The Perfect Gym for Resolution Breakers…One Time Fitness – Studio C

♪♪ Man:New Year’s is just
around the corner,
and so are your resolutions,so give yourself
the best gift of all:
a membership at
One Time Fitness.
Here at One Time Fitness,
you can sign up
for a one-time 30-minute gym
membership experience.
It’s just enough to give you
bragging rights
about going to the gymwithout all the self-loathingfrom never actually
going to the gym,
so you can feel free to come in
and warm up on the bike,
get a drink,check your texts,take a gym selfie,lift your chin,puff your chest,flex your arm,whoa, just
strike a pose.
Take 20 minutes
to write a caption
and then post your gym
selfie to Instagram.
Get a drink,relax on the only
leg press machine,
accidentally creep
on the yoga people,
wish you were that guy,or even that guy.Get a drink,do lifts incorrectly,go down in weight,go down in weight,go down in weight.Grunt loudly while
lifting no weight
so you can feel
better about yourself.
[grunts]Think about that
Instagram post.
Neglect to put the
weights away.
Delete your post,
go in the locker roo–
Never go back in
the locker room.
Try to join the yoga people,then leave and never return.– See you later! – No you won’t! Man:One Time Fitness,
because let’s get real,
that’s all you’ll use it
for anyways.
-Thank you for watching. Please like and share
and subscribe, all those things, but comment below about…
how you feel about… me. I want to know. Just give me the truth. What do the kids call it? Roast me? Don’t roast me.


  1. Name your perfect gym buddy 💪

  2. Matt u should do movies

  3. Your awesome Matt

  4. Full on thought this was an ad for a sec

  5. I like Matt. That’s the truth. All the times I volunteered with Studio C, he always made sure to thank us.

  6. I saw P90X…now i know how Matt did that.

  7. I'm in this video and I don't like it.

  8. Go down in weight… then go down in weight… bah hahahaha… yup been there, done that

  9. Any idea how we can submit sketch ideas to Studio C/Jk Studios?

  10. Matt I have that same T- shirt !!! It’s one of my favorites

  11. You know, after all these years, I never noticed that Matt is an exact replica of Chad Donella

  12. When I first started watching Studio C, Matt was the only reason I kept watching. Now I love them all, but Matt is still my favorite.

  13. I hate how accurate this is.

  14. No you won't. Haha.

  15. Matt: Roast me.

    Me: 😲😊

    Matt: Don't roast me.


  16. Again true

  17. Matt Meese is a strong boi. He can do the Shoulder Angel, and did the P90X video. Don’t ever expect me to believe that my dude is weak. Just faxs.

  18. your my favorite cast member, no joke. your really funny!

  19. No you won't!🤣🤣

  20. Lol, Studio C pointed out what usually is done in a gym 😂😂😂

  21. get a drink

  22. We love you Matt!

  23. Matt… The only character that I’d actually miss if this channel ever got deleted.

  24. I feel about you doing that thing to move your arms.

  25. Ah, Matt. Everyone loves you.

  26. I hate the gym. Love exercising outside, but the gym is sterile and mind numbingly boring.

  27. Go in the locker r-

    Never go back in the locker room
    (Clutches stomach)

  28. Studio C. You are saying in 30 minutes Matt can arm up on a bike, get a drink three times, check his texts, take a painfully long gym selfie and take 20 minutes to think of a caption for his instagram post, relax on the only leg press machine, wish that he was someone twice, do lifts incorrectly, go down in weight twice, grunt loudly for a bit, think about the instagram post,neglect to put the weights away, delete his post, go in and out of the locker room in like 2 seconds, join the yoga people, then leave. So that is 30 minutes, huh. Can I follow Matt on instagram please. Please read this.

  29. MATT'S BACK!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. Strong work, Matt! All that (hardly) working was worth it in the end–it was all for the glory!

  31. 0:12 I wonder what the importance of the year 1986 is..

