The Paleo Diet for Cavemen

-No thank you. -Why you no eat mammoth? -Oh, uh, me doing this thing. -Uh, this little pleisto diet thing right now. -What that? -It stupid fad diet. -No, no no. It just diet where me only eat thing australopithecus ate. In early Pleistocene era. -That sound very restrictive. -No, no, it not so bad. Uh, me can still eat raw fruit, vegetables and tubers and small lizard. -Can Ugg eat early ancestor of cow? -No, that not part of diet. -Can Ugg eat small stones? -No, not that. -Can Ugg eat big lizard? -[grunts] -No, guys. Rules very simple. -Okay, me only eat fruit, vegetables, tuber, and small lizard. -You think if australopithecus alive today, he not eat mammoth? -That not point. -Ugg think he better than us. -No, no, no. Me just think australopithecus healthier before we start processing food with fire, okay? It more natural way of living!
-[both grunt disapprovingly] -That early ancestor of bullshit! -No, it not. No. No, it true. I… I show you this study, it show man who hunt mammoth two hundred percent more likely to die early. By being crushed by mammoth. -Me need to see source of this study. -And it likely not peer reviewed. -It true, me read it. Okay, and tuber a great way to cleanse body of toxin. -[both grunt angrily] -Toxin frequently misused word! -It not thing Ugg need worry about. -Why this bother you, huh? Me decision not affect you. -Me worry you falling for pseudoscientific claims! Health science notoriously unscientific! -It not that big deal, okay? Diet just simple rules for help me figure out what eat. Maybe me not eat poison mushroom. Or not eat rock. Or shit. -What wrong with shit? Shit good! -Me think modern human eat too much shit. -Me think Ugg develop eating disorder. -[grunts in agreement] -Look, me love shit. Me not knocking shit. But me problem is, Thog put big pile of shit in front of me, me can’t stop eating it. -Me worried you harming body for stupid fad. -At end of day, me not argue with results. Alright, since me start pleisto diet, me look and feel great. -Me guess that makes sense. -That why me vegan. -VEGAN?! -[all grunt and shout angrily] [Sketch ends] -Hey, it’s Grant from CollegeHumor. Thank you for watching. Click here to subscribe to the channel, click here to watch another video, And click here to see what I look like without a shirt on. Ah. Weird that it’s the same, isn’t it?


  1. The last part was so accurate. Vegan approved.

  2. You can still eat meat on a paleo diet…

  3. Trapp’s moobs are magnificent

  4. To be fair "Man who hunt mammoth 200% more likely to die early by being crushed by mammoth" makes complete sense

  5. So true… Omg…

  6. C’mon guys, cut Mike some slack, he’s just trying to get rid of his manboobs.

  7. I can't stop staring at Trip's boobs

  8. Me love shit

  9. Trap had boobs

  10. me eat shit
    thats what killed me

  11. Trapps man boobs

  12. They can say pseudoscientific but can’t choose a better name than ugg

  13. That emdimg sounds about accurate

  14. Me heard shit bad for stomach.

  15. “That early ancestor of BULLSHIT!”


  16. mmmm trapp has tits!

  17. what wrong with shit, shit good

  18. Holy shit you guys are on an actual set and not just inside your office?

  19. this video made me realise the true importance of '


  21. I was going to like the video, but then Grant started eating shit. That was too gross and unfunny to not keep me from liking the video.

  22. First time watching this video and something i dont see people saying in the comments is that the end card was Grants "me without a shirt thing" meanwhile, in the video itself he didnt have a shirt on

  23. Is it just me or does Trap have boobs?

  24. Why waste time speak more words when less words do trick

  25. “What wrong with shit? Shit good!” Lmao😂😂😂

  26. Take the shirt off, Grant!!

  27. I like this gay. He eats good ❤️

  28. I’m fine with vegans so long as they don’t cram it down everyone’s throats.

  29. Wow Trapp's tits are a bit…… much?

  30. Talk about man boobs. He looks like he takes hormones lol


  32. Is it just me or does mike looklike he has boobs?

  33. Me know how that fell… a lot critical of me vegetarianism despite me seeing nothing bad in it

  34. I love this! This was so true during the Paleo and Keto fad rises

  35. Did Adam write this episode?

  36. Yep lol

  37. Is she a new comedian?

  38. The end of the video: "Click here if you want to see me without a shirt on!"

    … it's a bit late for that Grant.

