The Perfect Workout ♥ Full Body Blast & Tone

hey guys welcome to your mermaid workout were in beautiful Koh wai and i got an amazing workout for you that goings to target upper body legs abs your shoulders and your back its a full body workout thats amazing to keep your upper body stong and your fins nice and strong as well so if your ready grab a mat a water and lets do it alright guys so were going to begin today in our second position squat take a big wide step interlace your fingers extending your arms squatting down and up keeping knew pointing away from u keep going almost there at the very last one were going to pause and hold that second position hold just lifting one heel of the floor alternating your heels strengthening those ankles staying low with the hips hold it try to lift both heels of the floor find your balance and take a pulse bring those feet parallel turn right toes out left toes in take a lunge squat bending both knees and two the back knee literally comes in inch of the floor front knee does not pass the from toes almost done hold it arms to the side bring the arms together up to the side forward up side keep that bottom knee low to the floor forward up side last one extend back knee reach arms forward chest down arms come down to the floor stepping back to plank holding first breath in opposite knee touch the elbow one work those obliques 8 9 10 mountain climbers get those knees high ending in plank deep breath in exhale hop to top of mat step left foot back into our plea squats lets take it for one 2 pull belly bottom to spine engage your core almost there stop in the plea squat hold it here circle arms circle it backwards baby pulse as you move those wrists up and down great stengthening exercise for those planks bring those arms up lets turn to other lunge arms stay up go ahead bend those knees bottom knee low to the floor awesome job guys almost there now hold let that back knee be low bring the arms forward to the side and up reach the arms up pulse up keep going end hold extend the back knee chest to thigh hold it hands down step into plank from here work the obliques by touching the side elbow with knee get ready for those mountain climbers get those knees nice and high go keep going awesome guys hold ur plank deep breath in coming over to your knees were going to do our mermaid crunch so what you’re going to do is extend your legs to the front corner of your mat make sure your weight is only in your bottom sit bone touching elwbows to knee get those legs high wonderful now side plank were going to lift up bringer top hand onto your hip touch elbow to the floor and open remember you can modify by keeping that buttom knee to the floor aim that elbow at the floor hip dips coming u next dip the hips to the floor and up awesome hold it there lets switch to the other side mermaid crunch bring your feet to the from corner of your mat body is slightly curved weight is in that button sit bone lift the legs up and you touch elbow to knee great exercise for the obliques get up to side plank hand behind your head touch elbow to the floor and open out extend the top arm hip dip two three four and hold it lets roll over to our belly now extend your legs out and your going to reach the arms forward lift your opposite arm and leg hold it and release repeat other side release right arm left leg both legs both arms up hold it here breath engaging your back and glutes moving into our star reach arms tot he side legs to the side come back to first position open to star and in open and in open in almost there then your going to swim for me move arms and legs and hold lets come on over to our childs pose for a second just rounding the spine then tucking your back toes downward dog hop over to top and make your way over to the ground couple of ab exercises bring your hands slightly under your sit bones bend the knees into your chest extend the legs bring them back up bend the knees and back up modify by bending the knees into your chest bend extend and up last one


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  2. You are so satisfying to watch. lol

  3. You would be a beautiful mermaid! lol 😉

  4. In the description I read "Incorporate this workout after a quick 15 min run/cardio". Can I do the workout аs cardio? It was really intense and my heartbeat was so quick! 😀

  5. I love this music.

  6. I feel like a mermaid after this workout 🧜🏻‍♀️

  7. I've been keeping do this almost every day and it's my 5th day, just 5th day but
    I am already not the same as on my first day! I couldn't catch up her, this killed me in 30 sec, but now I can follow her gallons sweat on my entire body lol.

  8. Is this yoga ???

  9. Great!!!

  10. Awesome! – Thank you … Namaste!

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  12. Beautiful. Great effort.

  13. C'est ma deuxième tentative et… J'y suis arrivée!!! 😀 à 49 ans! Tout est possible! Merci Boho Beautiful life!

  14. Wow, intense! Good 👍😊

  15. Could you please please please do a new similar full body workout video to this? <3 <3 <3

  16. Such a great workout! Great addition to the other ones, time goes by so fast, quick and effective, I love it.

  17. Incredible

  18. 🇫🇷💐🇨🇦

  19. Sooooo challenging and touch!! but it really works out for losing weight. Thank you for your intensive version of Yoga.

