THE OMEGA DIET – Scrap’d Week (4/7)

Hello TurboFans and welcome to the Omega Diet. (Screaming) It’ll probably kill you. Can I do it?! (Gun shot) Take this on if you’re sick of being fat and
you want me to fix you. (Music) Hey! Hey! I heard that. (Heavy breathing) 500-800 Calories a day (Drowning) I don’t care if the rules contradict each
other! I make the rules! (Screaming) Friends having a pizza party? Goto it. (Music) Take away my shirt. Take away my beard. (Music)


  1. wut O_o

  2. wait what?

  3. Hey man, no need to feel bad about your weight, I weigh the same/slightly more tham you and I'm a 17yo girl. 😛

  4. I didn't understand it in the slightest, but that was fucking hilarious.


  6. ok

  7. Oh no it's happening!!! Initiate the omega directive!

  8. Best. Video. Evveeerrrr!

  9. I tried this and it works surprisingly well

  10. I'm sorry but I just had to say BUXTON water (I come from buxton) its quite touching to be honest

  11. You remind me of Harry Judd from Mcfly.

  12. What happened?

  13. Or… Just get braces :I

  14. can i do it………

  15. hospital heh?

  16. He weighs 12.2 C. I don't know I use the customary system. Not metric. So yeah it said he weighed 12 Celsius.

  17. he had Buxton water! :D!!!!!!! that's where im from

  18. Wait, what the hell just happened?

  19. Lol

  20. Best. Diet. EVER!!!

  21. Agreed.

  22. 12 C is about 53 degrees.

  23. sex. too much sex. i cant stand so much sex. seeeeeeeex. argh. i am not a very animated person at all. bitch.

  24. You on


  26. i live in seattle its always that cold…

  27. I love how this video's category is "Education" 😛

  28. wow dude thats cold.

  29. 0:07 LOL

  30. wow.

  31. epic aqua bats t-shirt

  32. this is pure genius

  33. YES this is classic tomska bro

  34. and the diet worked thank you

  35. I keep re watching the video…But never remember any of it.

  36. I liked purely because of the "forget this ever happened"

  37. i think your comment is funny, but its at 69 likes so im just going to leave them as they are

  38. Uhhhhhhhh….wut? 😀

  39. I feel so weird after Woching that

  40. Tom, you are literally the coolest fucking Youtuber.

    Other Youtubers are like ''OMG, my weight is blah, blah, blah''.

    Whereas you can actually make fun of yourself and everyone still fucking loves you because you're real. (And your scripts make no sense, which is awesome).

    Keep it fucking awesome, man.

    I know you won't read this but FUCK YEAH.


  41. just know this. you are awesome.

  42. No joke, I think this is my favourite Tomska video ever

  43. This is actually hilarious.

  44. wh4t?

  45. So this is why TomSka says he's running out of inspiration. He's scrapping all of the good ideas.

  46. how many times is it that bings died now?? like 4-5?? ahahah

  47. more.

  48. ahahah thats what i thought:)

  49. Had they added more content this wouldn't have been that bad really.

  50. rcsdryfnuym?

  51. Wow! .I did -10 lbs past 1 week.Go to

  52. What was wrong with that?
    I luaghed

  53. …..what just happend

  54. What?

  55. What

  56. wat?

  57. …….. I'm so confused :L 😀

  58. Hahaha i like

  59. That is the funniest video I have ever seen!!! I'm really laughing, my mams giving me funny looks

  60. Umm what just happened

  61. If you are looking to burn calories fast, you should look up on google "Xylphlike Fat Loss". They can help you get the body you deserve.

  62. I dunno why, but my fave bit is the "Take away my shirt, take away my beard" bit.  XD I have absolutely no clue why, cuz Tom's beard is epic! 😀

  63. OK……………………….

  64. Fruit and veggies…and a gun!

  65. lol just randomness always makes me laugh 😀

  66. What. Just. Happened.

  67. Did you kill Alex day

  68. Take away my shirt.
    Take away my beard.

  69. This is hilarious

  70. this was the funniest video of the month

  71. I like this one! Why is it scrapp'd?

  72. reminds me of BRO90X by jacksfilms

  73. this looks like it would work

  74. Can I do it!?

  75. Good luck with the new diet you're starting in 2015 mate

  76. I can see what you were trying to do there

  77. RIP Bing 19?? – 2012

    Tried to do the Omega Diet

  78. Fruit
    and Veg

    and gun

  79. So odd stumbling on this old video haha coz there is a diet that only makes you eat 500-800 calories now while you take these drops. And I'm on it and I feel like dying ~

  80. I actually did a diet similar to this, It fucked up my body for a bit but I don't regret it, I feel and look better than ever. BUT (DISCLAIMER) I do not recommend it at all. Unless you want the next six to 10 months to a living hell then don't do it.

