The Perfect Muscle Building Diet | 3400 Calorie Lean Bulk Meal Plan




  3. Fuck you rem

  4. Preheating a non stick bag pan releases carcinogens from the Teflon coating. No bueno

  5. holy shit that's so gross. microwaved oatmeal twice a day… jesus

  6. but white rice is actually easier to digest and therefore healthier than brown rice

  7. Has anyone followed this diet ? If so how was it ?

  8. Beside the fact that your content I watched so far is really helpful I had to comment to say that the vibe and energy you give out is even grater. So simply put, thank you!

  9. Did you skip meal 3 at 7:16

  10. I like eating my oats with honey almond milk and berries

  11. just stumbled across your page. most helpful youtuber I've ever came across

  12. He says lifting weight going on dates and video games. My dude

  13. Good vid

  14. I'm going to follow this meal plan, I'm just going to change meal 5 with cottage cheese and cantaloupe or egg whites and almonds. Might change the green peas here and there to asparagus or broccoli.

  15. Stay humble unlike tall guy reviews lol

  16. So for someone that works nights and doesn't start his day till 1:30pm and doesn't end till 3:00am, What would be the suggetion for a meal plan, 1 "breakfast" and 2 Meals?

  17. I have a nut allergy is there any alternatives?

  18. 6 eggs in the morning? I feel liked I’d burn though a carton fast.

  19. So you meal prepped for the entire week, and it's all cooked and prepared ready to eat for every single day?

  20. If I follow this eating plan, Should I be worried about the cholesterol from 6 egg yolks? Or is it not something to worry about.

  21. "Cooking spray" omg America, use Olive oil for god sake …..

  22. U a good man bro ! Thank you so much bro 💪💪

  23. Bro just subscribed, you explain things so well and bring a perfect blend of objective and subjective view points. Love it

  24. Oh how original……..

  25. Anabolic Cooking
    Here LInke

  26. I know this is an older video but putting those spices on top of the microwave might not be the best idea…

  27. How am i going to pay for all this😅

  28. Any other options for meal 5 instead of halo top???

  29. This guy is way to happy

  30. I like this guy
    He is cool
    I feel like he is doing me a favor

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  32. Hi, very good video, I like, and now I have to finish this program first thank you

  33. bad ass video bro , thanks a lot for the help 🤘🏽

  34. Some people say 6 whole eggs are not good for health

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