  39. Boobs

  40. I lost it at "What wrong with shit? Shit good!" so casually.

  41. Rather have Zac with his shirt off. ^.^

  42. Hur hur. Peer review. Peer mean different than now back then.

  43. Jar Jar Binks grammar

  44. “That early ancestor of bullshit”

  45. Love it. Everyone seems to forget that tubers were eaten throughout the Paleolithic period and that these early humans ate mostly carbs.

  46. 'what wrong with shit, shit good'.

  47. I like how they say me instead of I but still say shit like notoriously

  48. 1:02 I have ceased to be alive.

  49. "early ancestor of bullshit"

  50. *probably not peer-reviewed. hahahahahaaa!!!

  51. Grant, dude, you're so fu*king weird. You're like that Skarsgaard character from Castle Rock only a funny version, lulz

  52. look at his man boobs…

  53. The most intelligent cavemen

  54. Trapp’s titties are pretty and are sexually confusing me as a gay man.

  55. Keith’s twin brother lol jk but seriously look and same similar

  56. Nice tits trap

  57. Grant… daaaaaym

  58. "no it not"

  59. what ever happened to her?

  60. Is this the BTKP era? Before Trap Killed Pat?

  61. Lol that same old Grant end clip BUT THIS TIME WE DID SEE YOU WITHOUT A SHIRT HA!

  62. Trapps got big titties

  63. Early ancestor of bullshit.

  64. Mike's man tits are …. Well they were a little unexpected

  65. That cavewoman looked just like Sarah Schneider. I know she doesn't work at CH anymore, but damn, that's uncanny.

  66. wait were they making fun of or supporting a vegan diet?

  67. Me think this good skit, find very funny.

  68. Lmao that end card about seeing what Grant looks like without his shirt on… as if we didn't just watch a video of him topless….

  69. Um traps got tits tf…?

  70. Me… anti VAX

  71. Imagine being a vegan cave person

  72. Me love shit

  73. Who comes up with the names for these diets?

  74. Comment section:
    10% the cavewoman said she was vegan despite wearing fur
    40% how funny the "200% chance higher of dying by being crushed by mammoth" joke was
    50% trapp 's man boobs

  75. trap got some big nipples

  76. Ppl ate meat in early times , when vegetation/crops etc was not a thing … it is only better and advanced to eat a vegetarian diet

  77. I can never see caveman voice the same again I can only see them not as cavemen but as gary from WOL

  78. These guy looks like girl not men let alone cavemen 😂😂

  79. "Me love shit, me not knocking shit" vote Michael Trap 2019

  80. Wtf is with trap's man tits?

  81. That's pretty much how the internet as of late has responded to my veganism.

  82. And heres a show about a guy eating shit

  83. As a vegetarian I feel attacked

  84. "That early ancestor of bullshit"

  85. If I had a time machine I would give loads of shit to cavemen so the paleo diet would be wrong

  86. trapp has amazing man-tits

  87. "That early ancestor or bullshit" Hahahah! I love it.!

  88. The prehistoric language mixed with large modern words makes me uncomfortable.

  89. Austrolopithecus was way older than the pleistocene. More like…. Pliocene

  90. Male boobs are real

  91. VEGAN!?

  92. That early ancestor of bullshit.

  93. I cant stop staring at trapps man boobs

  94. I love this sketch so damn much

  95. 2:08 Is a side effect of that diet man tits? I mean damn…

  96. Don't you dare insult shit.

  97. So were the man boobs real?

  98. Me watching 3 years ago vs today I notice how well trapp is doing weight wise


  100. I love the last joke. Respect people's dietary choices, but screw vegans.

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