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so guys we are the wolf of chaos and I am accompanied by Lord Here I am XM and today we're gonna be talking supplements now this are the supplements that we take to help us with our fitness goals see there's a lot of supplements out there way too many and about a good 90% of them are all bullshit yeah there is no need for you to be taking more than 90% of the crap that's out there you know and the reason why a lot of these people take too much supplements is because they're brindis 30 not their fitness journey and they don't know any better now you know they got this coach is trying to sell them all this crap so you know they're they're putting in all this extra supplements and money that they don't need to spend you know I was there myself in the early days I didn't know what the hell was doing so you know all this supplement stores were selling me and I'm all this crap that to begin with I didn't even know what the hell was buying I didn't know what the hell is putting my body and hopefully you know for those of you who are starting out don't fall for this trap you don't need like I said most of the crap that's out there you don't need it this pre-workout sent BCA's and all that crap you don't need it so first and foremost the one thing you do need mandatory protein you see the body the whole body is made out of protein if you want to grow the muscles you need protein and if you're going to the gym every day and you're killing it doing what you got to do but you're not putting you're not protein your body you're gonna you're not doing yourself a favor and your your muscles are gonna grow a lot slower in the evening girl so protein is a must you know we all three of us here are big and protein we try and take at least 1 point 5 grams of protein per body weight for our body weights and another supplement that we our company that with is Chris Christina's gonna help you out with uh with drinks now for the longest time I only stuck to protein a protein only and I got a lot of a lot of muscle growth in in my body without the use of creatine and anything else just protein alone so even creatine itself you know I wouldn't really push it on most people from my experience I haven't seen that drastic of a difference when I do supplement with creatine but the reason why I do use it is because number one it's real cheap you could get it for like you know ten dollars even cheaper sometimes if and you know this little tester right here or let's do you know two three months at the most yeah that's we're using it daily it's real cheap and yeah it helps you know everybody's different I know uh for voided but it doesn't it doesn't good so yeah yeah so we are supplementing with that our third supplement is a green supplement now this one right here is not mandatory either like I said really the only supplement you need is protein that's the only one you need that's another two you could even do without I did without it for a long time and I got a lot of muscle one of my body and a lot of great household it's not mandatory now the reason why I think the reason is because I know me and I know boorda just what we we don't eat enough fish there wasn't very nice fortunately we do but it's nowhere near as much as we should so but supplementing with a green supplements we get all the extra nutrition that we don't get from too much as like the least powerful right yeah I mean you want to be getting that nutrition from food first and foremost my food you know nothing beats actual real for you know but if you're not eating enough you don't have time and you know all right you know you ain't nothing but pizza and all they saw that fruits for the day at least end your day with a good risa premise at least you get some type of magician in you for the day and you know it just helps for overall health so you know all this other pre-workouts that are that are out there you know for energy and you got I mean some of them even get as crazy as you know you got your pre workouts intro working on them post-workout you know all this crap that they're just trying to sell you just to get money out of you you don't need none of that crap like I said how much I've been without all that crap for years and you know I've been getting gains so you know what I needed avoid you know everybody tells him that he needs mass gainers I told him no you don't need no goddamn mass gainers you can make a mass gainer shake yourself at home for a lot cheaper those are freaking easy to make you can make up freaking four or five thousand calorie weight gainer shake for stupid cheap so I'll make a video on that later you know some of the weight gainer shakes that we got Boyd on and you know they've been doing him real good so you know money to spend so much money or all the supplements and there's also all this testosterone boosters and all these pro hormones and all this other crap that's out there that promises you massive gains in short periods of time don't believe the fuss another one I want to stay the hell away from ya know fatty wanna increase testosterone levels you need to know that that all help for that lost my train of thought but yeah fat burner saw that's all but the other one you don't want on to get into oh man fat burners are real real bad for you I had a very bad experience with this early on in my journey my early 20s I got a stroke because of freaking fat burners and even though I was a mild one yes you know there's no need for you to be putting all this crap in your body you know just for the sake of losing body fat you know I just do it the old-fashioned way you know get yourself in a calorie deficit and you know do a lot of cardio workout everyday and you will lose the fat and you will get shredded you know there's no need