  20. Amazing. Short but very very hard 😂👍 Loving your chanel

  21. Yes she looks like a crab in the thumbnail

  22. I'm up I'm out I'm eating right I'm exercising and I'm feeling great took my shirt off for the first time in a couple of years and I'm not fat but I don't look like what I wish I did, but I'm beginning to and it's all because of you Boho Beautiful and Yoga Flocke thanks for reminding me of how good it feels as you get healthy I'm 70 do you have any older sisters

  23. 0:41



  25. You are not toned, you are anorexic

  26. I want to eat the period out of her.

  27. This girl could probably kick my ass. And she's a lot cuter than me, to.
    Self-esteem level: massive ego death

  28. 1:34 dam

  29. Is it just me or in the second lunge/leg you pulse but not the first leg/lounge? I still do this daily but thought it just felt that way until i finally checked, all my favourites seem to be uneven :/

  30. Totally agree with you. Unflexal is awesome for my daily practice

  31. I am obsessed with you and your workouts!! They are so amazing…I love the actual workouts and can totally see a change already in just a few weeks (actually noticed a difference in less)….the scenery is breathtaking….the music is so beautiful and the whole experience is incredible which makes it so much easier to workout indoors…even your voice is so calming….and I like that the workouts are not too long…..thank you for these and I can't wait to try all of them! And, you are absolutely beautiful!!!

  32. Nice

  33. Очень красивая )

  34. Tough stuff

  35. perfectly perfect af thnx

  36. Do you want to be married and have a family

  37. i would love to know how long you've been practicing? What an inspiration I'm just starting out so I'm hoping i can become half of what you are.

  38. 🤔

  39. 面白くない。

  40. No comment 🤭

  41. Great workout! Thank you so much! I workout in the gym with dumbbells and etc. and until now I thought that without heaviness it's impossible. But now I realise it is. Haha

  42. Fabulous, thank you. Can you make one for 20 mins too?

  43. or you could just do 50 push ups

  44. パロディウスにこういう敵いましたね。

  45. Ufo WOW💐

  46. Looks like breakfast by the sea

  47. 👍👍😢

  48. I think my knee would break in half if I tried those squats

  49. Would totally love to give her a full body blast lol 🍆💦😅

  50. Ok i can do the whole routine twice in a row now, but there is no touching yet… :).

  51. 와 미친 ㄹㅇ 진짜 함들다

  52. Damn I thought I would try this but after a few beers and watching I'll just watch some more

  53. wow nice feet…

  54. I don't think this is about yoga

  55. Nice place and postures, Thanks!

  56. Beautiful video

  57. I barely made it to 1:57….. 🙁

  58. Yesssss girl get it. I am going all in on this before bed tonight before I do my weights and bootie workout.

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  60. I just love the bounceing bit so sexy

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  62. Jesus Christ can you do these workouts naked please? You have the perfect body to ravage

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  64. А если сзади крокодил подойдет, за жопу укусит…

  65. Красиво чётко двигаться!

  66. mermaids next to you I love

  67. Daddy wants to taste that.

  68. Post your favorite timestamp. 4:01 😀

  69. you are beautiful

  70. The perfect reality DENYING workout

  71. The world is going down the dwell and some people are making fitness yt videos… … SICK DUMBED DOWN society

  72. She can get the D

  73. Hot <3

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  75. That's one BEEFY moose knuckle. Cameltoe on steroids.

  76. I’m not a huge yoga guy but your “click bait “ looked kinda looked like a Disney princess…just so you know..I tried and failed…;)- maybe next time

  77. Jacking off

  78. I accidentally shit me britches. I thought It was only going to be a Fart but it ended up being a shart instead, oh my 💨💨💩💩💨💨💩💩💩💨💨💨💩💨💩💨😅😂😆

  79. Now if she was on the island that I crashed on after sailing the high seas for years. I would never set sail again. Truly a beauty, thank you for posting. Just seeing your beauty first thing in the morning puts a smile on my face. Hell I did those calf things and wow! Good job, have a beautiful day.

  80. She knows…

  81. You're an amazing teacher, thankyou so much ❤ sending love

  82. 1:14 カニみたい(笑)

  83. At first I thought it would be easy, cause you are smiling while doing the routine. So I take out my mat, start follow along, and by the time I get to 'CALF RAISES', my face starts looking very different from yours. 😂 GREAT WORKOUT ROUTINE ! THANK YOU !!

  84. Donkey puncher

  85. #fordaboyz

  86. I workout with her but it seems like that specific bodypart that grows is my forearm only :s

  87. One of my proudest faps

  88. ich kann wieder sehen und gehen…!!!

  89. Not sure why this is in my recommended but I only clicked on it because I thought she had no arms and was doing yoga

  90. Simply excellent!

  91. вздрочнул…спасибо

  92. LOL The hell!~

  93. … i came for the thumbnail,it was like a flying lure to a mermaid

  94. I don't know why this came up in my recommendation but i fell in love!!!😊😊😊😊
    I use to live in Ohau lol🍍🍍🍍

  95. I came here to look at this sexy ass body.

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  98. Oh-ho what a body! 🙂

  99. Holly fuck. It was intense. Thank you!

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