THE NEW GENERATION | Aesthetic Fitness Motivation (2019)

wash your hands all clean tonight you can meet me on the other side we're impatient like your God to the shifts in the and the line is what keep on dreaming [Applause] [Applause] we wake me up like a son we're the son like is shake it on when there's no we are [Laughter] [Laughter]


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  2. the new roidation

  3. Adoro ver esses fortões gostosos

  4. ZAC AYNSLEY fans like here…

  5. The first guy is the best

  6. My best gym boy Andrei 💪💪

  7. Super star

  8. Aku ingin seperti kalian

  9. Steve Cao has one weird shaped butt, it looks square.

  10. 😱😱👍👍✌✌👏👏👏

  11. 4:24 never skip legday

  12. اكو عرب بلفيديو

  13. Saya adalah Tuhan Kaum Kalian Para 6-PACK Dari Seluruh Alam Semesta Raya Dunia Bumi Dan Akhirat Semua Segalanya

  14. Soo how many of them are on roids so I know not to bother to try and achieve their physique naturally.

  15. Murphy is out

  16. Good

  17. What I take for make a fit body JYM time

  18. where is david laid 🙄

  19. 💉💉💉💉💉

  20. very nine video 💪💪💪

  21. I am Vietnamese and I'm passionate about bodybuilding, it's great to have a muscular body 💓💓💓

  22. Jeff Seid🎁❤️

  23. Lmao Connor not fitting in 😂

  24. What's song name begin

  25. You can only have two
    1 Big
    2 Shredded
    3 Natural

  26. music ?

  27. Jeff all the way

  28. Este video siempre me motiva antes de ir ala farmacia

  29. I like David Laid than all

  30. Steven Cao he from Vietnamese

  31. The fact that more than 50% of these guys are using anabolics isn't motivating

  32. Zac analyse would be next big thing. .


  34. Jeff Seid is the best. Carlton Loth is the best of new generation

  35. And Zac Ansley says he is natty. 😂😂

  36. Conor murphy looks like a drunk dad who lost everything in gambling.

  37. Andrie love

  38. Super

  39. Smoking and drinking are 1000 times more dangerous than taking roids

  40. for 💪

  41. Muy buen fisico

  42. OMG😱😱

  43. Yo soy de Colombia y tengo 11 años quiero ser como alguno de ellos y voy a meterle mas ganas al GYM

  44. Pure anabólics, don't think this is all natural

  45. Anabolic cycle motivation 😂

  46. Andrei needs to put up some facial hair, he's going to look like a beast.

  47. Where is david laid

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