to be taking all that fat burners with all this chemicals and crap on them they will fuck you they will fuck you up you know they don't do it if it's not immediately it will be long term you will it will catch up to you guys yeah yeah you know just stay away from that crap and just stick to good ol protein and nothing else really you don't try that see how that look for you and creatine you know if you have to it's cheap so why not be you know a lot of people say you gotta take pcs and whatnot and you don't have to but you're getting your PCs from the 14 so if you're taking fruit plenty of protein shakes throughout the day there really isn't any to say to have to take pcs I know a lot of people are gonna just got triggered by me saying that under gonna complain about no you need be hating these names like no man I've done without BCA's for years and I've read those the benefits from it so there's no need for it now I'm not gonna get into the exact science of every friggin SCI supplement because I'm not a scientist the frickin supplement expert I just speaking from experience on what has worked for me and what hasn't worked for me and you know back when I was doing like 1015 supplements at a time it wasn't doing crap for me I wasn't getting any massive gains out of it and whatnot so it's really not worth it in the end save your money just stick to food which is first and foremost the most important good solid nutritious food that's gonna supply you with enough protein enough carbs and enough fat depending on what your fitness goals are obviously so for void right now we got them on a high calorie high carb high protein mild fat diet and you know it's doing him good I used to be one at 15 and now they won't play – I'm Sarah so we got them up over 30 pounds and you know still going and yeah you know if you're if you're looking to lose weight you know obviously you want to cut back on the carbs yeah pick up protein that is not high on carbs one of our favorite tests oh and I'll tip on nutrition it tastes great it mixes well and it's pretty low carb so you're only gonna get about 2 grams out of cars out of this per scoop so you know it can be done mix it with aa sugar-free I'm in milk and and I I got dudes of beginning again and taking the optimum nutrition it's a real good brand you don't have to go with them you don't go with the cheaper band you can in the end you just want to make sure you're meeting your protein goals and your calorie goals so you know just a quick short video here for you to hopefully you're not falling for the fuzz of all this bullshit supplements are out there all these pills you know all this uh magazines and you know a lot of the other youtubers out there they're just trying to sell you crap you know they're trying to turn you to a pill-popper don't fall for that trust you don't need that yeah they're just trying to make money out of you so they're gonna promise you you know all this amazing things from all the supplements you know that crap most of this pre-workouts are just you know high levels of caffeine and fillers and you know you don't need none of that crap well that's well a lot of people they feel uncomfortable with them they're always getting the jitters in there you know it's additive yeah you know you didn't need nothing that you want you want energy green tea Nikki right now more coffee best be working in the world coffee tea cuz they're gonna get your workout hey coughing both gonna help if a cop in key yes so yeah you know I just stick to good old protein and you know coffee events for your pre-workout or green tea yeah that's like you need I'm gonna gene kill it and come home and eat that's all it is it's a simple formula you know the fitness industry just tends to make it so complicated with all this crap that they're trying to throw out there on you don't over think it yes it's as simple as more simple getting the Kincaid's yes keep it simple stupid you know Maya yeah they'll just do things the old-fashioned way you know also all this new workout routine that everybody seems to come out with every day there's new fad diets and whatnot ignore all that crap and stick to the good old-fashioned Jake time and tested methods that are bound to work you know none of this New Age crap that they're coming out with just for the sake of selling you stuff to make money so yeah you know we're gonna cut it here hand uh yeah quick to summarize you know it's the something that we believe in protein protein protein mandatory creatine if you want to stack it with protein you can do go ahead and do that and then green supplement or if you're not getting enough vegetables in your diet really outside of that you don't need anything else you know be like maybe fish oil that's always good some turmeric yes that's also good for our and I'm a shame that yeah Omega yeah but you know outside of the I know the fitness industry regular that's what you want you had only things that we messed with and we're getting very results for a song you know don't buy anything else outside of this you don't need it so I'm looking for it to be as thick as resin so so yeah you know hopefully you've got something out of this video and I will definitely be making more videos like this talking about yeah about the weight gainer shakes that we got to avoid on Allen that are definitely working for him super cheap easy to make and they're gonna give you some the although the calories that you need to make you to make them fit your macros if you follow macros which we are not big on kiss that is very super time-consuming but that'll be a topic for another video so yeah we're gonna kill it here we're the wolf of chaos helping you become a strong version of yourself in the next one okay [Applause]

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