THE NEW GENERATION – Aesthetic Fitness Motivation (2018)


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  2. Stfu about roids. That's obvious. Appreciate the hard ass work

  3. Soy perra

  4. Time to inject some roids

  5. I love workout. I'm japanese high school student💪

  6. I Make All 6-PACK tame into my knees

  7. Steven cao ❤️❤️❤️
    From Vietnam with love

  8. A like David

  9. A like Davin

  10. Andrei deiu is the best

  11. andrei deiu…😍😍😍

  12. Hi

  13. The great david laid🤟🤟

  14. who else saw Steven Cao in the background of Dylan shoulder workout

    here is a little help if you're struggling 8:17

  15. Love 🌹🌹💘💕😘

  16. I lol’d when Dylan McKenna came on

  17. Falto jeff seid

  18. The roids is temporary but the greatness is forever, that’s why I’m about to use Roids.

  19. Steven Cao really bad range of movement on most exercises

  20. So cool 🔥 great video!

  21. Alguém do Brasil ??????

  22. Most 💉💉💉

  23. I Will be the new generation of aesethic


  25. Steven cao best body

  26. When people say drug/stroid ,i'm really know he is jealous,even they are use stroid is still need HARD WORK bro .

    English is not my languange 🙂

  27. Avengers

  28. David laid is natural

  29. <3 Steven Cao

  30. My fav is Andrei dieu

  31. David is a fucking beast

  32. Esteroides

  33. fuarkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  34. Andrei deui

  35. Sahil

  36. to those people always make an excuse like "steroid user".. well fuck you guys you lazy, stupid bastards. Do you even lift bro?

  37. all natty gains

  38. All I can say here is….. man roids are AMAZING !

  39. Andrei dieu lifestyle

  40. where is Jeff Seid???no one is compared to him and Andrei

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