The Perfect Shoulder Workout For Monster Delts

alright guys welcome back John Meadows here and you will see my main man James heels jumping in we're training shoulders today and we want to show you four ways that you can develop monster shoulders one of the frustrating things for me is I really really like all the attention to detail and execution of movements these days but people are kind of going off on the deep end now I hear a lot of people saying a reverse fly doesn't work your rear delts so there's this guys that's silly many many guys have been building monstrous rear delts from day one using reverse flyes okay it's silly now how you do them is important if you're going back here you're probably getting a little too much trap is your trap working with your rear delts when you're doing from here yell probably it is that's okay they can work together I can show you how to not work your traps when you do that and I want to do that but I just think it's a little silly that people now are on this bandwagon that a reverse fly doesn't work your rear delts you know that pumped burning sensation you're feeling in your rear delts guess what that means it means that they're working so sometimes old-school is best so if you want massive shoulders you've got to have big rear delts now when James and I were coming up you would see guys on a national stage it all had really round delts and that was the hallmark of a really good competitor the people who had the sloped delts where the rear delt dipped off or the ones that didn't play swell so we put a lot of emphasis on a rear delt training that means the first exercise you do for shoulders should be rear delts we are going to do a rear delt fly with dumbbells you can do many different versions either you can do a cable where you actually get a little bit more range of motion but we're just going to stick with old-school dumbbells today now I do like to put the dumbbells right here you can do them like this it'll still hit your rear delts you'll just get a little bit of side delt – there's nothing wrong with that if you want to bias it towards the rear delts a little more just turn them right here okay now you want to come up right here we're not trying to come up and kill our traps okay just right here also notice how my arms are just hanging I'm not doing this let your arms hang pibil with your rear delts right here that is all rear delt I don't care what any gurus telling you this is working your rear delts right here keep your upper body stable the other thing I want you to do on this this is something James and I do high reps smoke your rear delts load them with blood okay get a great pump so James is gonna go now just give you a little bit more of a take on his form now look look it right here nothing's moving nothing's moving all the pull one is coming from here that's perfect execution right there I can guarantee you his rear delts are working as you fatigue instead of trying to come up all the way then you can do partials see how James continued to do partials the muscle was still contracting right here so when you can't do full range reps do partial reps another way to absolutely smoke your rear delts I want you all to start all your workouts with rear delts you could use this you could use a machine you could use cables you could use a band but start with your rear delts okay that's your first key in getting big round bowling-ball shoulders alright guys tip number two now I know what you're going to think when you see these John those are partials those aren't full range of motion your delts won't grow now this is an old-school technique that a guy named Nick Bowman taught James and I of when we were training a Gold's Gym on Indianola here in Columbus I used to have pretty poor rear delts and side delts and front delts my shoulders are sore terrible in general so for side delts Nick kind of stood ease so the goal is to overload your delts at the beginning of the movement okay you can't you're not real strong from here to here okay but you're strong from here to here so why not take advantage of that strength from here to here and do a parcel from here so we're going to use a little heavier weight and we're only want to come up to right here okay it's going to still work your side delts really really hard side delts are very important when you stand in that front position the big side delt helps enhance that v-taper look so I'm going to start right here and we're going to come out to about right there it's a partial and you can use heavier weight on this then you came with a full range of motion bilateral now here's the other crazy thing high reps so I know what your mind you're thinking heavy it must be lower out since it's a partial range of motion I want you to go heavy and high reps so I want to see sets of 15 20 even 25 reps alright now it's burning like fire all right I'll let James take over try to sometimes try to keep your traps out of it try to keep your shoulders down sometimes I tilt my head back you don't have to you might get a little bit of trap with this that's okay because your side delts are going to be burning like fire but notice how he's just working where he's strong he's just at no point in his form just breaking down and getting ugly that's because he's working the partial range of motion now I have had some people tell me John you're gonna tear up your supraspinatus there's supraspinatus is when your rotator cuff muscles that