  32. Matt is my favorite actor of all of them! He is sooo funny and plays his acts so great!!!

  33. Gettin this to a hundred comments

  34. Hello

  35. Hi

  36. If you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly

  37. 1:06–1:10 why is that me at the gym😂

  38. I bet you wish you were that guy

  39. Matt I think you are awesome! BOOM! roasted. oh wait is… is that not how to roast someone? I've been living a lie…

  40. You know how Studio C amuses you, then the episode ends five seconds later and you want more…….

  41. That moment when Matt has been to the gym more times than you

  42. Seriously studio c? You can never call Matt a wimp after the P90X sketch. That boy’s got muscle!

  43. Matt you may look like a nerd but you channel the power of a small child's tantrum into your work and it is magnificent

  44. OMG!! So true

  45. While I work out a lot (like I got serious self esteem issues and should probably go to a psychiatrist a lot) I am still laughing so much because every January I have to reschedule my time at the gym due to masses of gym ghosts who will mysteriously vanish by February to return to their couch graves until the next new year resolution curses them to wander the iron castles of sweat and mirrors yet again.

  46. I thought Matt left

  47. You’re probably stronger than me, Matt…
    me: ooh, that’s a nice feather! (Tried to pick it up) er… bye bye, feather..

  48. Matt is the best!😂😂

  49. Is this the one time fitness from the Bad Bobby Brown Tongue Twister sketch!?!?

  50. Oh Matt you sweet angel I could never roast you

  51. I feel hungry. You are such a sweet bun!

  52. 1:54 I feel that's all I do. I can't help it. It's just too much fun!!

  53. Too see a really buff Matt watch Divine Comedy's Karl G. Sketch.

  54. 😂

  55. you asked me to roast you but you’re so tiny, you’d slip right through the grill 🤷🏽‍♂️

  56. I wish I looked half as good as you. You're loved.

  57. matt:" see you later".. girl;" no you won't.. 🤣

  58. Matt is my favorite


  60. Give you the truth, Okay you ready for this? I'm gonna let you have it, I love you Matt. 👌

  61. 1986 🙏🏼

  62. Matt is hot. I want him. bE mInE MaTt *is yandere Chan and kills all the other girls who want him*…. (creepy whisper) my senpei….. mwahaha

  63. Matt is great

  64. Matt you are a joy!

  65. The roast of Matt pls

  66. Matt is a beautiful human being and no can can convince me otherwise.

  67. This was made on my Birthday

  68. this video is so true.

  69. Hey Matt! You are such a great actor, and really strong. Did you actually lift all of those grocery bags in the Grocery Bag Challenge? Because if you did, that was really impressive. Go Scott Sterling! Also, this has nothing to do with this sketch, but where did you get the bear holding a shark picture from the Couchville sketches? Does it have anything to do with Strongbad/ Strongbadia?

  70. 1:18
    im not quite sure what a gym guys locker room is like…
    but he looks thoroughly exhausted…
    and it gives me strange thoughts…

  71. Get a drink- of Dasani!

    We sponsored this ;).

  72. This is exactly what happens with me

  73. Is this supposed to be a joke or a million-dollar idea?

  74. matt is the best actor

  75. Matt Meese is legit my favorite person.

  76. matt

  77. I feel called out

  78. I have never felt so attacked in my life

  79. 😂me

  80. Matt your are and always have been my favorite…
    (Don't tell anyone…)

  81. It's funny how the main character is being compared to the supposedly athletic, active people who are also at the gym when they are also at One Time Fitness and thus are probably just as unfit and unsure of what they're doing as him. I have to assume that they only look fit and competent because the video is from this particular character's perspective and he's just assuming everyone else knows what they're doing.

  82. Your awesome

  83. Matt is pretty much my favorite

  84. Ouch..

  85. I wish I could show this to all the people who crowd the gym and take all the equipment for 2-3 days right after New Year’s, then never come again…

  86. I would never roast you, Matt!

    …Not without putting salt in your wounds afterwards.

    What? I like my Matt seasoned!!

  87. Matt is a lot stronger than he looks! I am proud!😁

  88. Just like a real gym commercial—NOT

  89. Your awesome matt

  90. Yeah if you watch the P90X sketch, Mat is very fit. And I love Mats laugh 😂

  91. 😆🤣😂

  92. I would not go there because I would want to come back 😂

  93. Matt you're my absolute favorite cast member by far you're totally awesome and so talented honestly I admire you bro you're awesome.

  94. A gym in a nutshell

  95. Man I'm gonna miss this amazing cast, I trust the new cast but I still love this one

  96. The truth one what I think about you Matt: I LOVE YOU YOURE MY FAVORITE!!!

  97. ‘’See you later »

    ‘’No you wont’’

    Me when telling my teacher I need to go to the washroom during a test

  98. Matt is unroastable he is seriously strong

  99. Matt Meese: as in Match stick Meese.

  100. Matt you are so strong and cute

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