  81. When the ad is 4x as long as the video

  82. steps on scale scale shows how long you have to live * 3 . .. .2 . . .. * steps of scale doesnt die steps back on scale 1 . * steps back off scale, breaks scale, becomes immortal

  83. Oh. Well ok then.

  84. Seriously I have no idea why this was scrapd…

  85. yeah funny but unsafe

  86. I did this diet for two months and lost 3 stone and became underweight lol

  87. Good stuff.

  88. hi lol your videos are so funny an are you okay with putting all the Eddsworld videos on TV same with your videos

  89. Alright.

  90. omega diet?..reads my name im triggered.

  91. You must have been super fucking drunk when you made this lol.

  92. 4th

  93. Do 5-2 or 8-16 instead. Intermittent fasting is far better than super low calorie diets. Not to mention people under and overestimate how many calories they get in. Also, as a male, you NEED more than a female, at least 200-400 more than a girl would no matter what diet you are on.

    Eat as you would normally 5 days out of the week and choose 2 days to only eat 600-900 calories.
    You'll lose at a moderate pace. Also, don't go super crazy on your regular days. But you can have a slice of cake, just not two sorta moderation.

    8-16: Eat for 8 hours out of the day only, say 12 to 8 depending on your work ours and schedule.

    I personally eat at around 3-11pm or 6-2am because my sleeping schedule is weird.

    Your body doesn't work on a day by day basis. It doesn't care when you eat it has a different clock than the sun setting and rising.

    Just be sure to get in the nutrients you need in your diet and don't sweat having a chocolate bar now and again. However if you are an addict, definitely work on cutting down sugar, alcohol and junk food.

    Starvation mode is a myth which I just recently found out. The body doesn't go into it until it's burned off all the glycogen and most of the fat, but you definitely need to get in the proper nutrients to prevent health issues associated with low calorie diets and should check out how many calories you burn just existing.

    I personally burn 1700 at my weight and eat around 1000-1300 each day. Which is easy, because I eat about two decent meals and maybe a snack. Dinner usually 400-700 calories, lunch 200-300 and a snack, another 300-400.

    If I'm really hungry, I try drinking water, tea or have some broth with veggies until it's time to eat. I've become better at feeling satiated rather than stuffed and am fine feeling hungry but not ravenous for a few hours.
    If my stomach is physically growling and wont stop, I eat something, usually a fruit or some deli slices.

    I've lost 4 pounds/2.5 kg in a week (not unusual or unsafe considering I am 100 over any of my ideal weight suggestions and am short – You lose fast when you are more overweight. It will even out as I go lower to the steady 1 pound a week so don't freak if you lost 10 in a week, that can happen, as long as it's not consistently 10 or over for say 5-6 months, then it's not too fast)

    For any of you on any diet, be safe, talk to a doctor or nutritionist and listen to your body. Try to get at least mild exercise in and a good nights sleep. IF it's still being stubborn or things are getting worse, definitely look for a possible underlying cause, Anything from mental health disorders, thyroid issues, hormones etc can cause barriers to healthy bodies.

    In the past I lost 40 pounds /18 kg on a ketogenic diet, but keeping up with the specific foods (plus if you have gall bladder issues, don't do high fat.) makes it very difficult to keep on for life. I gained all it back and then some, because my habits didn't change. Plus, I have a lot of underlying barriers such as mental issues that I'm finally getting help for and it's made it SO much easier.

    However, after I lose the amount I want and have those vanity pounds, I'll increase exercise substantially and when I gain say those 5-10 again over Christmas or during stressful periods, I can just go back to intermittent fasting until it's gone. Either way, make sure you are getting in enough food for your body and check your fat percentage and what is normal for you. If you have flab or some vanity pounds, be sure to check that it's not the healthy amount of fat that you need that you are trying to lose.

  94. I did it

  95. Well this didn’t last long

  96. ill try it


  98. I mean it works tho

  99. Before he got obese

  100. Bro you sound so high and somewhat different

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