is parsed that it's responsible from the one here to here I've never seen anyone hurt their super spa's don't need ever in my life so if you think that muscle can't handle these and don't do them but I personally never seen that so tip number two overload the see how do we want to say this use partials to overload the beginning range of motion on a side lateral okay three to four sets 15 20 25 reps same thing fire moe all right that's tip number two okay tip number three one of the big problems people have training their shoulders is that they get a little too much trap engagement this is an exercise here I I saw Joe Bennett doing I think it's a really good exercise I personally don't feel these in my traps at all I think this is a fantastic exercise it's just a cable side lateral so tip number three is using exercise for your side delts that you don't feel your trap and to me this is one of the better ways to do that so let me show you what these look like let your head rest on the pad and just do a regular side lateral now don't come you don't have to come all the way up there just come up right here okay so a to the T position right along the side it's all side down beautiful exercise right here all side though I want you to go medium reps on this sets of ten twelve fifteen in that ballpark no traps at all what I have found is if I start letting my head come up I do start engaging my traps so keep your head down all right but watch James do some now see that coming out to the T position perfect right there notices arms are staying in a fixed position they're locked in that positioned that makes it easier to isolate your delts all right this is tip number four so a lot of people don't think you have to train your front delts they get plenty from your chest work I don't know that I agree with that I've always felt like my friend else were better when I actually trained them and I do like doing pressing on a smith machine at a high incline so what we have here is we got a we've got a smith machine we have a high incline like really really high incline it's almost straight up and down but here's what I want you to do I don't want you to take the bar down all the way okay I feel like that can bang up your shoulders once you get right here and stop okay the other thing is I want the bar to come down close to your face do me a favor and don't break your nose if the bar comes to clear out here again you want to have shoulder problems so stay in a powerful position right here okay so watch angle we're doing these at right dear that's very targeted right here on the front of your shoulder very targeted perfect form right here from James see that a lot of people don't like Smith machines Smith machines are very useful if you just know how to use them and use the right angles just like with any other exercise a lot of people don't like these because they say they don't work your stabilizers sometimes you want something that's a little more isolated this gives you a little bit better isolation it's not pure isolation obviously your your triceps are working and so forth but I feel like from a safety perspective been in that groove with the bar angle the way it is so we're doing it I feel I feel like this was pretty safe I would much rather you see you do this then a barbell a regular barbell so just my opinion you may not agree that's cool but if you give these a shot too I think you'll really enjoy that new size that you get on your front delt there you go the perfect shoulder workout your four tips remember train your rear delts first that's tip number one rear delts tend to be underdeveloped in most people and they don't have to be the muscle grows if you just train it and I want to add a little side note in there reverse flies do work don't buy into the hype that they don't work exercise number two use a heavy partial range of motion we're going to use it on our side laterals with dumbbells it's giving you a stimulation that you don't normally get you don't usually use a really heavy weight from here to here so that'll be very very effective even though it's a short range of motion tip number three get rid of your traps when you're doing side laterals we did that with a lying down cable bilateral right here again very very effective especially when you stack this right after so you're doing a full range of motion here right after you did that partial range of motion this is a beautiful combination and then tip number four is train your front delts preferably with a press nothing wrong with a shoulder flexion everyone do that I do like doing the presses on the smith machine though I'm not a big fan of doing a barbell press most people I know beat up their shoulders shoulders are very delicate joint so don't be afraid to train your front delts a lot of people are scared to Train your front delts don't buy into that but I would say train them last rear delts first front delts last that's it I hope you'll give that a shot so from our partner James teals and I we appreciate you guys watching thanks for all the support and we'll see you next time if you like that video I know you're gonna love my app available on the Google Play Store for Android iPhones in the Apple Store there's so much information on here it's amazing training workouts hundreds of workouts nutrition methodology questions chemical enhancement supplementation clam prep and a Q&A bud check it out


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