their own particular health benefits like apples onions contain a flavonoid that's a great antioxidant and it's called course attend this flavonoid can contribute to reductions in atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease and although corset in' is available in other foods it's absorbed much faster into the bloodstream if it's consumed with you guessed it onions another way that onions help against cardiovascular related problems is that they can inhibit or reduce platelet aggregation that's what causes blood clots so they can be really helpful there as well one thing that people don't like about onions is what happens when you cut them for cooking your eyes start to tear up while you're cutting through an onion there's a compound called organosulfur that's created these may be part of the process contributing to tearing up but they also have Antion flama tori and anti-allergic properties that are really beneficial and remember don't peel too much of the onion because there's a lot of good stuff and nutrients in some of those outer layers two things to remember about onions that may encourage you to eat them more cooked onions can be sweet and without that lachrymose edge that's the sulfur based compound that makes us tear up also if you put your onions in the fridge an hour before you cut them the onions release less of the gas that irritates your eyes onions and garlic might be unusually dramatic in the way they can take over a room with their odors and gases but with the right approaches they not only add zest to your meals but they add truly healthy ingredients to your body's daily food intake so despite the smell give these veggies a try thanks for listening to Spartan health I'm doctor nada and I'm here every Sunday as part of the Spartan up podcast family Spartan up has new episodes almost every day of the week we give you tips information and tools to help you stay on track we have interviews with inspiring high achievers every Tuesday with Joe and his team and other days we cover topics that help with mindset athletics and leadership at Spartan we're here for you we're your partner in resilience training for mind body and spirit you

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  1. More onions and garlic for me. Extra garlic on pizza is good.

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