The Perfect Bodybuilding Snack!

so how many times has it happened that you're hungry you're thirsty you're in the middle of work school you're on your way somewhere and you want a snack and you want a snack that will feed your muscles give me the nutrients you want and keep you full so this problem in comes in the oldest protein shake the oldest protein shake is simple it's fast to make it's fast to eat and you can measure to the T the amount of calories which you're taking in the standard oats protein shake it goes like this you grab your oats you grab your shaker you put a little bit of boats inside you add about three to four hundred milliliters of water there we go and you had a scoop of your favorite protein powder close it up holds it make sure it's nice and tight shake it and you're done it's as simple as that now I would recommend to hold it in the fridge the cold makes it taste a little bit better let the oats soak for a little while before you have it so it'll be nice and soft before you eat it the complex carbs will keep you nice and full and of course we get our precious muscle building protein which we love now a couple of tips and tricks use the labels up the oats and protein powder to get the exact amount of carbs or protein that you want a simple scale can help private flavor you can change the water to skim milk however if you have more than one of these a day the milk can get you kind of bloated yeah now this might sound a little bit gross but you can also partially replace some of the water with milk and have water and milk together and that's also really good so enjoy the protein oats shake


  1. I saw your dumbbell review on the bowflex and just saw this video. You're the man! Your videos are clear and really informational. Keep it up mate! You've got a brand new fan!

  2. Cool! I'll be interested to know what you think! 🙂 DD

  3. Sweet! I'm gonna give this a definite try!

  4. Thanks man will do my best to start 'em up sometime 🙂

  5. u should make more videos.

  6. Hey there! Just regular oats, steel cut should be ok. Give them maybe a few minutes to get mushy… they wont completely dissolve, just get a bit mushy so you'll have to chew a bit 🙂

  7. What oatmeal did you use? Because i tried blending steel cut oats straight from the box into a shake but it didnt mix at all

  8. yes

  9. Hey there. No I just mean oats, they will become oatmeal in the shaker 🙂 Oatmeal is oats + water or milk. So in this case just mix the oats in with your protein shake 🙂

  10. @ClubPenguinDisney Hey there! You can let it sit there, especially in water. With milk you probably want it freshly mixed. I would mix the oats with water/milk (so the oats get soft), then when you want to drink it you just add the powder. You can just put a scoop of powder in a small plastic bag to carry around if you need 🙂 Enjoy! Happy Lifting & Nutritioning!

  11. do you have to mix this right before you drink it or can you mix protein with water or milk 2 hours before you go to the gym to drink it afterwards? thanks.

  12. @HerbSmoulder Hey it's my pleasure! glad you like it! Enjoy! 🙂 and thank you for subscribing! cheers mate and happy lifting! DD

  13. Protein powder..not natural!

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